Guidelines for contacting the staff

Our Policy:

1. We will not critique or comment on other people's websites.

2. We no longer accept any kind of advertising.

3. We will not listen to podcasts.

4. Under most circumstances, we will not watch videos unless they are related very specifically to something on the site. An example of something we might accept is a video demonstrating a glitch described on the website. An example of something we won't watch is a video review or a Let's Play. Please refrain from putting unnecessarily long intros on any videos you want displayed on the site. The sooner the video gets to the point, the better.

5. Submitting something to this site is not a guarantee it will be posted here.

6. Requests to alter the site's design will usually not be answered unless there is something that is broken and unreadable that needs to be fixed.

7. Trolling, harassment, insults, flame-mails, and spam will not receive a response or consideration.

8. If you are emailing us about a specific section of the website, include a link to the page in your email.

9. Put "" in the subject line so the chances of the email landing in the spam folder are lessened.

10. If you're good with all of that, contact us here:


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