The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Heart Containers

Heart containers will increase your life meter. You will need four Heart Container Pieces to complete one full Heart Container. Full Heart Containers are also earned from defeating bosses.

At the start of the Death Mountain Crater, walk up to the edge of the ground where it drops off into the lava and fall so that Link grips the wall. Surprise! It's climbable. Climb down to the opening in the wall for a heart. Note: This can be done as Child or Adult Link, but it's harder as Child Link since you'll be under a time limit, whereas Adult Link can don the Goron Tunic to take as long as he needs.


After you've learned the Bolero of Fire, return to Child Link's world and play it to warp to the Death Mountain Crater. Quickly plant a Magic Bean in the sandy square spot and play the Prelude of Light to warp back to the Temple of Time. Return to Adult Link's world and warp back to the Death Mountain Crater. Now there will be a beansprout there. Get on it and jump off as it floats above the rock formation that has a Heart Container Piece on top of it. (Are these two giant rock formations meant to be Spectacle Rock? It sure seems like it, even though I've never seen any mention of it anywhere...)


If you planted a magic bean outside Dodongo's Cavern as Kid Link, you can use the bean sprout as Adult Link to reach the Heart Container Piece that's on the ledge above.

Plant a Magic Bean near the Spirit Temple entrance as young Link and use the bean sprout to float around the surrounding area as adult Link. When it passes by the stone arch with the Heart Container piece on top, jump off and grab it.

Beat the boss, Infernal Dinosaur King Dodongo, to earn a full Heart Container. When he opens his mouth wide, toss a bomb in. It will explode and temporarily stun him. Slash him in the face with your sword while he's stunned. When he starts to roll or breathe flames, stand off to the side, on the little bit of ground that slants down into the lava, but don't actually touch the lava.

Beat the boss, Subterranean Lava Dragon Volvagia, to earn a full Heart Container. When the dragon's head pops out of one of the holes in the floor, stand back until it's done swishing its head around. Then smack it with the Megaton Hammer. This temporarily disables him and allows you to attack him with your sword. Avoid the rocks it drops and the fire it breathes as it flies around the room. When it's flying, you can also attack it with arrows.

Beat the boss, Evil Spirit from Beyond Phantom Ganon, to earn a full Heart Container. Phantom Ganon begins the fight by riding on his horse in and out of the paintings. Aim for the horse with the Fairy Bow as it comes forward from the painting and shoot if it starts forming a portal to jump out of the painting. Sometimes, the horse will turn around and run back before it reaches the end of the painting, and that means it's a fake. Quickly turn and try to find the real one or you might find yourself getting shocked. Once the horse is defeated, Phantom Ganon will fight you mano-a-mano. Z-target him and knock the lightning ball he shoots at you back at him with your sword. When he takes a hit, he'll drop to the ground, at which point you should wail on him mercilessly with your sword.


At the entrance of Gerudo Valley is a large waterfall. Use the chicken to slowly float down to the ledge far below and then swim over behind the waterfall. There's a ladder back there - climb it all the way to the top to find a Heart Container Piece in a nook in the cliff wall.


Before you cross the gap in Gerudo Valley, walk to the left and look across to the other side. You should see a small ledge with a crate on it. Use the nearby chicken to float across the canyon and land carefully on the ledge. Roll into the crate to uncover another Heart Piece.


When you reach the top of the Gerudo's Fortress, use the scarecrow song at the place where Navi hovers and turns green. Hookshot to the scarecrow after he pops up. From there, you can easily run over to the large treasure chest and open it for another Piece of Heart.


Score 1000 points at the Gerudo Archery Range to earn another Heart Container piece. You'll have to bring Epona here in order to play the game.


Light the torches on the bottom level of Goron City (use a Deku Stick on the lit torch in Darunia's room and quickly run to all of the unlit torches outside of his room with it). This will cause the giant vase in the middle of the room to start spinning around. Go up one level and get a Bomb Flower (you must have the Goron's Bracelet from Darunia to do this). Throw the Bomb Flower over the edge and time it so that it lands inside the vase (shouldn't be too hard with a little practice). A Heart Container will pop out of the vase after the bomb explodes inside of it.

Go to the Kakariko Graveyard between 18:00 and 21:00 with a lot of rupees. Talk to Dampe and go on his Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour. When he stops at a soft spot in the ground, pay him 10 rupees to dig there. One of the soft spots has a Heart Container Piece hidden in it, but where it's set is random, so you'll have to keep trying each one until it pops out.


Go to the Kakariko Graveyard at night when Dampe and the little kid aren't around to stop you from moving the tombstones. On the upper row of graves, (while facing the back of the graveyard), pull open the fourth one from the right. You'll reveal a hole. Jump down the hole and kill the ReDead that's down there. Stand close to where the ReDead was and play the Sun's Song. A large treasure chest will appear that has a Heart Container Piece inside.


If you planted a bean in the Graveyard in Kid Link's world, you can ride the beansprout up to a ledge in Adult Link's world. Smash open the crate on that ledge to get a Heart Container Piece.

Go to Dampe's grave in Adult Link's world, pull it open, and fall down the hole. Run all the way to the end of the caverns below (you'll race against Dampe's ghost, and you must keep up with him enough so that the doors don't close on you). When you get to the end and exit the area, you'll be inside the Windmill Hut, but on an upper ledge. Use the rotating platform to reach the Heart Container Piece.


Challenge Dampe to another race after you've earned the Hookshot. If you can beat him in a minute or less, he'll drop a Heart Container Piece for a reward instead of the usual red rupee. (It helps to roll forward during the race, but be careful not to roll into the flames he drops.)


In the northwest area of Hyrule Field, there is a lone tree with orange leaves. Plant a bomb next to it and a hole will open up. Jump in and you'll find a Heart Container Piece at the bottom of a subterranean pond, but you'll need to have the Golden Scale to dive down far enough to reach it. (Or you could use Iron Boots + Zora Tunic.)


Bomb open a hole between the two fences that lead to Lake Hylia. Defeat the Deku Scrub that lives in the cave beneath the hole and he'll offer to sell you a Heart Container Piece for a paltry 10 rupees.

One of the rooms in the Ice Cavern has a Heart Container Piece encased in red ice. Simply use a bottled blue flame to melt the ice and it's all yours.

Beat the boss, Bio-electric Anemone Barinade, to earn a full Heart Container. Z-target his weak points and hit them with the Boomerang. Then attack him with your sword when he's stunned. Avoid his electric charges by continually circling the room.

Beat the boss, Parasitic Armored Arachnid Gohma, to earn a full Heart Container. When her eye turns red, hit it with the Fairy Slingshot, then attack her with the Kokiri Sword while she's stunned.


Go all the way up to the top of Death Mountain and talk to the Owl (you'll find him sitting on a sign near the peak). He'll offer to fly you back down. Accept the offer, and you'll find yourself on the roof of Impa's house when you return to Kakariko Village. Drop down to the ledge behind the house and walk through the crack in the wall. You'll find a Heart Container Piece in a cage with a cow.


When you have the Hookshot as Adult Link, use it to get on top of the buildings in Kakariko Village. Talk to the guy who is always sitting on the roof of the Potion Shop and he'll give you a Heart Container Piece just for talking to him.

Go to the House of Skulltula when you have collected 50 Gold Skulltula medallions and the freed kid will give you a Heart Container Piece.


Go to the Fishing Pond in Lake Hylia and pay the man to use the fishing rod. Keep fishing until you catch the 10 pound fish and opt to keep it (it will most certainly be one of the fish you can Z-target). Then go to the counter to have it weighed. You'll get a Heart Container Piece as a prize.


As Adult Link, there are two ways to get on top of the Lakeside Laboratory. One is to plant a Magic Bean as Young Link, and then use the beansprout in the future to float up to the roof. The other method is to play the Scarecrow's Song and hookshot to the Scarecrow when he appears on the roof. Either way, once you're up there, climb the ladder to the lookout on top to get a Heart Container Piece.


When you have the Golden Scale, go into the Lakeside Laboratory and dive into the pool in there. Dive all the way down to the bottom, and you'll hear a tone. Talk to the scientist afterwards and he'll be so impressed that you reached the bottom of the pool that he'll give you a Heart Container Piece.


At the back of Lon Lon Ranch is a storage silo with a bunch of crates in it. Move the crates out of the way to reveal a small hole that young Link can crawl through. On the other side is a small room with a pile of hay and a Heart Container Piece.

Find the area of the Lost Woods where there's a target hanging on a tree, and take the ladder down to the area below. Stand on the tree stump down there and two Skull Kids will appear. Follow along with their song on your ocarina and if you win all three rounds, you'll get a Heart Container Piece.

Go left as soon as you enter the Lost Woods and you'll find a lone Skull Kid on a tree stump. Play Saria's Song on your ocarina for him and he'll give you a Heart Container.


Go the Hyrule Market at night (either wait outside Hyrule Castle and come back or use the Sun's Song, since you can't enter through the main gate at night) and find Richard, the little white dog. There are several white dogs running around amongst all the brown ones, but Richard is usually hanging out by the bazaar near the main entrance. Take him to his owner in one of the back alley houses and you'll get a Heart Container Piece as a reward.


A Heart Container Piece is one of the items you can win in the Bombchu Bowling minigame found in the Hyrule Market (only open during the day). You can't play this game until the shop opens, which happens after you obtain the ability to carry bombs.


Go to the treasure chest game in Hyrule Market (it's only open at night) and pay 10 rupees to play. Use the Lens of Truth to reveal which treasure chest has the key in it, and keep going until you reach the big chest at the end, which will have a Heart Container Piece in it.

Find and defeat the boss, Phantom Shadow Beast Bongo Bongo, to earn another full Heart Container. Wear the Hover Boots so that you'll be less affected by the aftershocks of his giant bongo drum. Activate the Lens of Truth to make him visible. Then get your arrows ready, target his hands and shoot them, then target his eyeball and shoot it. This will temporarily disable him, at which time you should wail on him with your sword. Note that the faster you are at targeting and shooting his three parts, the better off you'll be. Bongo Bongo can be one of the more difficult bosses in the game.

Find and defeat the boss, Sorceress Sisters Twinrova, to earn another full Heart Container. For the first part of the battle, avoid their attacks and use the Mirror Shield to reflect their beams of magic. When the Fire Sister shoots a stream of fire, try to redirect the stream into the Ice Sister. Ditto for when the Ice Sister shoots a beam of ice - redirect it into the Fire Sister. After they've taken enough damage, they morph into one giant witch creature. She will fire an ice beam from one hand and a fire beam from the other. Try to absorb three shots in a row of the same type and the Mirror Shield will release the blast. When she's hit by it, she'll drop down and you can attack her with your sword.

Find and defeat the boss, Giant Aquatic Amoeba Morpha, to earn another full Heart Container. Target Morpha's "heart" with the Longshot and try to pull it out of the water tentacle to where you can attack it with your sword. Try to stay as far away from the water tentacle(s) as possible while still keeping a lock on Morpha because if a tentacle hits you, it will throw you around and there's nothing you can do about it until it stops.


There are a bunch of unlit torches scattered around Zora's Domain. Light the first one (the permanent one) with Din's Fire and then use a Deku Stick to light all the others before they run out. A treasure chest will appear behind the waterfall with a Heart Container piece inside.

There are a lot of icebergs in Zora's Fountain in the Adult Link world. One of them has a Heart Container Piece on top of it. Just jump or swim over to it.

Equip the Iron Boots and the Zora Tunic and jump into the water in Zora's Fountain. All the way down at the bottom of the water is a Heart Container Piece amongst a bunch of green rupees.


Along the way to Zora's Domain, you can find a Heart Container Piece on top of a high ledge. Use the chicken you find at the beginning of the area to reach a ledge that has a ladder leading up to the plateau tops. Once you're up there, you'll find a second chicken. Use that chicken to float over to the platform with the spinning heart.


Near the end of Zora's River, just outside the entrance to Zora's Domain, there is a Heart Container Piece on a ledge that you can't reach. Once you get the Boomerang from inside Lord Jabu-Jabu, use it to pull the Heart Container over to you.


Halfway up Zora's River is a log sitting partially submerged in water. Climb onto the log and pull out your ocarina. Several frogs will appear. Play the Song of Storms and they'll give you a Heart Container Piece.


You can win another Heart Container piece from the same set of frogs. Along with the Song of Storms, play four more Ocarina Songs for them so that each one grows bigger. When all five are fully-grown, they'll offer to play a minigame with you. You'll notice that each frog corresponds with one of your ocarina buttons. When a bug appears above a frog's head, you must press the corresponding button to make him jump up and eat it. You have to be extremely fast and accurate to do this and it's easiest if you keep track of what buttons to push, write it down, and then play as fast as you can based on your notes and not the screen. For those who don't mind cheating, the correct sequence is: A, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Down, A, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, A.




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