Angel Land Levels

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Level 3 - The Sky World

Now this game is starting to look like the last level of Monster Party...
Finally, you've reached Level 3 - The Sky World. This is the most difficult world, yet! The enemies are almost all similar to the Level 1 enemies, but they are much stronger and there are more of them. I hope you powered-up in the previous levels, and have a few special weapons by now. Without the Sacred Bow, this level is going to be tough. Not only that, but there are a lot more annoying jumps from small platform to small platform. Don't give up, because you are getting closer to the end!

Incidentally, this is the level where you'll finally get to see those infamouse Metroid enemies, the Komaytos. Don't worry. They won't cling to you and suck your life energy. They pretty much behave in the same manner as the Monoeyes of Level 1 and the Micks of Level 2.

That grasshopper that steals your weapons is back. He's easier to avoid this time.
Alot of the platforms that make up this level are clouds. Do not duck down on these, because you will fall through. Pluton the weapon thief is back, but you can avoid him quite easily now. Jump up in front of him, and he will dart in your direction. When he's gone, you're clear to move on! Keep going, Pit!

The Keepah is a Gargoyle-like enemy that swoops down on you from above. Sometimes, it goes past you and right off the bottom of the screen. However, it has a tendency to come back up! Be careful! As long as you're powered-up enough, none of the enemies should give you too much trouble at this point.
Watch out! Gargoyle at 12:00!

I still say these look more like severed heads than octopi.
Eventually, you'll reach some platforms that look like bizarre glass vials with some kind of red liquid in them. When you see them, you're getting close to the fortress. Just watch out for the cavalry of severed heads that pop up below you! These things chase after you like the Commyloose of Level 1. Once you reach the end, prepare for the biggest, and most difficult fortress, yet! Because of it's many rooms and paths, this fortress can be quite confusing. In a room several blocks before the boss room, there are two Eggplant Wizards. One is below the floor level, underneath a platform you can get through by ducking down on it. When you enter the room, these two Eggplants may shoot high or low. If they shoot low, immediately back out and try again! Do not try to get past them unless they shoot high, or else you'll almost certainly get hit. If you do get turned into an eggplant, find the Nurse to get it removed.

Yes, thank you! Hey, more crosses Nintendo didn't censor!
3-4 MAP

NOTE: This is not a complete map of the fortress. It shows the direct route to the boss. S = Start Point, G = Goal

Onto Level 4!

Pandora is rather easy to beat. Just keep dodging the bubbles and shoot her in the mouth.


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