The Magic of Scheherazade



1. Start the game, enter your name (up to four characters long) and choose your class. I usually start off as a Magician, but it's up to you. Tell the Imam "YES" when he asks if you will depart to defeat Sabaron. When the opening dialogue is finished, you'll find yourself roaming around Meshudo town. Talk to the people for some gameplay details and story information. Also visit the Shop. I recommend buying 2 Breads.


2. When you're done talking and shopping in Meshudo, leave town through the south (and only) exit. Now before you begin walking around, go into your subscreen and make sure to assign either your Rod or Sword to your "B" button. You will need this to fight enemies that you'll find along the way. Make sure you fight them so that you'll earn experience points and money. You can advance as many as five experience levels per chapter and it's good to be at the maximum when you're ready to fight the boss. Remember that if you run low on health, you can always return to Meshudo and use the Hotel to restore yourself, provided that you have enough cash.


3. From Meshudo, follow these directions to get to Rudoria (each step is one screen): Go east, north, west 2 screens, north, east 2 screens, north, west 4 screens, north 4 screens (crossing over a bridge). You should be outside a town. Enter Rudoria and talk to the people. You'll also learn about a secret at the bottom of the Moving Lake, and of Faruk, one of Isufa's Servants, who may be of help to you. One of the townspeople will tell you to use Oprin. When you do, you'll find a woman who will give you 50 free Rupias. When you find Jad, he'll give you clues to the location of the Time Door.

4. Don't be too eager to go jumping through time just yet. The enemies in the past of Mooroon are much tougher than those that are around now. I recommend fighting until you reach at least Experience Level 2, then stock up on a few more Breads and Mashroobs. I also highly recommend getting a Rupia's Seed (R.SEED) before going into the Time Door. Items are cheaper in Meshudo, so I suggest going back there to make your purchases.


5. When you're ready, return to Rudoria and go one screen east. You'll find a Magic Field if you use Oprin on this screen, but you can't do anything there just yet. Instead, go one more screen east, then north (crossing a bridge), east, and south (crossing a bridge). At the end of the pier, use Oprin to find the Time Door. Answer "YES" to Coronya's question.


6. You're now 50 years in the past and it's a lot darker. Go north, west, south, west. If you use Oprin on this screen you'll find the Magic Field. If you have that Rupia's Seed I told you to get and if the Solar Eclipse is currently in effect, then go ahead and plant the Rupia's Seed in the field. If you don't have the seed, come back with one later. If the Solar Eclipse is not in effect, come back with a seed when it is.


7. Go one more screen west and you'll be at Rudoria again. Rudoria in this time period has a Magic University. Go there and take all the courses they have. You'll not only learn about important things like the Cygnus formation, the Monecom spell, and the Alalart Solar Eclipse, but you'll get the Flame (better Rod) and the Simitar (better Sword) for completing the courses. If you don't have enough money, come back when you do.


8. From Rudoria, go south 4 screens (crossing a bridge), east 3 screens, south, east 3 screens (crossing another bridge), and north 5 screens. You'll be at Horen, before it sunk into the Moving Lake. Enter Horen, talk to the townspeople, stay at the Hotel if you need to, and restock your bread and mashroob. There are Troopers in this town. You can hire some if you have enough money, but don't worry if you don't. You can also buy the Map of the Demon Palace here. But the most important person you will find here is Faruk, a powerful Genie who once helped Isufa defeat the great demon Goragora. He will instantly recognize you as Isufa's descendant and join your team once you find him, no questions asked. He is a very useful ally as he comes equipped with the Gilzade spell and can attack twice per turn. Together with Coronya in your party, you will also gain access to the combined magic of Gygatorn, which is highly useful against the command battle enemy parties in this area.


9. From Horen, go one screen west, then south four screens. You'll see an open door. Enter it, and you'll be in an underground maze. Watch out for the Kibra enemies that haunt the rooms. The maze is pretty simple. Take the lefthand passage going south. Then go west, then north, then north again. Do NOT step into that small canal of water! It's instant death if you do. Go north and you'll meet a Wise Man who you will give you the MONECOM spell.


10. If the Solar Eclipse is not in effect right now, hang out in the maze until there is one. As soon as there is a Solar Eclipse, use the MONECOM spell. You'll get maximum of every item and money. Now go talk to the Wise Man again. As long as you used up the MONECOM spell, he'll give it to you again! Hold onto it this time.


11. Go back to Horen and hire all the Troopers that your money can buy. These guys will help out a lot in battles. Their strength is determined by your party's overall strength. Heal at the Hotel if you need to. Then proceed back to the Time Door. Stop by the Mosque in Rudoria if you need to revive any of your party members (I tend to lose Coronya a lot near the beginning of the game.)


12. First of all, head back to the Magic Field and collect the money from the Rupia Tree, whose seed you planted 50 years in the past. Now you earned back all that money you spent on the Troopers. From the Magic Field, go east, then north 3 screens, then east once more and you'll be at the doorstep of Poponoll. Enter and talk to the townspeople. Several of them, including an old woman named Dogos, will tell you that it's safe to jump into water if Faruk is with you. Stay at the Hotel if you need to then leave.


13. Go east one screen from Poponoll, then go north two screens, and east again. You'll be at the North Cape. As long as you have Faruk with you, go ahead and jump right in. You'll be swimming underwater. Head east until you reach the sunken town of Horen. It's now inhabited by Mermaids.


14. The town's layout is essentially the same as it was in the past, and the Troopers and the Shopkeeper are even still here! You can hire more Troopers with the money you got from the Rupia Tree. Find the same house where you found Faruk in the past. Now it's inhabited by a harpy woman named Kebabu. Answer "NO" to her rather bizarre question and she'll join your party, as well as give you the Mirror Shield and Ring. Now you can enter the Aqua Palace to the west of here.


15. Leave town and just keep going west several screens until you reach the Aqua Palace. Enter. From the start, go north 2, east 1, south 3, east 1, north 1, east 1, south 2, east 1, north 1. You'll be in a room with some stone gargoyles. Equip a Horn in your subscreen (which you should have from the MONECOM spell) and use it on any of the statues. The door will open. If you don't have a Horn, you'll have to fight the gargoyles to open the door. Once it's open, re-equip your Rod or Sword (so as not to accidentally waste Horns) and keep going straight north several screens until you find yourself (literally) eyeball-to-eyeball with the boss, Gilga.


16. Gilga's first form uses a Thunder attack that you can't avoid. However, if you are the Magician Class, it is possible to take him out before he has a chance to cast it. Simply shoot out the eyeballs with your Rod when they're fully open. His second form isn't difficult to beat at all, but just be careful because the bullets he shoots can deal quite a bit of damage. Avoid them if you can, and use PAMPOO to restore lost hit points. Keep shooting the eyes with your Rod. He'll attempt to hit you with a Stone spell, but Kebabu's Mirror Shield will bounce it back. If you have trouble beating him, and you aren't the Magician Class, then change to a Magician at one of the Mosques and come back.


17. When you beat Gilga, you'll briefly meet the Princess Ashelato, the first of four that were kidnapped by Sabaron's demons. Then Sabaron will show up to taunt you. (On a side note, this isn't something that's all that unusual anymore, but it shocked me slightly when I first saw this years ago. Back then the main villains in games usually weren't something you saw until you reached the final room. To think that one had been watching what I was doing and could step in at any moment to do whatever he wanted just seemed very surreal.)

18. This is followed by what at first seems like a pointless between-chapter cutscene of the characters talking about their next adventure, in yet another example of the perpetual misconception that travel in Arabian countries is achieved through the use of airborne indoor-outdoor carpeting. But trust me, these scenes will get more and more hilarious as the game goes on and you accumulate more party members with varying personalities. (In case you're wondering, as I did for some time until I figured it out, Faruk is not seen because he's inside his lamp, right there at the left end of the flying carpet.) Congratulations! End of Chapter 1.






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