Oddities 13: Switched at Birth?

Have you ever noticed characters that look somewhat alike? Here's a collection of video game "Switched at Birth" files.

Charlie Nash from Street Fighter Alpha

Egon Spengler from the Real Ghostbusters

FO's Comment: I loved the Real Ghostbusters cartoon when I was a kid, so I found this one particularly funny! This just goes to show that anime characters aren't the only ones who have hair that defy the laws of physics!

Blanka from Street Fighter

Egon Spengler from the Real Ghostbusters

FO's Comment: Okay, what is it with Egon and Street Fighter characters? That's a picture of Egon from an episode where he was possessed by a demon. I wonder if the Street Fighter character designer was a fan of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon?

Simon Belmont from Captain N

Launchpad McQuack from DuckTales

FO's Comment: Well, they look about as much alike as a human and a duck possibly could! Not only that, but both of these characters provided the comic relief on their respective shows.

Magus from Chrono Trigger

Prince Lotor from Voltron

FO's Comment: This one's particularly fascinating! They look almost exactly alike, except that Magus has blue hair with white skin while Lotor has white hair with blue skin! Think Akira Toriyama was a Voltron fan?

Lucca from Chrono Trigger

Velma from Scooby Doo

FO's Comment: Okay, nobody's going to tell me that Akira Toriyama didn't watch Scooby Doo.

The Boy from Secret of Evermore

Marty McFly from Back to the Future

FO's Comment: I think this one might have been done on purpose. The boy's character seems very inspired by Marty McFly. They both used the term "heavy!", and travel through time (in a way), among other things.

Guile from Street Fighter

Sabin from Final Fantasy 6

FO's Comment: Again, I think this was done on purpose. Sabin even has Street Fighter-like moves in FF6.

Tidus from Final Fantasy X

Meg Ryan

FO's Comment: I would like to thank Fenrir of "Fenrir's Sprite Domain" for this one!

Astaroth from Omikron

Marilyn Manson

FO's Comment: I'll just let that one speak for itself.

Blobert from A Boy and His Blob

The Shmoo

FO's Comment: I mentioned this on another oddities page, but I thought I may as well put it here, too.

Setzer from Final Fantasy 6

David Bowie

FO's Comment: It's no wonder David Bowie ended up as two characters in Omikron: The Nomad Soul. He was practically a videogame character already.

Brock from Pokemon

French Stewart

FO's Comment: In case you don't know, French Stewart played "Harry" on 3rd Rock from the Sun. He also replaced Matthew Broderick in the starring role of the movie, Inspector Gadget 2.

Vivi from Final Fantasy 9

Orko from He-Man

FO's Comment: This is a well-known similarity. It's been much-speculated that Yoshitaka Amano probably got the inspiration for the Black Mages in the Final Fantasy games from Orko. Thought I'd put this up, anyway, just for the sake of archiving.

Victor Belmont

Tom Green

FO's Comment: I have to thank Aussie2B for pointing this out a long time ago! Here's the story: This Victor Belmont character ) was supposed to be the hero of Castlevania: Resurrection for Dreamcast. However, Konami scrapped the game and it was never completed, but not before we all got a good laugh out of how much the hero looked like Tom Green!

Alaron from Aidyn Chronicles

(Young) Mick Jagger

FO's Comment: I noticed that when playing Aidyn Chronicles and it seemed so obvious to me that I was surprised no one who reviewed this game mentioned it.

Kain from Final Fantasy 4

Kurt Hectic from MDK/MDK2

FO's Comment: Might be a little "iffy", but when Crawl was talking about MDK2 so much and I looked at the official website for it, I couldn't help but think that Kurt in full armor (or whatever you call that suit) reminded me of Amano's artwork of Kain from FF4.



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