Oddities 19: Gun.Smoke

The Most Politically Incorrect NES Game?

I thought I'd do a small feature on Gun.Smoke. This is probably the most "politically incorrect" game to have appeared on the NES in America. It's an overhead view shooter set in the Wild West. A game of cowboys and...well, you'll see:

The first two levels and bosses are nothing unusual. Just your typical Wild West town and desert scenes with typical Wild West heros and villains. It's after this that all hell breaks loose.

Here we go! Politically Incorrect Boss and Level #1! But it still manages to somehow be less offensive than the "Indians" in Disney's Peter Pan. Oh yeah, and Capcom spelled "Comanche" (Comanchi) wrong. Now moving on to the next level...

What the...Since when were there Ninjas in the old west?! Or was Billy Bob just transdimensionally warped to Ancient Japan for this level? Okay, moving on...

As if Ninjas weren't enough, now we're going after Dragon Ball Z guys. Time for the final level...

As if things couldn't get any weirder, the final boss is...well...there's the picture. Anyway, at least he puts up quite a tough fight. Not really on the level of Zanac's or Equinox's final bosses, but still a decent boss fight. And now for some pictures of the game's somewhat-hilarious end sequence:

You've defeated the "WINGATES"? Is that some sort of subtle anti-Microsoft sentiment?

The game's ending dialogue repeats no less than three times that the people of Hicksville remember a lone Gunman who came to town with a sunset and defeated the Wingates. When you think about it, the Wingates were a really diverse group, with Ninjas and Native Americans and others. We can all thank Billy Bob for ending cultural diversity in the Wild West! Thanks, Billy! Thank you straight to hell!



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