Oddities 2: Losing for Fun and Profit

City Connection

The Game That's More Fun to Lose At: 

When can losing be more fun than actually doing what you're supposed to be doing in a game? When you're playing City Connection, that's when! In this game, you drive a car and you're supposed to be paiting the streets (go figure). You have to avoid police cars and cats. That's right, cats! I find it a lot more fun to run into the cats. When you do, they lauch very slowly off the screen with a frazzled look on their faces. This really funny piece of music plays as the cat is flying away, then you lose a car and start again.  If it weren't for that, this game wouldn't be much fun to play, mostly because of the bad play control. But the flying cat made it worth the dollar I paid! 


Mole Attack

Better Than Gas-X:

I remember having this game called Mole Attack for my Commodore VIC20. The idea of this game was to bop moles on the head with a hammer. The game was timed, and the more moles you bopped by the end of the game, the higher a score you'd earn. However, the moles would often stick their asses out of the holes instead of their heads, and if you bopped a mole's ass, you'd actually lose points! The thing is, it was so much more fun to hit the moles in the ass! Who cares about scores when you can flatten a mole's buttocks and hear it fart! Yup, I'm not kidding. I don't know about the arcade version, but in the VIC20 version, the moles would make an obvious "farting" noise when struck in the hindquarters! Here is a picture of the arcade version of that game, which came from the KLOV.com. The VIC20 version looked very similar:



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