Oddities 3: X-Rated NES??

Code Name: Viper

Code Name: Flasher The Best Dressed Hero:

Okay, this has got to be the strangest thing I have ever seen in an NES game, maybe in a videogame, period. This even beats out the infamous Ring King scandal, in my book. I really want to know what Capcom was smoking when they made this game. The hero, as you can see in this screenshot, is not wearing any pants! No wonder the general looks so angry when he tells him goodbye. This guy goes strutting around the jungle with his anatomy for all to see, and no one seems to notice or care. There are other things *wrong* with this game. The music sounds more like p0rn music than something that portrays a special commando fighting in the jungle of South America. There are revolving doors, which just seem out of place, and the enemies "crumble" when you kill them! This is seriously messed up!

Ghosts n Goblins

We've had graveyard ducks, and now, graveyard love Best Love Scene:

Here is an NES Oddity that was first pointed out to me by Psykosuma's reviews. Although I had played Ghosts 'n Goblins before reading his reviews, I never really took much notice of the game's intro. But now that I take another look at it, I realize just how bizarre it is. At the beginning of the game, Arthur and Guinevere are making love in a graveyard. That must be what they're doing, because Arthur has no clothes on! In a few moments, a demon swoops out of the sky and kidnaps Guinevere. Now, who on earth takes their girlfriend out on a date to a graveyard! I've seen some really screwy Nintendo Logic, but this one takes the cake! But, wait! There's more! Now here's something Psykosuma didn't mention about the cinema. The kidnapping scene happens pretty quickly. Let's take a closer look at it in a still I captured...

When the demon kidnaps Guinevere, she is sticking to the damn thing's crotch!! What I used to think was a simple princess kidnapping has now become the most f***ed-up opening sequence to a game I have ever seen! Now I really have been scarred for life!

Save me Arthur!

Ring King

!!!! Best Warm-Up Routine:

I think enough has already been said about this one! However, since I own an NES-related site, much like with the Bad Dudes thing, I'm legally bound to mention it. But I have to really wonder what the heck the programmers were thinking (or smoking) when they put this in the game? Also, I remember seeing the original Namco Ring King in arcades years ago, but I don't remember if it had this bizarre scene or not. If so, then why would Namco put something like this in a game? But Data East did the NES conversion, so if it wasn't in the arcade, then why would Data East do this? The world may never know.



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