Oddities 32: Switched at Birth? Part 12

I had so many submissions that I have to break it up into two parts this time. This page is a little short because of that.

General Morden from Metal Slug

Saddam Hussein

Submitted by Sotenga, "OF COURSE! Morden practically is Hussein with an eyepatch."

FO's Comment: Yeah, I noticed that when I played Metal Slug X with Crawl. It was unmistakably done on purpose.

Genjuro from Samurai Shodown 2

Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Submitted by Sotenga, "You'll have to look closely... I especially think Genjuro looks like Knuckles in his win pose where he drinks the saucer of wine."

FO's Comment: I didn't agree with this one at first, but the more I concentrated on ONLY the faces and hair, the more I began to see it. Freaky!

Rad Spencer from Bionic Commando

Goku from Dragon Ball Z

Submitted by Sotenga, "The hair makes it obvious."

FO's Comment: Dragon Ball seems to have influenced a lot of 8-bit art in general.

Hoist from the Transformers

Robo from Chrono Trigger

Submitted by Nixxy Blayde, "Okay, you may not see the resemblance right away, but think about it. They're both short, fat, round robots. Both have one regular arm and an arm cannon. Hoist has bloomers, Robo has those flappy things hanging down. Both have a mask where their mouth should be and blue eyes. Both have wheels on their feet. And both like to hang around with a human male and blonde female (Robo with Crono and Marle, Hoist with Spike and Carly). Another thing - They both have done time traveling! And both to a medieval kingdom. In Chrono Trigger, Robo travels to the medieval kingdom to help Fiona restore the forest. In "A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court", Hoist (along with Spike and Warpath) travel back to medieval times to fight some Decepticons that also traveled back to that period."

FO's Comment: That is the longest explanation anyone's ever submitted.

Guardromon from Digimon

Robo from Chrono Trigger

Submitted by Fenrir, "They're both round robots with that same backpack thing."

FO's Comment: Maybe that's what happened to all those Robo clones that were in the factory. They went out and got roles in other videogames and cartoons.

Crono & Robo from Chrono Trigger

Hero & Robot from Robotrek

Submitted by Nixxy Blayde, "Both are RPG heros with spiky red hair and with a round robot partner. Robo and the Robots in Robotrek have a similar backpack thing, too. And both games have a time travel theme, too!!"

FO's Comment: I think the "spiky red hair" thing started with (and in most cases was inspired by) Adol Christen of Ys.

John Crawley from Art of Fighting

Guile from Street Fighter 2

Submitted by Sotenga, "Even their stages are too similar! Jeez."

FO's Comment: Isn't John Crawley the guy who was commissioned to rescue the president's canary?

Hiryuu from Strider

Kaze from Kaze Kiri

Joe Yamato from Kujaku-O

Submitted by Sotenga.

FO's Comment: The first two strike as me being more similar than the third.

Wyler from Art of Fighting 3

The Incredible Hulk

Submitted by Sotenga, "The skin ain't green, but the muscles say a lot!"

FO's Comment: They also both have torn pants. I'd rather start getting away from things that look like the Hulk, though.

Leopold Goenitz from King of Fighters 96

Ryuji Yamazaki from Fatal Fury 3

Submitted by Sotenga, "I think it's the hair that links them."

FO's Comment: It's more than that...They're practically the same guy!!

Rick from Splatterhouse

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th

Submitted by Sotenga.

FO's Comment: Might be a little TOO obvious...

Link from Zelda

Robin Hood

Peter Pan

Submitted by AlanB2099.

FO's Comment: Deven711 also submitted the Link/Robin Hood entry, and he noted that they both use a bow and arrow, too.

Magician from Ninja Boy & Little Ninja Bros.

Nute Gunray from Star Wars Episode I&II

FO's Comment: Finally, here's one I discovered, myself! This magician guy is a boss in the Game Boy game, Ninja Boy, and I couldn't help but think he looked like those Nemoidians from the Star Wars prequels. Note that this doesn't really work as well with the version of this enemy that appears in Little Ninja Bros. on the NES because of the color difference.

Mindflayer from Final Fantasy

Tessek from Return of the Jedi

Submitted by Junus Crowe.

FO's Comment: This had to be done on purpose. Update from Crawl and 1000: This is no coincidence; both characters appear to be based on the mindflayers from Dungeons & Dragons.

Seth from King of Fighters 2000

Mr. T

Submitted by Sotenga, "I pity the fool who made any more bootlegs of Mr T!"

FO's Comment: But we gave him a WHITE mohawk this time! That makes it totally original!

Siegfried from Soul Calibur 2

Tusk from Killer Instinct

FO's Comment: Another one I picked up on when Siegfried was submitted to a previous SAB.

Nicotine from
Samurai Shodown 2

Rayden from
Mortal Kombat

Zantetsu from
the Last Blade

The 3 Storms from
Big Trouble in Little China

Submitted by Sotenga, "Jeezum, what is it with those oversized straw hats?!?"

FO's Comment: I always thought that little rabbit that pops out of Setzer's slot machine in FF6 looked like it was wearing Rayden's clothes, too.

Ken from Street Fighter 2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger

FO's Comment: It never stops!



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