Publisher: Artifex Mundi       Developer: Tap It Games       Release Year: 2013

A detective visits a strange New England town where her reporter friend has disappeared. The town, Serpent Creek, has a strange obsession with snakes, a creepy mayor, and the citizens act like they're under some sort of spell. The "9 Clues" gimmick is like a hidden object scene where you're not told what to find, and just have to hunt around the room for things that are out-of-place. Your character then pieces together the crime scene from the clues she finds.

Type: Node Maze

Comment: Make the tourist visit all nodes on the way to the goal. He can only visit each node once. Here is the solution.

Type: Color Wheel

Comment: The first of three puzzles of this type, you need to turn all the snake heads green. I don't have specific instructions for these types of puzzles, I just typically hit the 2 button, then use the 3 to offset it when 2 can no longer turn any heads green. It's apparently possible to do it the other way around, too.

Type: Tetris Blocks

Comment: Put together the circuit boards on the electronic toy mouse. You can rotate parts to fit them in. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Correct Order/Sequence

Comment: Click the medallions in order from cheapest to most expensive. You'll have to match each dollar value to a colored string, and follow it to the proper medallion. here it is anyway.

Type: Gear Fitting Puzzle

Comment: Form a chain of gears from the upper to the lower to get the machine running. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Electric Connection Puzzle

Comment: Turn the connectors so that the electrical current is directed to all three lights at the bottom. Here it is solved.

Type: Color Wheel

Comment: Same as the first, only now it's 3 and 5 instead of 2 and 3.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Piece together the picture of the mural. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Screen Maze

Comment: Not a true puzzle, but I document HOG screen mazes. The clue for this is on the wall. The correct path is: Up, Right, Right, Up, Left, Right.

Type: On/Off Puzzle

Comment: Ignore the game's clue about "the right order", this is just a super easy on/off puzzle. You need to lower all the bars. Clicking one affects others near it, but I got this in less than 30 seconds.

Type: Color Wheel

Comment: For this one, I kept clicking the 2 until it would no longer make the heads green, clicked the 3 once, then kept clicking the 2 and that worked.

Type: Sliding Tile Node Variant

Comment: Move the cups around until they're placed on the nodes of the same color. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Swapping Tile

Comment: Swap tiles to put together the really bizarre painting of the Tree of Life. Easiest to start with the borders. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Screen Maze

Comment: Another screen maze, the trick to this one is to always take the path that the glowing cable feeds through.

Type: Cat's Cradle

Comment: This made me facepalm. The final puzzle in the game is a Cat's Cradle. Really, 9 Clues? Not only that, but one of the nodes got stuck when I was trying to solve it, so I was just lucky I was able to work it out with it being in that condition. Here is my solution, complete with node stuck in the upper left above the door handle.



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