Publisher: Big Fish Games       Developer: Eipix Entertainment       Release Year: 2016

A female agent of the Hidden Expedition League of Preservation (H.E.L.P.) goes on a trip around the world to look for the missing parts of the lost crown of King Solomon. But some bad guys are after it, too. You'll explore places like a wrecked ship in the arctic and a sunken city beneath the sea before heading to the villains' castle for a final showdown. This is actually the seventh game in this series and it's quite a bit more modernized than its roots. One unique feature is the option to play mini-puzzles to unlock some of the bonuses.

Type: Rotating Picture Puzzle

Comment: Rotate the pieces of the fancy cigarette lighter until you see the full picture of a flower. First puzzle lets you off easy.

Type: Hieroglyphic Pattern Matching

Comment: The second puzzle is in three parts. See the colored chalk drawing of an eye on that one brick? You will need to select three bricks with drawings that make up the eye. In this case, the oblong shape down and to the right of the eye, the circle, and the dot.

After completing the eye, it changes to this. To get that image, click the brick to the left of it, then the bowtie shape near the bottom right, and the X up and to the left of the bowtie.

Finally, you get this shape. Click the tile that's immediately to the southeast of it, then the S in the lower left and the swirl near the S.

Type: Bookshelf Puzzle

Comment: Place the books in order so the image on the spines forms an owl and a sun. Here is what it looks like completed.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Put together the picture of the ship captain. Easy. Here it is solved.

Type: Match Object to Picture/Sliding Title Node Variant

Comment: Arrange the red and black dots like the picture on the clue. Use the ring when you're done. The multiple open nodes make this a lot easier than these types of puzzles usually are. Here it is solved.

Type: Math Puzzle

Comment: If you turn off all the switches you'll see the green side is 0 and the red side is 74. Divide 74 in half and you get 37. This means all you have to do is flip 3 switches that add up to 37. So, go ahead and flip 15, 10, and 12.

Type: Camera Focusing Puzzle

Comment: Turn the knobs until you get a clear picture. No real trick to this.

Type: Pattern Matching

Comment: When the picture is in full focus, you'll get this puzzle next. Find pairs of icons that match exactly and draw a line between them. The completed puzzle will look like this.

Type: Line Tracing

Comment: You'll need to trace a line around this shape so that you only go across each line once. Here was my solution: Start with the node on the bottom. Then go to the node on the left, then to the center, then back down to the bottom, then to the node on the right. From there, go back to the center node, then up to the top, and then back to the right node. Picture here for reference.

Because this game likes being mean to you, the shape will morph into this when you've completed the first one. My solution: Start with the upper right node in the middle and draw a line to the rightmost node (Figure 1). Then go to the bottom right node in the midde (Figure 2). Go back up to the middle upper right and from there to the top of the star (Figure 3). Then go down to the upper left middle node (Figure 4). Follow the arrows and go to the leftmost point of the star (Figure 5). Then down to the inner lower left node (Figure 6). Then down to the southernmost point of the star (Figure 7). Then go back up to the lower right inner node (Figure 8). From here, all you have to do is follow the arrows across the last two lines and you'll have it solved (Figure 9).

Just in case you thought you were done, it will morph into this shape next. My solution: Start with the leftmost point of the star and go to the topmost point (Figure 1). Then go to the rightmost point of the star (Figure 2). Go the bottom right inner node (Figure 3). Go up to the upper right inner node (Figure 4). Travel diagonally down to the bottom left inner node (Figure 5). Then go back to the bottom right inner node (Figure 6). Then go diagonally up to the upper left inner node (Figure 7). Go to the topmost point of the star (Figure 8). Then go back down to the upper right inner node (Figure 9). Then back out to the rightmost point of the star (Figure 10). Then down to the southermost point of the star (Figure 11). Next to the leftmost point of the star (Figure 12). From here, there's one of two ways you can go. I went back down to the lower left inner node (Figure 13). Then up to the upper left inner node (Figure 14). And finally, back out to the leftmost point of the star (Figure 15).

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Just put all the continents where they belong on the map. Some of them are cut in half, but that should't stop you. In case you're not good with geography, here it is solved.

Type: Matching Items

Comment: Find pairs of matching items until they're all gone. Two types of wrenches, two types of rulers, two types of clothespins, etc.

Type: Math Puzzle

Comment: The button must line up with the button behind the grill. Each knob moves it forward or backward a set number of spaces. I just played with it until I got it right. It wasn't hard.

Type: Mini-Game

Comment: Guide the toy helicopter up to this gear with your remote control. Just be careful not to run into any protruding bricks or you'll start all over again.

Type: Tetris Blocks Variation

Comment: You'll have to place all these panels over the exposed wires, and some must do double-duty. The solution looks like this.

Type: Rotating Picture Puzzle

Comment: One of the easiest puzzles in the game, just turn all the arrows until they're all pointing away from the cross in the middle, like a compass. Here it is solved.

Type: On/Off Puzzle

Comment: Pull the chains until you get them all as far up as they go. Pulling one affects others. You can't pull chains that have a fire beneath them. It isn't hard if you just play around with it for a bit.

Type: Other

Comment: All you have to do here is search around for something to grab ahold of. Your pointer turns to a hand when it finds a place to grab. Keep going until you reach the top.

Type: Color & Pattern Matching

Comment: This is a complicated one. For the first part, the lights indicate the upper left wheel should be set to blue and the lower left to red. Set the lower to the red pitchfork, specifically (not the moon). The upper middle should be set to green and the bottom middle to blue. This makes your top two have circle shapes and the bottom two have pitchfork shapes. So, for the rightmost wheels, set the upper to the green circle and the lower to the green pitchfork so that they are all circles and pitchforks all the way across.

For the second part, literally every wheel should be set to the blank segment that has no symbol.

The third and final part seems trickier at first, but the answer is that every segment must be set to blue.

Type: Memory Match

Comment: There's a bunch of papers on the floor here with hidden symbols that can only be seen with the magnifying glass. Pick up two at a time and examine them. When you find a matching pair of hidden symbols, the pages disappear. Keep going until they're all gone.

Type: Line Tracing

Comment: You'll need to trace a path along 3 constellations to uncover hidden symbols. The correct paths flash if you make a mistake. Refer to this for the solution.

Type: Symbol Matching by Rotating Parts

Comment: Arguably the most annoying puzzle in the game, the goal is to get four specific shapes into the four slots that are within the rectangle in the middle, and they have to be a specific order, per the drawing to the right. Those shapes are, from top to bottom: Sword, Knight's Helment, Chains, Dragon's Head. Rotate the circles and do your best to get those buggers into place. Here's what it will look like solved.

Type: Other

Comment: The pieces of Solomon's Crown will travel along separate tracks when you press the button. They rotate as they hit corners and they must come together facing the right directions at the end to form the complete crown, or else they all return to their starting positions. You can change their positions by clicking buttons across their tracks. For the solution of what buttons to press, see this screenshot.

Type: Other

Comment: All you have to do in the main game's final puzzle is keep sliding the crown down along the indicated path until it locks into place several screens below.

Type: Sliding Tile

Comment: A very unique feature of this game is the option to play mini-puzzles before unlocking the extras. One issue with this sliding tile puzzle is that it may be difficult to figure out what the final image is supposed to look like since the crown is a rather abstract object. Here is the completed scene.

Type: Music Puzzle

Comment: Simply click on the same notes at the bottom that appear on the staff at the top, in order of course.

Type: Hidden Object

Comment: A mini hidden object scene. Find 4 hammers and 5 magnifying glasses, and anything else it asks you to find.

Type: Shooting Gallery

Comment: Hit the bad guys with tomatoes. The dude in the red jacket is on your side, so hit the other two instead.

Type: Object Assembly

Comment: Assemble a camera and put film in it. Easy.

Type: Rotating Rings Picture Puzzle

Comment: Turn the rings to form the H.E.L.P. logo. Completed puzzle looks like this.

Type: Simon Says Music Puzzle

Comment: The first Bonus Chapter puzzle. Play the keys on the piano in the order that it shows you.

Type: Shape Matching

Comment: Match each key's shape to the shapes of the cutouts behind the hooks. When you have them all in place, you'll be left with one key that becomes an inventory item. Here it is solved, although the final key is overlapping the key behind it (second from the right) because of the ridiculously fast screen transition, that's the best I could do.

Type: Racing Objects

Comment: All horses must finish the race at the same time. Put obstacles in front of them to slow them down. This was my solution.

Type: Color Matching

Comment: Match up the colored wires to the colors on the left and right. This couldn't be any easier. Here it is solved.

Type: Decoding Message

Comment: Use your decoder ring to find out what animals go with the numbers 5362. My screenshot has it solved, but it's stupidly easy, so...moving on.

Type: Symbol Matching by Rotating Parts

Comment: This is what you needed those animal symbols for. Rotate the rings until they're all in the rectangle. Here it is solved.

Type: Tetris Blocks

Comment: The blocks must be put in the correct spots on the grid, using the handle for clues. Here is the correct solution.

Type: Sliding Tile

Comment: Of course, the final Bonus Chapter puzzle would have to be a damn sliding tile! It will look like this when it's done. That's the best I can do for a screenshot, because it transitions so quickly upon being finished. In fact, this puzzle is impatient and will transition the instant you sort of have them lined up correctly.



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