Publisher: Jetdogs Studios       Developer: Jetdogs Studios       Release Year: 2016

Cursed is essentially a hidden object game without any actual hidden object scenes. While this might be appealing for those who don't like their hunt-and-peck nature and just want to focus on puzzle solving and item finding/usage, the problem is that without them to pad the game length, Cursed is ridiculously short. I had to play it three times to get all the Steam card drops. It's also buggy and it seems like most of the budget went into the AAA-quality dragon FMVs.

Type: Sliding Key Puzzle

Comment: The first puzzle is a common HOG puzzle, despite this game not technically being a hidden object game. Move the blocks around to get them out of the way of the skull plate so you can slide it out. See here for the solution.

Type: Clock Puzzle

Comment: This clock needs to be set to 12:20:40 by using the buttons to turn the hands. Each button makes two of the hands move in tandem, determined by their colors. Not too difficult.

Type: Correct Order/Sequence

Comment: You must click the skullbats in the corners of this portrait in a specific order to open a secret compartment behind it. The order is: Brown, Green, Red, Blue.

Type: Object Removal

Comment: Drag and slide all the rusty bars away to open the gate. Some must be removed before others.

Type: Concotion

Comment: Most of this "puzzle" is simply using your inventory items. The only area of confusion might be when the game asks you to set the machine to make a freeze spell. Push the big red button until a snowflake appears on it. This will show three symbols that match those on the vials you find elsewhere. The game will only let you put them into the machine in the order of the symbols shown, although the first two vials end up swapped because of the way the tubes actually connect to the console. Put the magic decanter and the handle in place. When you turn the handle, the gear wheel breaks, so replace it with another gear. Turn the handle again and you're good to go.

Type: Swapping Tile

Comment: Swap the tiles to create the full image of a demon skull breathing out living flames. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Symbol Matching

Comment: When you replace the old torch with the magic torch here, a series of symbols will appear on the wall next to it. Your goal is to find each of these symbols on the walls of this area and touch them in the order shown. The first two, the "M" and the "triangle", are right on the wall to your left (Figure 1). Go to the next room and find the rectangle shape (Figure 2). Go to the final room and find the "W" and the circle (Figure 3). Finally, go back one room to find the "X" on the bottom left column (See Figure 2).

Type: Wheel & Spoke Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: The goal here is to turn the center piece and slide the outer pieces onto it where they fit (Figure 1). Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Cat's Cradle

Comment: These things are all too common in hidden object games. Move the skulls so that eventually no ropes are crossing one another. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Correct Order via Swapping Symbols

Comment: This very complicated variation of a swapping tile puzzle is actually not as scary to solve as it may look. Clicking the button at the top swaps the order of the two symbols onscreen. The left and right buttons will scroll the statues over so you can see the full line-up of symbols. The correct order is determined by the wheel on the scene before this one:

Since the arrow is pointing at the skull, that means the skull should be first in the line, at the far left. From there, go clockwise and put the rest in this order: lightning bolt, axe, crystal, spade, club, yin-yang, dragon wing.

Type: Memory Match

Comment: While memory puzzles usually require you to find a matching pair, the twist here is that you must find three matching symbols. After flipping 3 tiles, if they all don't match, they turn back over and you'll have to try again. Here is the full solution.

Type: Sudoku Lite

Comment: The secret here is that each group of four tiles must contain one of each symbol. However, the same symbol cannot appear twice on the same row or column. If you start by placing the O's and the squares, it's easier. Here is what it looks like solved. Congratulations, you just saved all of humankind from a demon invasion by playing a game of Sudoku.


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