Publisher: Strategy First       Developer: Gogii Games       Release Year: 2014

A woman inherits a mansion, but it's haunted. She must exorcise the ghost by solving puzzles, finding hidden objects, and ultimately proving she's the true owner of the house. She also has the unique ability to travel into the past via mirrors. While in the past, she can hide stuff so that she'll be able to find it and use it in the present time. Also, there's a guy that looks like Jeff Goldblum for some reason.

Type: Tetris Blocks

Comment: Once you've hidden the fishing rod in the fireplace, use the bricks to seal the hole. It's not difficult to figure out their placements.

Type: Pattern Matching

Comment: This is really simple. Just click on the tiles that match with the glowing butterfly on the base of the lamp.

Type: Search and Find

Comment: Keep digging holes until you find 2 earthworms. Easy peasy.

Type: Fishing Mini-Game

Comment: Cast the fishing rod into the pond. When you've hooked a fish, click the handle per the arrow to reel it in.

Type: Painting Puzzle

Comment: Paint the roses so no two are the same color. Mix paints to make new colors. You can paint them any way you like, but when it's done it will look something like this.

Type: Line Tracing

Comment: Trace the lines to form the shape. The tracer can visit the nodes any number of times, but can only traverse a line once.

Type: Music Puzzle

Comment: Play a song on the harp per the sheet music. Match the colors of the notes to the colors of the harp strings.

Type: Hidden Object

Comment: You can click away as many of these keys to find the right one as you want, but I'll save you some time and say it's lying horizontally on the ride side of the "box".

Type: Screen Maze

Comment: The instructions for getting through this hedge maze are right there on the sign.

Type: Match Object to Picture

Comment: Simply put the date plates on each urn per the notes above them.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Assemble the shield. It'll look like this when it's done.

Type: Shape Matching

Comment: All you have to do here is line up the same three symbols as shown on the plate below the sliding tiles.

Type: Combination Lock

Comment: You'll get the code for this suitcase in your journal before you're able to even check it out. I think it was 1213.

Type: Line Tracing

Comment: Similar to the first one, just slightly more complicated.

Type: Concoction

Comment: Follow the instructions to make incense. When it's ready, use the string to bind it.

Type: Line Tracing

Comment: Another one of these. Do the same as before.

Type: Correct Order/Sequencing

Comment: These animals must be put in place in order of the food chain. Here's the answer if you're stuck.

Type: Swapping Tile

Comment: Swap the tiles until you have a complete picture. This is too easy, especially if you start by putting the trunk at the bottom right.

Type: Line Tracing

Comment: This is the last and most complicated line tracing puzzle in the game. The easiest way I found to solve it is to end where you begin.


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