Publisher: MumboJumbo       Developer: MumboJumbo       Release Year: 2009

As an unnamed writer of no particular gender, you discover that you have the unique ability to communicate with ghosts when the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe visits you and asks you to solve the mystery behind his death. He gives you his special time traveling watch, and thus begins the Midnight Mysteries series. Being the first, this game is a little rough around the edges. It's very short and shows its age with its jarringly inconsistent art styles. Still, hidden object game fans will want to see how it all began and Poe aficionados may appreciate the references to his writings.

Type: Symbol Matching Combination Lock

Comment: You'll get the combination by using the paper and charcoal on the gravestones around the cemetery. Then just change every lock's symbol to match what's on your paper.

Type: Counting Spaces

Comment: This multi-part puzzle will have you counting floor tiles to look for hidden keys under certain ones. Start at the glowing tile and follow the directions on the clue sheet: Right 1, Down 1, Left 3, then click the tile. You'll find the first key.

For each consecutive key, always start from where you left off. Go Left 1, Up 2, Right 1, Down 1, Left 2, and Up 1.

For Key #3, go Down 2, Left 4, Up 3, Right 2, Down 1, Right 3, Down 1, Left 7.

And for the last key, go Down 1, Right 6, Up 2, Right 3, Down 1, Left 4, Up 2, Left 2, Up 1.

Alternately, if you use my screenshots, you can just click the correct tiles right away without counting first.

Type: Shape Matching

Comment: Four of the keys and locks bear the mark of one of the four suits from a deck of cards. Match them up, then use the skull key on the remaining lock.

Type: River Crossing Puzzle

Comment: This is a variation of a very famous type of puzzle. My solution is as follows:

The Boatman must always be on the raft no matter what, until you've gotten everyone else across. Start by putting him, then one of the sailors and either Dupin or the Policeman on the raft (Figure 1). Take them across, drop them off, then go back and put the other sailor and either Dupin or the Policeman (whichever one is left) on the raft (Figure 2). Go across, drop off the sailor, but leave Dupin/Policeman on the raft. Go back and put one of the boys on the raft (Figure 3). Go across, drop off both passengers, then go back and put the other boy and yourself on the raft (Figure 4). Go across and make everyone get off. You're done.

Type: Item Matching

Comment: Now for a series of puzzles where you point out the item that's identical to the one you're given. In case you can't tell, the identical bonnet is the one on the bottom right.

The skirt in the middle left is the one you're looking for.

Bottom Left Scarf

Top Left Hairpin

Right Middle Perfume Bottle

Top Left Necklace

Middle Left Handkerchief

Top Right Glove

Type: Sliding Block Puzzle

Comment: You need to slide these blocks around to find missing paper pieces and a key. My screenshot shows one. Here's where the rest of them are: Paper 2, Paper 3, Paper 4, Key.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Put together the torn note. This is very easy because you can see the outlines of where each piece belongs and they lock into place. Here it is complete.

Type: Shape Matching

Comment: Put together the insect collection by matching their shapes with the indents. Here is the completed puzzle.

Type: Find the Differences

Comment: Click on all the differences between these two pictures. The clipart quality images stand out like blue tomatoes.

Do it again for these rooms. If you're having trouble, there's a very difficult-to-see brown envelope on the wooden floor in the righthand picture.

Type: Color Matching Chain

Comment: The last puzzle is a series in which you have to form a chain by matching colors. Colors must be adjacent, and chains can be formed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. So, click a white tile, then an adjacent blue.

Green, Red, Orange. Don't let the clock fool you. It seems that you have unlimited time to do this.

Orange, Red, Blue, Purple. If you make a mistake, click again on the tiles you want to undo in reverse order.

Blue, Red, White, Orange, Green. There are multiple valid patterns on the grid for all of these.

Purple, White, Blue, Red, Green, Orange. Hope you're still with us at this point...

Red, Purple, Blue, White, Orange, Green, Red. This is the last one.

Click that deposit box when you're done. Congratulations, you've beaten the game.


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