Publisher: Jetdogs Studios       Developer: Jetdogs Studios       Release Year: 2014

Eva, who has been an orphan all her life, travels to Prague to learn the history of her birth and discovers an ancient plot by a secret society of alchemists to rule the world with the help of an animated stone creature known as a Golem. Eva must solve mysteries and learn some alchemy of her own to stop this fiendish plot and save her own life. Prague Legends is one of Jetdogs Studios' better hidden object games.

Type: Combination Lock

Comment: Once you find the combination for this lock, 358, just enter it. First puzzles are almost always easy.

Type: Combination Lock

Comment: Here is a very strange situation. That chest of three drawers on the right has movable handles. When set to the proper positions, the chest will open. The game does not consider this a true puzzle by its logic (no option to skip it). However, the game does not provide any clue that I could find to the proper combination. It's pure trial and error. It's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen in a hidden object game, they usually like to give you clues and/or the option to skip things like this. So, that is why I'm including it in this guide. Here is the solution if you don't have the patience for it.

Type: Matching Colors

Comment: For this puzzle, you can only move the ball that is in a circle on the edge of the field, without an "X" over it. When you drop it onto another column, it will force a ball out vertically, and if you drop it onto a row, it forces another ball out horizontally. The object is to get every ball on a row or column the same color. When you do, they will disappear. The way I solved this was to concentrate only on getting like colors into columns and not rows. If you try doing both columns and rows, it's more likely you'll make a mistake that will undo some of what you've accomplished. This isn't very difficult to solve. Once you get enough balls removed from the scene, the puzzle starts practically solving itself as it's only left with balls of a single color in each row or column.

Type: Memory Match

Comment: Flip over any two books to find ones with matching symbols. The puzzle ends when you've found all the matches. Here it is completely solved.

Type: Combination Lock

Comment: You will need to find two different clues that get recorded in your journal to solve this combination lock. The first clues is a series of four pictures: Sun, Time, Fire, Moon. To find out what symbols on the lock correspond to those items, use this clue from Mr. Novak's books. Here is what the puzzle looks like solved.

Type: Matching Pairs

Comment: Use your special lamp to find hidden symbols on the wall. Click on one, then find its match and click on it to make them both disappear. Keep going until they are all removed from the wall.

Type: Clock Puzzle

Comment: Jetdogs Studios must like this puzzle, there's a nearly identical one in Cursed. Use the buttons to set the clock hands to the correct time. You can tell where each hand goes by matching it up to its silhouette. Each button moves a different set of hands in tandem. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Rotating Rings Picture Puzzle

Comment: Turn the rings to form the image of a star. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Put together the pieces of this stone relief. Use the duster from your inventory on it when you're done. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Hidden Object/Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: There's a hex on the coffin that you need to dispel. This is essentially a disguised hidden object scene combined with a jigsaw puzzle. Find the matching pieces of the hex around the room and place them where they belong. The end result will look like this.

Type: Correct Order/Sequence

Comment: Starting at the sun mark, you will need to place each medallion in its correct space, in the correct order, ending at the moon. The tubes connecting the medallion holders are supposed to show the correct order, but since they're all twisted up, it's hard to follow them, so I had to use some trial and error. The following is the correct sequence:

Start by placing the medallion that goes in the holder by the sun symbol. Then place the proper medallion in the holder just to the right of the moon.

Next will be the medallion that goes at the very top of the circle, one to the right of the sun.

Now place the triangular medallion one to the right of the top.

Next will be the medallion that goes to the left of the moon.

Now the X-shaped symbol on the middle right.

Place the Z-shaped symbol directly opposite the X on the middle left. Now you're left with the one that goes in the moon slot. Drop it in there and you're done.

Type: Hidden Object/Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Another hex is keeping you from retrieving a medallion in the fireplace. Get rid of it the same way you did the one in the crypt.

Type: Matching Pairs

Comment: Every symbol on this parchment is doubled, and each has a trail leading to a node. Click on any node, and then click on the matching symbol's node.

For example, these two glowing yellow nodes match to the glowing yellow X-shaped symbols, so I have clicked on them as a pair. If you want to see how the rest match up, use this for reference.

Type: Matching Shapes

Comment: You'll find a bunch of items around the bedroom that you will need to use to create a dummy to trick the Golem. For some reason, when you toss an item onto the screen, it splits into several similar items. Only the ones that exactly match the silhouettes on the bed can be used. When you're done, it'll look something like this.

Type: Matching Pairs

Comment: Click on matching sets of Golem footprints until they're all eliminated. Man, this game has an obsession with these types of puzzles.

Type: Hidden Object/Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Another room, another hex. You know what to do about it, or else you wouldn't have gotten this far.

Type: Light Beam Puzzle

Comment: The beam of light starts at the sun and you must use the colored blocks to manipulate it to end at the moon. Additionally, the blocks must go in the order shown on the left side of the screen. When the beam hits a colored block, it will then go in the direction of the arrow on the block. Here is one possible way to solve this.

Type: Other

Comment: Find and light all the candles in this dark room to brighten it up. There are nine total. If your match burns out, light another one. Here they all are.

Type: Rotating Picture Puzzle

Comment: Rotate the rings to form the complete image of a very, very bizarre dragon. You can use the middle area where the two rings meet to swap out parts that are in the wrong spot. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Light Beam Puzzle

Comment: This is the most difficult puzzle in the entire game. You must get the light beam emanating from the moon at the bottom to the sun at the top, and all four prisms must be used. You will also need to take advantage of the two adjustable crystals. This took me awhile to figure out, and the game is a bit picky about accepting it even when you have it right. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Object Removal

Comment: Remove the bars from the gate, one at a time. Some will slide out before others, depending on how they're interlocked.

Type: Hidden Object/Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: One last hex to dispel, the same way as all the others.

Type: Matching Shapes

Comment: The final puzzle is a retread of what you did to trick the Golem. Now you must destroy the Golem by performing a ritual, and the correct items need to be matched up to the silhouettes on the floor. When you're done, it'll look like this.



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