Publisher: Square Enix       Developer: Square Enix       Release Year: 2010

Square Enix's attempt at a hidden object game puts you in the role of a woman who's husband has just been murdered at their home in Japan. The problem is that the police think he committed suicide, so she must find evidence that his death is in fact a murder and discovers his involvement in a secret counterfeiting ring. While this game is much more primitive than many later HOG's, the unique Japanese setting and aesthetics set it apart.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: The edge lines make this very easy to assemble.

Type: Process of Elimination

Comment: Click the houses that do NOT fit the clues until only one is left. Note that "Pine Tree" refers to the green trees, even though they don't look like pines.

Type: On/Off Puzzle

Comment: Clicking a button will open or close the locks around it. They must all be opened. Not very difficult for this type of puzzle.

Type: Hidden Message

Comment: Just keep moving the pencil back and forth across the paper until the entire message appears. No brainer.

Type: Hidden Object

Comment: This puzzle is really just a hidden object variant disguised as a puzzle scene. Click all the insects to advance.

Type: Memory Match

Comment: Finding two matching cards will remove them from the table. Keep turning until you find all the matching pairs.

Type: Process of Elimination

Comment: This is similar to the first puzzle of its type, but you're looking for a different house.

Type: Combination Lock

Comment: The clues make this fairly simple to figure out.

Type: Memory Match

Comment: This is the same as the previous tile matching puzzle, only now it's flowers inside shells.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Put together the broken pieces of the vase by matching the shapes of the edge lines and the symbol in the middle.

Type: Hidden Object

Comment: Another hidden object scene disguised as a puzzle. Click on 20 vases to advance. Many of them have tags attached to them that make them easier to spot.

Type: Find the Differences

Comment: Most are obvious, but check the flowers in the lower left and her collar if you're stuck.

Type: Memory Match

Comment: Yes, this game makes you do this exact same puzzle twice.

Type: Sliding Tile Box Variant

Comment: After all the piss-easy puzzles this game throws at you, this bugger seems uncharacteristically difficult. When you've resolved it, it will look something like this.

Type: Sudoku Lite

Comment: The trick is that each row, column, and diagonal can only have one of each different symbol. The spokes will slide out when you place them correctly.

Type: Hidden Object

Comment: Another disguised hidden object scene, just click on all the pieces of the broken bottle.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Now that you have the bottle's pieces you must assemble them. You'll need to rotate it at least once.

Type: Process of Elimination

Comment: There's only one on the West Pier and one on the East Pier you need to check off. Stupidly easy for a final puzzle, but there you have it.


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