Publisher: Artifex Mundi       Developer: Artifex Mundi       Release Year: 2011

A woman named Ester learns that she has inherited a mansion, but when she goes to check it out, she finds that it's dilapidated and haunted by the spirit of a wicked sorceress named Vivian. Vivian is trapped in a giant crystal in the mansion's courtyard and Ester must find missing elemental medallions that can seal her away forever. She will get some help from a time machine that allows her to change things in the past to affect the present time, and the wizard Merlin, whose spirit is trapped in an ancient oak tree. I personally feel Time Mysteries 2 is the best in the series, but it's sometimes difficult to figure out what to do next.

Type: Color Wheel

Comment: The first puzzle is a fairly common HOG puzzle. I don't have a specific solution for it, but I typically use the 2 to turn all the red panels to green and then use the 3 to offset the pointer.

Type: Story Sequence

Comment: Put the pictures on each row in order so they tell a logical story. This is actually foreshadowing three tasks you'll have to complete to beat the game. Pretty easy.

Type: Family Tree

Comment: The first of several of the game's head-swapping puzzles. If you hover a face above the outline, you can easily tell if the pictures line up.

Type: On/Off Puzzle

Comment: All the green clovers must be set to off. Clicking one affects the others around it.

Type: Family Tree

Comment: Another puzzle where you have to put the faces in the right holes.

Type: Gear Path Puzzle

Comment: Starting with the one on the right, use the rectangular paths above the gears to align them completely horizontally so that you can reach the goal.

Type: Pattern Matching

Comment: Keep clicking each box until the pattern in the middle aligns with the outer pattern. Pay special attention to the trees on the bottom row, making sure the branches all line up.

Type: Family Tree

Comment: Another family tree head-swapping puzzle.

Type: Light Grid

Comment: You must place the lanterns around town so that every street square is lit up. This isn't difficult to do because you have 8 lanterns to work with and the game doesn't care about overlapping lights.

Type: Magic Square & Tower of Hanoi

Comment: This is very unusual because it's two puzzles in one, something I don't see very often in HOG's. On the left is a magic square. Each group of four circles must add up to 34. Start with the four in the middle. On the right is a very simplified Tower of Hanoi puzzle. All the rings must be placed on the center rod in alternating colors (red, silver, red, silver, etc.)

Type: Family Tree

Comment: Another head game.

Type: Cat's Cradle

Comment: I solved this by grabbing the top right knot and moving it downward. Probably the easiest Cat's Cradle I've ever seen.

Type: Family Tree

Comment: More people who need to have their heads put on straight.

Type: Color Wheel

Comment: The second puzzle of its kind actually seemed easier than the first to me. Here, I use the 3 to do most of the work and the 4 to offset the pointer.

Type: Tile Swapping

Comment: The oak leaf door requires you to solve four puzzles to open it. All you have to do for the first part is swap all the gears on the left and right so that the green all end up on the right and the brown on the left.

Type: Correct Order/Sequence

Comment: When that's done, these five lights will appear. Clicking on them in the right order will light them up, but if you click one out-of-order, they all darken and you have to try again. It's just a little trial-and-error, not difficult.

Type: Pattern Matching

Comment: Each of these rods has a dent in them. Pull them down until the dents line up.

Type: Rotating Rings Picture Puzzle

Comment: And finally, turn the rings so that they form the image of a tree. Turning one ring may affect others, so you'll have to work with it a bit. Start with the roots on the bottom.

Type: Pipe Connecting Puzzle

Comment: This is the main game's final puzzle and it's really quite easy. If you're having trouble, here's the solution, minus the final turn of the southeast bulb.

Type: Object Assembly

Comment: The first bonus chapter puzzle has you repairing your time machine. I found the hit detection on this puzzle to be way off and had to click all over the place to get some things to work, particulaly when using the pliers to remove the broken crystal chamber and the screwdriver to screw the new one in place.

Type: Sliding Grid Puzzle

Comment: While this puzzle is not as difficult or incomprehensible as it looks, it's very difficult to explain. Each column must contain a particular light pattern as shown by the paper above. Pressing an arrow key will cause that row to move over and a column to move down one. It might take some practice to get a feel for it, which is why it's good that reset button is there. Start by moving the diagonal line with dot below it to the fifth column. Then move the pattern seen highlighted in the second colum, second row to the fourth column. Once I did that, the rest came easy.

Type: Sliding Tile

Comment: One of the most frustrating puzzles in the game. Here's what the completed picture will look like.

Type: Swapping Tile

Comment: This puzzle looks scary, but it's really just a simple tile-swapping puzzle, only on a 3D cube. All panels facing down-left should be blue windows. All panels facing down-right should be green vines. All panels facing up should be red shingles. Here's what the completed puzzle will look like.

Type: Battery Number Puzzle

Comment: Common HOG puzzle. Start with the 115 in the lower left. The rest will come easy, but here's the completed puzzle if you have trouble.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Funny that the final bonus chapter puzzle is just a really easy jigsaw puzzle.


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