Publisher: 1C Online Games       Developer: Meridian'93       Release Year: 2015

An evil warlock has kidnapped a young girl and whisked her away to the mysteriously abandoned Unicorn Castle, which is overrun with giant rats. As an unnamed detective, you are sent to rescue her, but you must learn all the castle's ancestral secrets and solve its puzzles before reviving the one thing that can defeat the warlock - a magical unicorn statue. Unicorn Castle is a fairly long hidden object game, but most of its puzzles are easy and many won't even let you try to solve them until you already have the answer written in your diary.

Type: Matching Parts/Symbols

Comment: The first puzzle is barely a puzzle as there's no real trick to it. Just do what it says.

Type: Matching Parts/Symbols

Comment: Fairly simple. Sun = Sunflower, Evergreen Tree = Pine Cone, etc.

Type: Other

Comment: Barely a puzzle, although the game classifies it as one. Just point the fire extinguisher at a group of flames until they completely disappear. Then do it again for the others.

Type: Color Matching

Comment: Trick to this is to start with the one in the lower right because its mate can only be set to green. Then go from there.

Type: Electric Number Puzzle

Comment: This gets a bit tricky around the 5. There is more than one way this can be solved.

Type: Dollhouse Story Puzzle

Comment: This is the most simplistic form of this puzzle I've ever seen. All you do is click on the right character and it advances.

Type: Sliding Maze

Comment: Start by sliding it down. This one's fairly easy to solve.

Type: Gear Path Puzzle

Comment: Also really easy. I've seen much harder variants of this puzzle.

Type: Matching Parts/Symbols

Comment: Simple. Swords to Shield, Leaf to Tree, Bow to Arrows, etc.

Type: Dollhouse Story Puzzle

Comment: The second of this type of puzzle is the same as the first.

Type: Correct Order/Sequencing

Comment: Very easy with the solution in your diary.

Type: Rotating Rings Picture Puzzle

Comment: Very easy variant of this puzzle since each ring moves individually.

Type: Decoding Message

Comment: Thing that annoyed me about this one is that it's not very easy to tell the difference between the solid dot and the circle, so keep an eye on that.

Type: Match Object to Picture

Comment: This is very easy. Just use the drawing in your diary.

Type: Match Object to Picture

Comment: Easy if you use the diary.

Type: Combination Lock

Comment: The answer is in your diary.

Type: Mini-Game

Comment: If you see any near the edges of the screen, go for those first.

Type: Dollhouse Story Puzzle

Comment: Third and final one tells more of the game's backstory, but is still solved the same way.

Type: Combination Lock

Comment: Again, it's in your diary.

Type: Combination Lock

Comment: Also in your diary.

Type: Eight Queens Problem

Comment: This is an ancient puzzle with more than one possible solution. Refer to the in-game strategy guide, or this, for help.

Type: Wheel and Spoke Puzzle

Comment: The goal here is to get every spoke out of the wheel, but if a spoke inside the wheel is positioned behind another spoke, you can't remove it. You'll have to advance the wheel until it comes to an empty spot.

Type: Combination Lock

Comment: Since the answer is in your diary the only real thing to watch out for here is that the valves are not next to the guages they actually control. You need to match the colors to know which valve affects which guage.

Type: Physics

Comment: Just have to find the right speed and keep it moving at that speed. A little annoying, but not hard.

Type: Pattern Matching

Comment: Sometimes these are a real pain in the butt. The green wavelength will keep changing until you match it perfectly.

Type: Mini-Game

Comment: A one-player variant of Pong that's in the running for most annoying puzzle in the game. The yellow and blue balls of light are all mixed up at first and it can be a real pain to corral them.

Type: Object Assembly

Comment: This is barely a puzzle at all. Just keep putting lenses in the lens tester until you find three that work.

Type: Pattern Matching

Comment: Similar to the wavelength puzzle, now you match an arc of electricity. This one's much easier.

Type: Correct Order/Sequencing

Comment: After you step on the first stone, the next one has to be adjacent and so on and so forth.

Type: Telescope Puzzle

Comment: When you find what the game wants you to find, it transitions so quickly you'll probably have no idea what it was.

Type: On/Off Puzzle

Comment: This is a very common HOG puzzle, but this is probably the easiest variant of it that I've ever seen.

Type: Match Object to Picture

Comment: This is what you looked through the telescope to find. Hint: The eyes don't need to be changed.

Type: Sliding Tile

Comment: My number 1 most hated type of puzzle.

Type: Object Removal

Comment: This is barely a puzzle. All you have to do is drag them away.

Type: Lockpicking

Comment: The instructions for this are overly complicated. Just turn the lockpick and hold down the mouse button to try to remove the lock. If the lockpick is in the correct spot, it will remove. Otherwise it'll jam and you'll have to move the lockpick and try again.

Type: Pattern Matching via Rotating Parts

Comment: The secret to this one is that the copper coins have to run horizontally and the two circles must share one.

Type: Combination Lock

Comment: Type in the date in the diary. No brainer.

Type: Pattern Matching via Rotating Parts

Comment: This one's really annoying and I sometimes skip it on replays.

Type: Painting Puzzle

Comment: You're gonna have one really ugly shield when you're done.

Type: Sliding Key Puzzle

Comment: The first of three Bonus Chapter puzzles. You'll need to use one of the greens to push the blue, the yellow to push the red, and the red to push the other green.

Type: Pattern Matching via Rotating Parts

Comment: Not anywhere near as hard as it sounds. Tap the button when they get close so they don't go too far. A piece will darken when it locks into place.

Type: Light Beam Puzzle

Comment: The final Bonus Chapter puzzle is one where you have to direct light beams. Trick is to take advantage of diagonals.


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