About Flying Omelette

This is a picture of me with Crawl and 1000. Sorry, my eyes look red in just about every picture that's ever been taken of me. I don't know exactly why that always happens, but it must have something to do with the color of my eyes...Here are a few more pictures of me:

Although my hair is a total mess in the first picture, it's one of the few pictures of me where my eyes aren't showing up red. I also look about as "thin" as I really am. In some pictures, I tend to look "fatter" than what I am because I wear oversized shirts. The second picture was taken at an airport. In that picture you can see how pale I really am. Sometimes, the camera adds extra red to my hair and face, but that picture is rather accurate.

Here is a picture of me when I was about 17 years old with a real live Burmese Python around my neck. I remember when this was taken at some sport fishing show. This guy was charging $5.00 to get your picture taken with a python. It didn't seem like anyone wanted to do it, so in an act of either bravery or stupidity, I decided to show off. He must've thought it would be good for business if people saw me with the python around my shoulders because he left it there for as long as he possibly could. I finally had to tell him it was getting too heavy for me to hold it anymore.

Me and my Corsica. First of all, I apologize for the haircut. You can blame that one on my mother who insisted I had to wear bangs like that to hide a birthmark I have on my forehead. (The birthmark can been seen as a slight semicircle on the above "python" picture.) But I'm sure pretty much everyone else can agree those bangs look far worse than the birthmark, so I don't wear my hair like that anymore. But more to the point of why I posted this - This picture was taken about a year before I left New Jersey (which is why the car still has NJ license plates). Although I purchased a 2006 Chevy Malibu because the Corsica was breaking down far too often, I still own the car. We just don't use it for long trips anymore.

Me in a boat at Maumee Bay.

Me standing on a rope bridge over a flooded creek in winter. You can see the dreaded birthmark my parents so desperately tried to hide from the world.

Taken the same day as the rope bridge, me standing next to Bubu, my 2006 Chevy Malibu.

This is what Bubu looks like from the front.

Looks like this picture was taken the same day, or at least I'm wearing the same shirt. This is me sitting in the very same chair and in front of the very same computer that I'm using to type up this page right now.

Me and Crawl on a porch swing in front of my old house in New Jersey.

Another one of me and Crawl inside my old New Jersey house.

And one of us together on the couch in my NJ home.

Another picture of me I've posted around various sites, but forgot to put on this page until now.

Another picture of me at the Philadelphia Airport.


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