Albert Odyssey

Fargasta Exposed!

Lots of users are calling crying for help on this devilish (some would say masochistic) dungeon. Therefore, we've decided to post the walkthrough for it here.

You start out on 8F. Head down to the elevator. Go down one floor to 7F. Walk up, left and then down and step on the warp pad. (IGNORE THE FIRST WARP PAD YOU SEE)

After you transport, step back onto the middle warp pad. Then step on the warp pad on your left. Walk up to the door. Once inside, walk up to the pedestal and press "C".

Go out of the room to 6F. Walk up and to the left. Take the 1st door and fall through the floor to 5F. Walk down and to the right to take the elevator down to 3F. Walk up to the door to the pedestal. Press "C" and head out to 4F.

Walk right to the Warp Pad. Once on 2F, walk down to the elevator. Go up to 4F. Walk up to the door to the pedestal. Press "C" then walk out to 7F. Head right to the door. Press "C" at the pedestal to get to 1F. Follow the pathway to the elevator. Go Down. Walk out of the room and take the pathway to your destiny.

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