The Real Ghostbusters

I was thinking of making a small fanpage devoted to some cartoons I like. Well, that's not exactly what this is, yet, but The Real Ghostbusters was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. (At least until it got kinda crappy in the later seasons.) Anyway, I recently acquired four episodes from the first-season including "Play Them Rag-Time Boos". In this episode the Ghostbusters go on vacation in Louisiana, but soon discover that the spirit of a Jazz player named Malachai who died long ago has come back to haunt the town of Muddy Flat. Malachai can use the power of his music to make time go in reverse, so during the course of this episode, the Ghostbusters find themselves going back and forth in time. The ending of the show culminated in a showdown between Malachai and his jazz band and the Ghostbusters playing rock 'n roll, which Egon Spengler deduced could be used to counter Malachai and defeat him for good. Anyway, I really liked this episode because I thought many of the images of the Ghostbusters dressed in different clothes and weird hairdos were really funny, and I've captured a bunch of them here!

Peter Venkman

Ray Stantz

Not really a result of the time-traveling.
I just think Ray's pajamas are hilarious!

Winston Zeddemore

Looks like Winston did the "green hair" thing
long before Dennis Rodman.

Egon Spengler

This answered the question that was on every GB fan's mind:
Yes, it is possible to make Egon's hair look even more preposterous!

Group Pictures

Argument for why Ray and Peter should not grow mustaches.

The Ghostbusters in Prehistoric Times

Here's where the real craziness begins!

I get the feeling this whole episode was written just to have an excuse to show the GB's dressed up like they are in these scenes...





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