Production Number: 75001 [1986 - ABC Season One]

Due to a rash of recent power outages in New York City, a utility worker is about to check on some power lines when they suddenly light up with paranormal activity.

The transformer becomes possessed by a spirit and transforms (lol) into a giant snake-like creature, ready to strike.


But as soon as it came, it vanishes, and the spectral activity continues on its path down the power lines.


Meanwhile, it's dinner time at the Ghostbusters HQ, and Ray has prepared a special fondu casserole from an old family recipe.


"Yeah, real old..."

It's pretty obvious that no one wants to eat it. Well, obvious to everyone but Ray, who insists they should start digging in. As Ray sits down to eat, Slimer grabs his napkin from below the table (why, I don't know).


Instead of just getting another napkin, Ray goes under the table after it. While he's taking an insanely long time to look for a napkin under a table, the other Ghostbusters feed their casserole to Slimer.


When he's cleaned out everyone's dinner bowls, Slimer returns the napkin to Ray, who now thinks the other Ghostbusters must've been "really hungry" to have eaten all their food so fast. He then insists on them having seconds, but thankfully, they're "saved by the bell" as the alarm goes off.


Janine informs them that there's a disturbance at a local shopping center, and off they go in Ecto-1. When they arrive, something is very obviously amiss as the shopping center building is suspended in midair as employees and customers jump down from it and flee.


Ray is eager to head inside, as always, and the others follow. But at first, it is dark and quiet, and there doesn't appear to be anything unusual going on...


...until a bolt of electricity comes out of the ceiling lamp and hits Winston's flashlight, turning it into a barking monster.


Within moments, the Ghostbusters are under attack from haunted power drills and electric saws.


And vaccuum cleaners and ovens...


Peter's proton gun and Slimer both get sucked into possessed vaccuum cleaners...


Things are lookin' pretty bad until Peter finally manages to pull his proton gun free from the vaccuum cleaner ghost that sucked it away from him...


...and uses it to save Egon from being roasted. The proton beam forces the ghost out of the oven, and from there it's easily trapped.


The other Ghostbusters eventually break free and start forcing more of the ghosts out of their possessed objects.


The ghosts are all forced out and rounded up...and Ray exclaims that the last one is his!


But it turns out to be Slimer, who isn't too happy about being fried. (Har har har)


Later, back at the firehouse, the Ghostbusters are busy putting the newly-captured ghosts into the containment unit when another power outage strikes. Ray worries about the containment exploding without any power, but Egon assures them that he has prepared an emergency generator for just such an occassion.


And it works... at least until it becomes possessed by another electricity ghost and runs away.


Oh noes! What do we do?! Janine's answer is to scream. Slimer panics. Egon counts down the explosion and is generally useless in this scene. But Ray suggests getting the generator from Ecto-1 and a "pedal locomotion device".


Why Ray didn't just say "bicycle", I'll never know, but thankfully when Peter goes outside, there just happens to be a girl sitting on one out there.


Peter buys the bike from the girl as Ray and Winston work like crazy to build the new generator. Peter arrives just in time with the bicycle, and they attach it to their contraption. Janine starts pedaling the bike, and the machine generates enough electricity to keep the containment unit turned on.


But it's not over yet and the Ghostbusters take off in Ecto-1 to find the source of these energy problems. They follow the psychic turbulence down the power lines, right to a local power plant.


Then there's this kind of pointless scene where the car starts rolling down the cliff. The Ghostbusters are forced onto the hood as it rolls into them. Slimer is inside, but he's unable to stop it. Unfortunately, it's not really clear if the car rolled because of Slimer, on its own because of how it was parked, or if the electricity ghosts did it. In any case, Peter eventually climbs to the roof of the car, opens the hatch, and reaches in and pulls the emergency brake.


When the Ecto-1 comes to a rather precarious rest, the source of the electricty monsters finally reveals itself. "I am the Grand Ghoul, the Ethereal Master of Many" it says as it shoots a bolt out of its eye.


Thankfully, the monster either has terrible aim, or is just toying with them at the moment as the bolts strike several places around the car without actually hitting anyone. Peter remarks that the car's battery is dead and Egon tells him to "raise the Ectoscope" in hopes that the monster's bolts could jumpstart it.


But that turns out to be a bad idea... a very, very bad idea...


Ecto-1 is now possessed and ready to attack, but Ray insists that they can't shoot their own car. So they run from it instead...


...and despite having about a million eyeballs, it runs right into a pole. The Ghostbusters spot the electricity ghost running off around a corner and they follow it.


But they're greeted by an army of possessed machinery. Peter and Winston are pulled upwards into some kind of metal box-like thing high up on a wall...


...while Ray and Egon are carted off by the angry machinery mob. The mob tosses them off a high platform, but for whatever reason, this crane-like thing sees them tumbling to their doom and "saves" them by catching them in it its "mouth".


Meanwhile, Peter and Winston are being treated like meatballs. The wiring they're tangled up in eventually drops them down a large slide. (This is a very bizarre power plant...)


At the end of the ride, the crane comes along and dumps Egon and Ray on top of Winston and Peter. The electicity ghost is seen laughing maniacally at the end of the slide.


The monster dives down into a very large piece of machinery and takes possession of it. It emerges, looking like some sort of giant alien robot. He announces his name as "Killerwatt" and claims that his army feeds on electricity. It makes them so powerful, no human can stop them.


But Peter doesn't care and tries to zap him, anyway. Killerwatt only absorbs the bolt as Winston deduces that the power plant's electricity is shielding him from the effects of the proton beams. (I'm not quite sure I follow that, but whatever.)


Then Killerwatt destroys the platform, which causes the Ghostbusters to fall back onto the slide...which is definitely not positioned the way it was just a few moments ago (or when Peter and Winston were sliding on it.)


With nothing to stop him, Killerwatt begins drawing energy from the power plant's generators, which causes the outside of the building to act rather...oddly.


And pretty much all hell is breaking loose inside. Winston says they need to shut the power off and Egon finds the main switch. But Killerwatt causes a crack in the ground to keep them away from it. ... But never fear, because Slimer just came in the door and there's this plug on the ground next to him and you think, "He's gonna pull that and end this, isn't he?"




The robot falls over and Killerwatt breaks out of it. He demands the power be turned back on, but... DOH!


With Killerwatt thoroughly owned, Slimer puts the plug back in the wall and New York City lights up with power once again.


The mayor is so happy that the power outages have been stopped, that he joins the Ghostbusters in a little homecoming parade. But then they suddenly remember that they left poor Janine on the bicycle in the firehouse all this time. Ha ha.

Notes & Trivia

So, yeah... This episode really doesn't have much of a plot. It's like they wanted an episode about ghosts possessing electronic objects, but they didn't really come up with a story for it, so that's pretty much all that happens. There's no real Act 3 - when Killerwatt starts making the power plant transform, there isn't really any idea of what he's trying to do with it and what will happen if he succeeds. But there's no real need to have a plot when you're dealing with an electricity ghost, because someone can just pull a plug and end it all when the episode's time is almost over, ey?

The ending of this episode doesn't make a lot of sense. It was night time when the Ghostbusters were fighting Killerwatt, but it's daytime during the parade. So, at no point after beating Killerwatt did they return to the firehouse? Considering they didn't eat dinner and got no sleep, wouldn't they be awfully tired and hungry to be driving Ecto-1 in a parade? Also, the car's battery died earlier in the episode, and if they didn't return to the firehouse, then they presumably didn't replace the battery, either.

Why does the power plant look like a castle?

Killerwatt has a lightning bolt on his tail in the scenes right before he's captured, yet it's not there in any earlier scenes with him.

Killerwatt's name is a take on "kilowatt". Yeah, that's obvious, but it's the only reference I could find in this episode.

Killerwatt is voiced by James Avery, who is best known for his roles as Uncle Phil on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the voice of the Shredder on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Tahiti song "Charge You Up" plays from the part where the possessed Ecto-1 chases after the Ghostbusters on into the scenes where they're being chased around the power plant by various possessed objects.

According to the DVD guide booklet, this was the second episode to air, but the first to undergo production. That might explain why its plot and pacing are a little rusty.

I don't know why, but the title card doesn't display on this episode when I play the DVD. I had to grab the screen capture of it from the title card gallery on the bonus disk.



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