Take Two
Production Number: 75011 [1986 - ABC Season One]

A chartered jet bound for Hollywood was supposed to leave a half an hour ago with the Ghostbusters, who are going there to make a movie. A news crew is there to cover the event, but the crowd is getting impatient waiting for the ghostbusters to arrive. The reason they are late? They're busy chasing some ghosts around town in Ecto-1.

After briefly saying goodbye to Janine, the ghostbusters finally arrive at the airport, but everyone except the news crew and one fan has left. The reporter is angry that they are so late and feels the ghostbusters made him look foolish. But they don't seem to care and quickly board the plane... while the cameras had been turned off... further humiliating the reporter.


During the flight, Peter angers a flight attendant, who throws his luggage off the plane over Cleveland in retaliation. Ray and Winston discover that someone ate all the peanuts out of the peanut packets without opening them...


...which could only mean one thing - Slimer has stowed away on the plane. The next morning, Slimer is buzzing around the cockpit, annoying the pilot. The co-pilot is terrified of Slimer, but the main pilot is not. He tells Slimer to "Get back in the cabin and fasten your seatbelt!", and Slimer complies.


After the plane lands, the ghostbusters are taken on a tour of the studio that's producing their movie. There's a life-sized replica of the firehouse on the set. While Peter believes that Robert Redford was probably dying to play his part in the film, the agents hand them the cast list, and Winston reads off the names, "Murray, Aykroyd, and Ramis" - the actors who played Peter, Ray, and Egon in the actual film.

They are also given a copy of the script, which appears to be several thousand pages long. Even though they have been hired as consultants to make sure the movie is getting the details of their lives right, they are told that they can't change the script. Meanwhile, Slimer chases after a woman dressed like Carmen Miranda.


Elsewhere, two stagehands are opening up a trap door that hasn't been opened in 20 years. What they don't realize is that by doing so, they are waking up a ghost that had been sleeping far down below the doors.


The agent, Bob, continues the ghostbusters' tour of the studio, but he leads them through the wrong door, onto a strange alien set. Within moments, they're attacked by a giant robot.


Peter fires his proton gun at it, and it falls over. A director's voice is heard yelling, "Cut!" and the stage lights turn on. It appears that the monster is only a prop for a movie, but the director is fuming mad that the ghostbusters almost destroyed it.


The Sleeping Ghost shows up and enters the body of the robot monster, but nobody notices it because they're too busy fighting over what just happened on the stage. Peter gets in the director's face, they take turns screaming at each other, and eventually the ghostbusters are thrown off the set.


Bob suggests that they should take off their proton packs and leave them somewhere safe to prevent any further accidents. So, he directs them to a store room filled with props for the Ghostbusters movie, and they put them on a table.


This turns out to be a bad idea because after they leave, a couple of stagehands bring four fake prop proton packs into the room and set them down on the same table. They are confused by the presence of the other four proton packs because the order in their hands only called for four, not eight. So they pick up the real proton packs (not knowing they are real) and carry them out of the room, to be put into storage. Meanwhile, that loudmouthed director is busy trying to get his giant robot Megazoid back in working condition so that he can continue making his movie.


But having been possessed by the Sleeping Ghost, the Megazoid appears to come to life on its own, and asks everyone to "Be quiet!" It starts smashing things and chases everyone off the set. Then it does something really bizarre... the head splits open and a bunch of mouths pop out, Alien-style.


As the Megazoid continues to chase people around the studio, he crosses paths with the ghostbusters. At first they think it's just another scene being filmed, but then Egon confirms that the PKE Meter detects a ghost inside of it.


Bob leads them back to their proton packs, but they unknowingly don the fake prop packs instead.


Sure enough, the props don't work and the ghostbusters are left facing the Megazoid with nothing before it cuts to the commercial break.


When we come back from the commercial break, it's not explained how, but the ghostbusters have somehow gotten away from the Megazoid, although they're hiding out on the rafters as it walks around above them. Egon says he adjusted the PKE Meters to pick up the particle beam energy from the proton packs. Winston suggests they split into two teams to look for them.


Meanwhile, the Megazoid continues its reign of destruction. A computerized voice inside a Rolls Royce saying, "The door is open" over and over again annoys the ghost and he smashes the vehicle, which results in the message changing to "The car is a mess" and the Megazoid smashing it again to shut it up for good.


As Ray and Winston continue to look for the proton packs, they stumble onto the set where the "Deadly Dr. Crowley" movies used to be made, which happen to be some of Ray's favorite movies. Ray is enthusiastic about the discovery and starts flipping switches and pushing buttons while explaining what the movies were about.


One of the levers causes a trap door to open and bring up a platform carrying the Megazoid on it. Angered that it was disturbed again, the Megazoid destroys the control console and chases Ray and Winston out of the room.


Meanwhile, Egon and Peter have discovered the hole where the ghost had been sleeping for many years. From the PKE Meter's readings, they are able to determine that it was a type of ghost that looks for a quiet, dark place to sleep for eternity, and was angry when it was awakened. They deduce that noise is what's making it so violent. Peter calls Ray on a walkie-talkie and tells him to be quiet because the monster hates noise.


Egon finally locates the missing proton packs in a storage crate and Peter calls Ray on the walkie-talkie again. He tells Ray to meet him at the firehouse set and to try to get the Megazoid to follow him back there. That isn't a problem since the robot is already in pursuit.


That loudmouthed director has called security in the meantime and he plans to take back the Megazoid his own way - without damaging it. The Megazoid continues to chase Ray and Winston to the firehouse set and busts through the wall.


Having gotten their proton packs back, the ghostbusters fire at the Megazoid, but it does little good. The ghost is protected by the machine and it leaps to a catwalk to evade the beams. They can't shoot at it up there because it could bring the whole building down on top of everyone.


Egon realizes that in the final analysis, they're trying to help the ghost. No place is quieter than the containment unit, and it could sleep there forever, which is what it wants. Winston wonders how they can communicate with something you can't talk to because it gets mad at the noise, and that gives Egon an idea. He takes off his proton pack and asks the monster to come down.


Egon uses sign language to talk to the Sleeping Ghost in an effort to make it understand that they only want to help it. Thankfully, the ghost not only understands him, but seems to agree, as it eventually comes out of the Megazoid machine.


As Egon prepares the ghost trap, that loudmouthed director comes barreling onto the set in the security vehicle, with sirens blaring and screaming into a megaphone.


This angers the ghost and it reneges on the plan. But the ghostbusters are quick to react and manage to trap it anyway.


The director explains that he had to protect his machine because it was worth 2 million dollars. Peter is still angry because the director's actions could have caused someone to get hurt. Just as the director finishes spewing some more excuses, the Megazoid promptly falls apart.


Later on, back in New York, the ghostbusters are late for the premier of their movie, and end up humiliating that same reporter from the beginning of the episode, again. As they sneak into their seats in the theater, actual footage from the Ghostbusters movie is shown on the screen in front of them.


Peter laments that the actor portraying him doesn't look anything like him while Slimer gets shushed for making too much noise with his popcorn.

Notes & Trivia

J. Michael Straczynski claims that this episode fooled some people into believing that the cartoon came before the movie.

Why is the Ghostbusters getting on a plane such a big news story, anyway?

The Tahiti song, "Movie Star" plays when the plane is getting ready to land in Burbank, California (when Slimer is arguing with the pilot).

Notice that even though Winston is the one who reads the names off the cast list, he only mentions (Bill) Murray, (Dan) Aykroyd, and (Harold) Ramis. He does not mention (Ernie) Hudson, the actor who played him.


The Sleeping Ghost looks like Master Belch from Earthbound.


The multiple mouths shooting out of the Megazoid seems quite clearly to be an Alien reference. Well, he is an alien robot after all.


There's a part where Slimer runs into a Ghostbusters movie poster. The text below the movie title reads, "Ghostbusters Suggested Phrases From The". It looks to me like what happened is that a phrase from the movie was supposed to have been put there, but the background artist misinterpreted the instructions and literally put them on there instead of any actual suggested phrases.

The "Deadly Dr. Crowley" movies is a reference to noted Satanist, Aleister Crowley. This is not the last time J. Michael Straczyski will reference him in one of his episodes. In addition, the whole scene is a tribute to Frankenstein.

Although the live-action footage shown in the ending of the episode is taken directly from the Ghostbusters movie, the voiceover speaking Bill Murray's first line had to be redone by another actor for various legal reasons. (My personal guess is that the royalties for using Murray's actual voice in the cartoon would've been too high. This is also the main reason the characters in the cartoon do not look like the actors who portrayed them in the movie, which is something this episode pokes a little fun at.)



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