Transformers Animations

Welcome to my page for Transformers animations!

These are a bunch of animated sequences that I made using some Microsoft flipbook animation program that came with my old Dell PC. They were mainly done for experimental purposes, and I really wish I could have made them from the DVDs instead of the VHS tapes, but I didn't own the DVDs at the time I made them. However, they became so popular that I decided to leave up the best of the ones I made. Some of these, especially the "Ninja Ratchet" one have appeared in numerous places around the internet, like ytmnd, so it's nice to know that at least one internet meme came out of this place.

Astrotrain - transforms into train - Astrotrain is one of my favorite Decepticons. This is his train mode, and it's "toy-accurate".
Bluestreak - transforms into car - This is a nice animation sequence, but the only problem I have with it is that the lower part of Blue's legs are off-camera for most of it.
Bumblebee - transforms into VW beetle - Nice Bumblebee animation here.
Bumblebee - transforms into Cybertronian vehicle - This is what Bumblebee looked like on Cybertron.
Cliffjumper and Hound - transform from vehicles to robots - Cliffy and Hound do side-by-side transformations here. There's a *slight* bounce in the frame on this one, but it's not that big a deal. (Damn me for using the VHS versions to make these. If only I'd had a PS2 back then!)
Cosmos - transforms from UFO to robot - This one has a really nasty jump in the final frame. I'm only putting it back up because Cosmos is one of my favorites, and this transform is rather "toy-accurate". Cosmos is also burning up in this sequence, so that's why he has steam lines coming off of him. Someday, I'll try to get a better Cosmos animation.
Dinobot - transforms from raptor to robot - My first attempt at a Beast Wars animation. I had to cut a lot of frames, but I still think it came out well.
Grimlock - transforms into T-Rex - This one came out really well, but there are tracking glitches in the top and bottom of the image. I should probably take the time to crop some of these...
Inferno - transforms from fire truck to robot - Very dramatic, especially with that billowing smoke on either side of him. And I love the way he crosses his arms and legs halfway through that sequence. This is one of the best ones I've done.
Ironhide - transforms into van - This was the first one of these I ever made. I love the way Ironhide is spinning as he does this, as opposed to the numerous times Autobots just stand still and plop down as they transform. This is probably my favorite of all of these that I've done.
Jazz - transforms into porsche - I absolutely love the way Jazz leaps down on his hands to transform. It's like he's getting ready to do push-ups, which is why I dubbed this the "Drop and Give Me 10" Transformation. :)
Megatron - transforms into gun - This was the first Decepticon animation I ever did. They're harder to get than Autobots because they're usually moving and partially out-of-frame as they transform, or they're too far away from the "camera".
Optimus Prime - transforms into tractor trailer - Where does his trailer go? The world may never know. Note: This one's not terribly spectacular, but I think it has more to do with the actual animation sequence than my crappy flipbook creation skills.
Perceptor - transforms into microscope - I like Perceptor a lot...but I don't really have much else to say here.
Prowl - doing a backflip - I am really surprised something as big and bulky as Prowl can do that. Considering their size and shape, Prowl and Bluestreak are incredibly nimble! This is one of my absolute favorite animation sequences from this entire show.
Prowl and Cliffjumper - transform to vehicle modes - What I love so much about this animation, aside from just exactly how well it's done, is that Prowl's window rolls up at the end. I love attention to details like that. (Don't know about that indiscriminately-placed clamp, though...)
Ratchet - transforms into ambulance - Good animation of Ratchet transforming...I'm just sorry that Brawn got stuck in the shot. (I REALLY need to crop some of these.)
Ratchet - flying ninja kick? - Does Ratchet know karate? Apparently so. Some minor tracking glitches in this one, but damn if it isn't one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen!
Rumble - transforms from cassette to robot - This one's very, very nice! I'm glad the animators kept Rumble entirely in frame for this whole sequence considering that he's falling to the ground.
Sideswipe - transforms into lamborghini - Very nice Sideswipe transformation.
Skyfire - transforms into jet - I always did like the design of this character, even though it was much different from the actual Jetfire toy.
Smokescreen - transforms into car - Smokescreen, like Prowl, is a Bluestreak clone, but in the cartoon, he almost never transforms the same way twice! This one's a little toy-inaccurate, but still animated very well. And Wheeljack managed to get into the picture, too.
Sunstreaker - transforms into lamborghini - That be a very nice Sunstreaker transformation.
Swoop - transforms into pteranodon - This was the first Dinobot I ever animated. Nice sequence of Swoop's maiden flight.
Tracks - transforms from flying corvette to robot - Warning: Heavy tracking glitches in the top part of this one. The only reason I reposted this one is because it makes me laugh so hard! And I love the way Tracks rolls when he hits the ground. Eventually, I'd like to redo this sequence with the DVD's.
Trailbreaker - transforms into truck - Nicely animated Trailbreaker sequence.
Trailbreaker - spinning like a top - TB does his best Wonder Woman impression.
Warpath - transforms from tank to robot - Kind of freaky how he squashes down those tank treads like they're an accordian or something.
Wheeljack - transforms into car - Wheeljack has one slick earth car form. I heard that there were only a little over 200 real Lancia Stratos cars made.
Wheeljack - transforms into Cybertronian vehicle - Wheeljack's Cybertronian form. That is a lot of stuff coming out of that guy's arms.
Windcharger - transforms into car - Poor Windcharger never had much of a role in the show, but he has a nice little transformation sequence here.
Windcharger - stripping? - I believe this to be Windcharger's defining moment. He bared it all and didn't even get any speaking lines in the original pilot episode. Whaddya have to do to get some respect, I ask ya?
More Animations (Bad or Low Quality) - Here are some more Transformers animation sequences, but I do warn you about the quality on some of them. A lot of VCR scan lines, jumpy vertical hold, huge filesizes, and some that just don't look that good for various other reasons. The only reason I am making these available is because occasionally I get emails from people asking me if I have any more animations like the others, and I tell them I do and show them this folder. Then they tell me I should put them up anyway, but back when I had these on the site I constantly saw complaints in my site tracker that they sucked. SO ENTER AT OWN RISK AND PLEASE DO NOT COMPLAIN!

And finally, here is an image in which I superimposed an animated gif of a silly cat onto Bluestreak's shoulder for no apparent reason whatsoever.



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