NOTE: Many of these enemies appear in multiple areas of the game, but I have ordered them by the first area you visit that they can appear in. You visit the areas in this order:

Earth Area (The Plains), Water Area (The Swamp), Air Area (The Tundra), Fire Area (The Desert)

Earth Area Enemies


These guys move very fast and can be hard to hit. Sometimes, before my party is leveled up enough, I run from them just because it takes too long to kill them otherwise.


Well, it's either a very low-flying bat, or a wayward mustache. Mostly found on the overworld, but it also spawns endlessly in a room in Haaggkhen's Castle.

Blade Bat

I honestly have no clue what this is. Its face kind of looks like a bat, but its body is like a segmented insect with bloody sword blades for wings. It's one of the enemies that flies out of a star formation at night.


A big snake that flies out of the stars at night. These enemies typically shoot firebolts and are hard to hit without using projectiles or spells. Low level parties should run.


This naked lizardman enemy is the weakest of the Drakkhen warriors that confront you in the random battles and in the castles.

Drakkhen Soldier

A step up from the normal Drakkhen enemies, but still not very tough. Found on the overworld and in castles.

Drakkhen Warrior

As far as Drakkhen enemies that appear on the overworld are concerned, this is the strongest kind. They often appear in the castles, too.

Fire Elemental

A living flame that makes weird breathing noises. Not much to this enemy, really.


A giant dog head that pops out of the ground if you bump into a tombstone. If your party's levels are low, it can easily wipe them out. But it's actually not too tough once you've gone up a few levels. Might be a good way to earn experience since they pop out of touched graves an infinite number of times.


At one point in the game, these are also referred to as "zombies". Sometimes, when you find these guys in the castles they are just servants that don't attack you. But on the overworld, they are always enemies.


This is either a grey lion or a wolf's head, but since it's Drakkhen we're talking about, it's hard to say for sure. It's another night-time, out-of-the-stars flying monster.

Prince Hordkhen

The boss of the Earth Area and the first boss of the game. You will not fight him when you first meet him, in fact, he helps you out in the beginning. But eventually he turns on you and must be defeated. He's not very strong, but you still want to be prepared for him.


I'm not sure what type of snake this is, honestly, but it's pretty big, so let's call it a python. It can poison your characters, but is still easy to beat.


A pack of roving rats. Find them in castles and on the overworld. Pretty weak and easy to beat.


The raven is a common type of enemy that flies out of the moving constellations at night. Difficult to beat for low-level parties, but it's one of the weaker flying monsters.


This giant arachnid is capable of poisoning your characters. Found on the overworld and in the castles.


The shark is not an enemy that can be beaten. It appears in the moat of Hordkhen's Castle after you talk to the person at the ruins of Hordkha's Castle. You must avoid it by quickly crossing the drawbridge once it passes it under it and reappears on the right.


The skullbat is another flying monster that shows up sometimes at night when a constellation starts moving. Using magic and/or a bow & arrow is a good way to deal with them. Otherwise, just run.


An oozing puddle of bubbly slime. Pretty weak, as slime enemies in RPGs almost always are.


A big lumbering tarantula. It can poison you, but it's not as bad as it looks. They're a little stronger when you meet them inside the castles.


Again, not sure what type of snake this really is, and I'm not even certain if it's a snake or a worm, but whatever it is, it can poison you, but isn't very tough.

Water Area Enemies


I honestly have no idea what this thing is, but it has legs like a caterpillar, so that's what I'll call it. It flies out of the sky in the swamp, sometimes even during the day.


Appears mostly in the eastern part of the swamp and it can be a little tough for a low level party to handle. It shoots fireballs, which can easily destroy your shields.


This guy is guarding the secret treasure storeroom in Haaggkha's Palace. It's also found as an enemy on the Fire Area overworld. A part of me wants to believe its tail wasn't animated quite right.

Drakkhen Guard

These enemies only appear inside certain castles and depending on where they appear, they can be very strong and tough to deal with. At a high enough level, the ones in Naakhtkha's Palace aren't too bad, but be wary of the ones in Haaghkha's Palace. They can use the paralyze spell that also causes HP drain.

Fire Wisp

Another flame monster! And I'm not even sure what the differences are!

Oven Monster

These things appear in the pots of the giant stoves inside Haaggkhen's Castle. Whatever the castle's inhabitants cooked for dinner, part of it is still alive. The best way to kill them is with magic, but you can also just avoid them as I have never actually taken any kind of damage from them whatsoever.

Prince Haaggkhen

The boss of the Water Area and the third (penultimate) boss of the game. Sometimes he's harder than Naakhtkha and sometimes he's easier. I'm not really sure why.


A very naked female gargoyle-like monster found in the swamp. Not very strong.

Vector Knight

A wireframe sworsman can be found in the eastern part of the swamp. Looks tougher than it actually is, but be cautious if your levels are below 5.

Water Elemental

A living wave of water that somehow exists on land. There is a very strategically-placed one of these in Haaggkhen's Castle.


These things can be found on the Air Area overworld, but they can also be found in a casket that spawns them endlessly in one of the rooms of Haaggkhen's Castle.

Air Area Enemies


A moaning skeleton just barely visible inside a misty vapor. Weak for an Air Area enemy.


It looks like the Thing from the Fantastic Four and it can be very tough to kill. For something that looks as big and bulky as it does, it can move very fast, making it hard to hit. It also has the ability to pick up and drop your characters, though that doesn't seem to do much to them. Sometimes I run if the battle takes too long.


Another weak Air Area enemy. It reappears in the Fire Area (desert), but I suppose that's no surprise.

Princess Naakhtkha

The boss of the Air Area and the second boss of the game. Naakhtkha can be very dangerous to attack directly, so try using Anti-Matter and Fireball spells on her instead.

Shade of Doom

One of the scariest and weirdest enemies this game has to offer. It's a very tall, thin shadow of a man that pulls itself up out of the ground in the Air Area and then stands still firing laser bolts at you. Its design appears to have been based on the Henri Matisse art print, "Icarus". If your party's not very strong, run from this thing as it will eat up your armor like crazy.

Fire Area Enemies

Air Dragon King

Although you can encounter the four Dragon Kings first at the Glowing Road in the Earth Area, they don't attack you there. Why they attack in the desert, I have no clue. I've never been able to beat them. They're super-strong and never seem to go down even if I manage to survive for awhile against them. I advise you to avoid the hassle and run.

Camel Dragon

A flying desert dragon that has a face like a camel. This is a very strong enemy and should not be fought if your party's levels aren't very high. Running is usually the best way to deal with flying desert enemies.

Earth Dragon King

I might have the Earth and Water Dragons mixed up because they're both green, but I based my assumptions on this one looking more like Hordkhen while the other looks more like Haaggkhen.

Fat Drakkhen

The first time you encounter one of these guys is technically in Naakhtkha's Castle in the Air Area, but he's blind and doesn't attack you. A monster with the same sprite becomes an enemy in the Fire Area overworld, though, but he's not any tougher than your average Drakkhen.

Fire Dragon King

The Fire Dragon King has a weird posture, but he's no different than the others. Just run if you encounter him.


Be very cautious about fighting this enemy! It can wipe out even a high-level, well-armored character in one hit. If there's any benefit to fighting them, I haven't discovered it. I just run from them.

Love Monster

Also known as the "I Love You Monster" because on other versions of the game (Amiga, PC), this enemy - a pink silhoutte of a female torso - actually chanted "I love you!" over and over again. On the SNES version, this was changed to horrible moaning sounds, which manage to be even more disturbing. Difficult monster, so be wary of it.


Another desert foe. I don't see these too often so I can't remember much about them.

Prince Hazhulkhen

The boss of the Fire Area and the final boss of the game. He can be in the pyramid in the southeast quadrant. Strangely enough, I've never had trouble beating this guy. Probably too powered-up by the time I get to him.


This is the most disgusting enemy in the game, and no I'm not forgetting the burnt oven monster or the bloody blades-for-wings enemy. It's a giant flying worm with green vomit (or something) hanging out of its mouth, even when the mouth is fully closed! I included two pictures of it because it's grossness simply cannot be contained to only one.

Skull Demon

Another flying desert enemy. If it's too tough to handle, just run.

Skull Spider

Yet another flying desert enemy. Not too many differences between them other than how they look.


I don't get why these drop of the sky. A caveman-like enemy that isn't really hard to beat.

Water Dragon King

You know the drill - run when you see it coming!


At this point, I've given up trying to figure out what these things are supposed to be.




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