Unlimited Life and Magic Power


At the title screen, press L, L, R, R, L, L, L, R, R, R, L, L, R, R, L, R. The box with the copyright information will turn from blue to green. Now when you play the game, your life and magic meters will never deplete. You will still "die" and restart a room if you touch an enemy or dangerous object, but your life meter won't decrease, so essentially you have unlimited tries. You can also use magic as much as you want because the magic meter never decreases.

FO's Note: I do not recommend playing the game this way. It's good to use if you've already mastered the game and just want to futz around the dungeons to get screenshots or experiment, but you really should attempt to beat the game without it if you haven't. Equinox is perfectly beatable without this code.

Code Source: Nintendo Power

Cheat With the Save Spell

In the Afralona Dungeon, you'll get a Save Spell that will let you save your game anytime, anywhere inside a dungeon (except the boss room), so long as you have enough magic points to cast it. Equinox is set up so that if you collect a Token in a room, then die before leaving the room, the room will "reset" and you'll have to collect the Token all over again. There are some rooms, especially on the Ghost Ship, that can be tough to get out of once you get the Token because the Tokens are hidden behind spikes or other obstacles that are difficult to jump over or get around. So, as long as you have the Save Spell and enough Magic Power to use it, collect the Token, then use the Save Spell. Choose to "End Game", then reload the file. Tah-dah!! You're now at the entrance of the room, away from danger, and you still get to keep the Token!

FO's Note: Although I don't recommend using this cheat, I probably won't beat you over the head for it, either.

Code Source: Figured this one out on my own, actually by accident. Since you can ONLY save on the Ghost Ship by using the Save Spell, one time I saved after getting a Token, but before leaving the room because I was having trouble making the jumps back over to the exit and I didn't have time at the moment to play any longer. When I came back to the game later I was shocked to discover that I still had the Token, but was now at the entrance of the room.

Go To Atlena Early

Awhile ago, I discovered what appears to be a mistake in Equinox that allows you to get into Atlena before you really should be able to. Perhaps this was intentional, but I somehow doubt it, considering the way the game is laid out. Normally, you absolutely must complete the current dungeon because the "spirit" of the dungeon's boss will block your way to the next level until its body is found and defeated. But there is an easy way to bypass the Deeso (Level 4) dungeon's spirit (Quetzalcoatl) and get into Atlena (Level 5) early. When you reach Deeso, walk along the coastline where the purple eggs are. You should see a small island with a bridge leading to it, just out of jumping range. However, by rotating the camera, you can reduce the amount of space between you and the island, and if you jump at the right spot, you should easily make it over there. The bridge leading to the island is part of the network of wooden planks and rafts that make up the Atlena dungeon's overworld. Just follow these screenshots if you're unsure where to perform this:

Stand right about here

Jump for it! You should easily make it!

Now, the question is, WHY would you want to do that? You still cannot skip Level 4. You will need the harp string you get from defeating the boss to proceed to the game's final areas. Well, you could get Atlena's weapon and spell early. It's also just fun to do something that you know you probably aren't supposed to do. :)

Code Source: Figured this one out on my own. I was trying to jump over the boss clouds on the overworld to see if I could bypass them. That didn't work, but I somehow discovered this shortcut instead.

Emulator Cheat - Find Movable Blocks


Hey! If you're playing Equinox on an emulator, and you ever want to know if any blocks in a room are movable, just disable the background layer. Any blocks that aren't movable are made from background tiles and will disappear. But movable blocks are made of sprites and thus will remain visible. This will also reveal movable blocks that are hidden behind background blocks.

Code Source: Figured it out on my own. As much as I've been playing the crap outta this game lately, it'd be more surprising if I didn't.

Jump Safely Off Spikes Glitch

If you land on a spiked object, there is a very slim chance you could save yourself, but your timing has to be absolutley 100% perfect and it's extremely difficult to pull off. If you jump at just the right moment when Glendaal comes into contact with a spike, he may safely jump back off of it.

I can't remember now if I had this happen to me long ago and forgot or if I just heard other people say they've done it because the concept was familiar to me, but I had it confirmed for sure when I fell off a platform in Quagmire onto spikes, hit the jump button, and (to my surprise) leaped back up to safety.

Code Source: Discovered on my own. Possibly heard about it before, but can't really remember how or where.

Jump Over Spikes in Level 4: Atlena

That was a post I found on the Gamefaqs boards by Jigglysaint when I was researching the "jumping off spikes" glitch after I had it happen to me. This is actually something I've been suspicious of for many years. When I first reached Atlena a long time ago, I quit playing because some of the jumps seemed (and looked) impossible and I was actually quite surprised when I discovered how easy they were. I was wondering if there was any possibility that Glendaal jumps farther in this dungeon than he can in the earlier ones and apparently now that's been confirmed.


In fact, the added boost of the Atlena dungeon jump will allow Glendaal to leap over spikes, which he can't do in any other dungeon. If you get as close to spike as possible without touching it and jump...


...you can clear it and it's not even really that hard to do. (This actually allows you to take some shortcuts that my Atlena walkthrough doesn't mention, but I don't want to change it now.)

Although this information is not mentioned anywhere in the game or manual, and may not be immediately obvious, I'm not sure it's really supposed to be a "secret", either, as Atlena is underwater and it's common for video game characters to be able to jump higher in water (like Mega Man, for example).

Code Source: I suspected it. Jigglysaint at GameFAQs confirms it.


Unlimited Lives & Refill Potions

At any point during the game, press Select to go to the subscreen. Then enter the following sequence:

B, Start, Start, B, B, Start, Start, B, B, Start, Start, Start, B, Start, B, B, B, Start, Start, Start, B, Start, B, Start, Start, B, Start, Start, B, B, Start, B, Start

If you entered the code correctly, the background will start flashing. When you leave the subscreen and come back you will notice that you have the maximum number of lives and they won't deplete as you lose lives. If you lose enough lives, they may start running out, but you can just enter the code to refill them again.

All of your potion bottles will refill every time you enter this code, too.

Code Source: Nintendo Power




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