Green Apple Green Apple: You can find these in dungeons and sometimes get them from defeated dungeon enemies. They will restore half of a life meter block. (Note: The color refers to the color of the leaf only, which determines how many life blocks the apple restores.)
Blue Apple Blue Apple: The blue apple restores 1 life meter block.
Red Apple Red Apple: The red apple restores 1 and a half life meter blocks.
White Apple White Apple: The white apple restores 2 life meter blocks.
Green Potion Green Potion: The Green potion refills one of your magic meter blocks. Get potions in dungeons or from Werebats.
Blue Potion Blue Potion: Blue potions refill two magic meter blocks.
Red Potion Red Potion: Red potions refill three magic meter blocks.
White Potion White Potion: White potions refill the entire magic meter.
Green Key Green Key: Opens a locked green door. You will often have to find keys in dungeons to progress.
Blue Key Blue Key: Opens a locked blue door.
Red Key Red Key: Opens a locked red door.
White Key White Key: Opens a locked white door.
token Token: You have to find twelve of these in each dungeon in order to summon the boss in the boss room. Beating the boss is the only way to get a string for the magic harp (needed to warp to Afralona), and to get the boss's spirit to clear the bridge on the overworld so you can move on.


Knife Knife: This is the first weapon you will receive in Room 07 of the Galadonia dungeon. It is the weakest weapon, but absolutely necessary because until you acquire it, you have no attacks and cannot kill any enemies. It's fast, but you can only throw one at a time.
Shuriken Shuriken: The shuriken can be found in Room 0E of the Tori dungeon. It is slow, but stronger than the knife and you can throw two at a time.
Axe Axe: The axe can be found in Room 16 of the Deeso dungeon. It is faster and stronger than the shuriken, and you can throw up to three at a time.
Twin Knife Twin Knife: The twin knife can be found in Room 09 of the Atlena dungeon. It is about as fast as the axe, but stronger. You can throw up to three at a time and one shoots behind you.
Sword Sword: Found in Room 22 of the Quagmire dungeon. It is stronger than the Twin Knife, but much, much slower and you can only throw two at a time. The only thing it's really good for is to get you another life increase from a troll enemy. Otherwise, I don't bother using it.
Scimitar Scimitar: Found in Room 34 of the Afralona dungeon. Much better than the Sword, it fires a lot faster and it's stronger, too. The only downside is that it has no back attack like the Twin Knife does.
Mace Mace: Found in Room 36 of the Ghost Ship. Like the Scimitar, but even better.
Twin Sword Twin Sword: Found in Room 58 of the Ice Palace. This is the absolute best weapon in the game. It's the strongest, it's got decent speed, and it fires both in front and behind you at the same time. It comes in very handy for the final boss fight, but they did hide it really well on you.


Heal Heal: Every time you receive a new spell, it will increase your magic meter. The Heal spell is found in Room 00 of Galadonia. It will decrease your magic meter by 1/2 and increase your life meter by 1/2 with each use.
Slow Slow: Found in Room 0B of Tori. For one full magic point, you can temporarily slow down all the moving monsters in a room.
Slow Damage: Found in Room 2C of Deeso. For one and a half magic points, this spell will take off half the energy of every enemy in the room except bosses.
Freeze Freeze: Found in Room 1C of Atlena. For two full magic points, this spell will stop the movement of every enemy in the room except bosses for 10 seconds.
Zap Zap: Found in Room 19 of Quagmire. A stronger version of Damage. For two and a half magic points, this spell will destroy every enemy in the room except bosses.
Save Save: Found in Room 0F of Afralona. This is one of the most important spells to get in the game. It will let you save almost anywhere inside a dungeon. Without it, you can't save in the Ghost Ship level at all.
Reveal Reveal: Found in Room 38 of the Ghost Ship. Using this spell will cause a ring of stars to briefly flash around "magical" blocks in a room. In other words, the rings encircle blocks that can be moved or are invisible. It's not a very useful spell.
Unlock Unlock: Found in Room 34 of the Ice Palace. This spell will open any locked doors. You will be required to use it at least once in the Ice Palace in order to reach the final boss.




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