NOTE: Unless someone can prove otherwise, there are no Trolls in the Deeso, Quagmire, or Death Island areas. I have never seen one in these places, nor the clouds they fall out of. I even tried speeding up the game on an emulator to see if a Troll cloud would eventually appear in them, but none ever did. I tried luring a Troll from the Galadonia area to the Deeso area, but it always disappears right before it gets to the Deeso shoreline. I'm guessing that Trolls are not designated to appear in these areas for some reason.


Green Ghost Green Ghost: This is the game's most basic enemy and the weakest. It basically travels around the room in rectangular pattern, changing direction when it hits a wall or object. Defeating all of them in a room will sometimes unlock a door or get you a life-restoring apple.
Blue Ghost Blue Ghost: The blue ghost takes many more hits to kill than the green, and it bounces around more erratically when it hits something. Take care when dealing with it.
Galadonia Werebat Galadonia Werebat: A giant bat that can be found on the overworld. They fly up out of the wells. Defeating one will get you a magic-refilling potion. The only time they are vulnerable to being hit is when they swoop down and towards you across the ground. Quickly hit it in the face and get out of its way.
Galadonia Troll Galadonia Troll: A giant frog/gorilla monster that appears on the overworld. Look for a lone cloud floating around the overworld and eventually a Troll will fall out of it and start running around the island. You'll have to jump up and shoot this guy in the chest to damage him, but be careful because he hops all over the place. Defeating him will get you a life-restoring potion. Beat one after you acquire a new weapon to increase your life meter.
Bonehead Bonehead: Bonehead is a giant skull who serves as the dungeon boss. His spirit blocks the southern bridge that leads to Tori. He moves around the room in a rectangular pattern, but he isn't too tough to avoid. He sometimes becomes dormant in the middle of the room and sends out two ghosts. During this time, he is invulnerable until you destroy the ghosts. He is pretty easy to beat so I'm not going to give a detailed strategy for him. It only takes a few tries before you'll have his pattern down.


Red Ghost Red Ghost: Stronger than the green and blue type, these guys move really fast.
Green Knight Green Knight: The knight walks in a straight line until it hits an object, then it turns and starts walking in another direction. It is only vulnerable from behind because its armor protects the rest of its body. The green type is the weakest and takes the fewest hits to kill.
Blue Knight Blue Knight: Blue Knights take more hits than the green variety, but are just as slow and dumb.
Red Knight Red Knight: Takes more hits than the green and blue kinds, but otherwise the same.
White Knight White Knight: Not really harder than any of the others, but it takes the most hits to kill.
Rock Rock: The boss, Sung Sung, rolls these at you. They're easy to avoid, though. Eyesis, the boss of Afralona, also uses them.
Tori Werebat Tori Werebat: Starting in Tori, you will no longer be able to leave the battlefield when fighting a Werebat or Troll before the fight is over. (You can only leave without killing the monster in Galadonia.) The Werebats take a few more hits to kill in Tori, so be cautious.
Tori Troll Tori Troll: The Tori Troll takes more hits to beat than the Galadonia Troll. Otherwise, they're identical and even follow the same jumping pattern.
Sung Sung Sung Sung: A giant golem-like creature that serves as the boss for Tori. It is rumored he is based on US President Richard Nixon and there definitely is some resemblance at least. He hides under the ground and pops up to throw rocks at you. He is actually very easy to defeat so long as you don't stand directly in front of the hand that throws rocks. Stand a little off-center and fire at him with the Shuriken. Sometimes, Sung Sung "freaks out" and gets stuck in the middle of the room, popping up and down every time you hit him. If that happens, then he's really easy to take out.


White Ghost White Ghost: The White Ghost is lightning fast and takes the most hits to kill of all the Ghost enemies. However, it's prone to getting stuck in a small area due to the way it moves in straight lines and changes direction after hitting something.
Green DevilGreen Devil Green Spinning Devil: These monsters spin themselves into a tornado and whirl around the room, like the Tazmanian Devil from Looney Tunes. They will try to move in your general direction and they move so fast and erratically, that it's hard to fight them this way. Try to stay out of their until they stop to catch their breath. Then attack.
Blue DevilBlue Devil Blue Spinning Devil: I didn't notice any difference between the color variations of the Spinning Devils except for the amount of hits they take to defeat. Blue is a little stronger than green, as usual.
Red DevilRed Devil Red Spinning Devil: Red takes more hits than blue.
White DevilWhite Devil White Spinning Devil: White takes the most hits of all.
Deeso Werebat Deeso Werebat: Takes more hits to kill than the Tori bats. Be careful fighting in that enclosed arena. NOTE: Werebats appear in Deeso, but I have never seen a Troll there.
Quetzalcoatl Quetzalcoatl (1): Quetzalcoatl is giant totem pole that guards the final room of Deeso. It jumps in the air every time you hit it. If you can just stay behind it, it's pretty easy to fight. If it does come towards you, you can either step out of the way, or hit it and walk underneath as it flies into the air.
Quetzalcoatl Quetzalcoatl (2): When Quetzalcoatl is down to one block, hit it a few more times and it sprouts spikes and starts spinning wildly around the room. Its pattern is still predictable, though, and it won't take many more hits to finish it off.


Green Blob Green Blob: These blobs jump around the room very quickly and try to aim themselves right at you. The green is the weakest kind.
Blue Blob Blue Blob: Blue is a little stronger than green. The biggest problem with these blobs is that they'll often appear in rooms that are so small, you don't have much chance to get out of their way.
Red Blob Red Blob: Takes more hits than blue.
White Blob White Blob: Takes the most hits of all. All blobs move at the same speed, and they're all very fast.
Atlena Werebat Atlena Werebat: A stronger Werebat, but still uses the same old swooping attacks.
Tori Troll Atlena Troll: It's big and blue, but it still falls just as hard. After a few extra hits, that is.
Pincha Pincha: Pincha is a giant crab who lords over the sunken water dungeon of Atlena. He has a very simple pattern. Once you figure it out, you shouldn't have much trouble beating him. The biggest problem with Pincha is that he guards his weak spots, his eyes, with his claws and you have to wait for him to swipe at you with them to become vulnerable. Eventually, when he takes enough hits, one of his eyes and claws will fall off. When the other two fall off, he's out for good.


Quagmire Werebat Quagmire Werebat: Stronger and more numerous than previous types of werebats. NOTE: There are bats in Quagmire, but I have never seen a Troll there.
Dollop Dollop: Dollop is named quite appropriately, as he resembles a giant dollop of pudding. He has very stylized cartoon eyes that open and close and he even crosses them sometimes. Dollop bounces around the room by launching himself like super putty and he sometimes completely splatters into the middle of the arena. When he does that he lies dormant while minor blob enemies attack. Dollop is basically easy to defeat if you just keep hitting him and stay out of his way.


Afralona Werebat Afralona Werebat: The color of the Afralona Werebat you fight depends on the terrain you're standing on when you fight it. You could get the farmland, forest, desert, or water varieties. However, they all have the same strength. These guys take so many hits to kill and the dungeon has so many potions that I never find need to fight them.
Afralona Troll Afralona Troll: What I said of the Werebats is also true of the Afralona Trolls. Interesting to note is that a desert palette does exist, even though I was never able to get one to appear in Deeso. The only real need for these guys is to get the life meter upgrade with the Scimitar weapon as they take an insane number of hits to kill.
Eyesis Eyesis: Eyesis is a pyramid boss with a single eyeball at the top that spins around the room and shoots rocks in four directions. He is one of the easiest bosses in the game. He can't hit you at all in the bottom corners and the rocks are easy to predict since they always go in the same directions, in the same spots.


Billy Bones Billy Bones: Billy Bones is a pirate skeleton riding on the back of a cannon. He is the boss of the Ghost Ship, and he is really easy to beat. Just get behind him, stay behind him, and try to get out of his way when he backs up. He shoots cannonballs in three directions, but they can't hit you as long you're standing behind him. Just barrage him with the mace and he'll go down quite easily.


Death Island Werebat Death Island Werebat: The last and strongest of the Werebats. They are freakin' everywhere on Death Island! NOTE: I have never seen a Troll on Death Island. I have heard rumors that they do exist there and you can find one if you wait long enough, but I've yet to see proof of this. Even with frame-skipping on an emulator, I have never gotten one to appear there. If you know how to get one to appear on Death Island, please contact me and tell me how (and screenshots for evidence might be nice, too.)
Plasma Ball
Plasma Ball: These balls of pulsating energy are released from the final boss, Sonia's sleeves. They are what makes the final battle so tough because they float slowly around the room and are hard to avoid. If you don't destroy some of them, they can quickly cover so much of the room that avoiding them will be even harder. Use the Twin Sword to fire at Plasma Balls both in front and behind you at once.
Sonia Sonia: The boss of the Ice Palace and the final boss of the game. She is the evil witch who studied under the wizard Shadax to learn the secrets of magic, and then turned on him, imprisoned him, and set about world conquest. She teleports around the room and fires balls of plasma energy from her sleeves. Once you learn her patterns, she's not too difficult to avoid, but you just have to keep on your toes when dealing with the plasma balls. See the guide for more information on how to beat her if you're having trouble.




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