Level 2: Tori


From the Galadonia overworld, go south over the bridge that was formerly blocked by the Ghost of Bonehead. You will be in the green forest area, Tori. Keep going south and east a little until you see a dungeon entrance. Walk in. You will land in Room 02-07 of Tori's dungeon. This is the first dungeon that has blocks that can be moved around by pushing on them. Push the central platform block up against the NE wall of spikes. Jump on the platform and jump over the spikes. Exit NE.


In Room 02-08, kill the two Red Ghosts and you'll receive a Green Key. Be careful, because the Red Ghosts move very quickly. If you find them too difficult to handle, go get the stronger Shuriken weapon first and come back here. Also be careful not to be standing under the rising/falling gates when they come down.


Return to Room 02-07 and go SE to Room 02-0D. Kill the Blue Ghost to get a Token (1). Carefully walk under the moving gates and exit NE. Note: You may want to wait until both gates rise at the same time to walk under them.

Get the Shuriken from Room 02-0E and equip it on your subscreen (press Select to access it). Then exit NE.


In Room 02-0F, you'll notice that you came out of an invisible door, which is another feature the Tori dungeon is the first to utilize. In this room, kill all of the Knights to get another Token (2). This will also open the locked door. The knights are only vulnerable from the back. There are a lot of them in this room, but they all move slowly and in straight lines so they shouldn't be too hard to take out, especially now that you've got a better weapon than the knife. When you're done, exit SE.


In Room 02-18, there is a Green Key that you will need, but you can't get to it right away. Jump up the platforms in the back corner and push one of them down to the floor level. There is only one that you can push on, but it will take a few seconds before it starts moving. After it falls, you can leap across the lower platforms to the key. Use the Green Key on the Green Door and exit NE.

In Room 02-19, kill the two knights to open the locked door. These knights are easy to kill because they only walk halfway down the mushroom platforms. Stand where they can't get you and fire at them when they turn their backs to you. Exit NE.


In Room 02-1A, push the lower right block out onto the spikes. Then push the next block down and behind the first block you moved.


Get behind both blocks and push them forward onto the spikes. It will take a few seconds, but eventually both will move. Keep pushing them until you've gotten them as far as they can go without allowing Glendaal to fall down onto the spikes.


Use the platforms to get to the other side of the room and take the White Key from the top pedestal. Now here's the tricky part. Drop down to the block that's two above floor level and straddle the edge of the block so that Glendaal's left foot is completely off of it. (See above right screenshot if you're unsure what I mean by this.) Walk as far off the edge of the block as possible and jump so that you'll land back on the two blocks that you pushed onto the spikes. If you don't do this correctly, or if you didn't push the blocks out far enough onto the spikes, you won't make the jump back across and you'll have to do the room all over again.


Return to Room 02-18 and exit SE to Room 02-21. You will need to kill both knights in this room to earn the next Token (3). However, they can be tough since they only walk back and forth in that little space and those two gates are in the way. I would start with the one at the upper end of the blocks. Jump in behind him when the gate goes up and he walks away from the wall and start shooting. Jump down out of the way when he walks back towards you. When he's gone, it's easier to get the other knight. Exit SW.

In Room 02-20, kill the three Green Ghosts to open the door that locked behind you (if you don't do it now, you'll have to do it later when you come back this way.) Then use your White Key to open the White Door. Exit SW.


In Room 02-1F, jump up the platforms to get the Token (4) and the Red Key. You will need to bend your jumps around a corner, but it isn't hard to do. You cannot go any farther in this room because of locked blue and white doors.


Backtrack all the way to Room 02-18 and exit SW to Room 02-17. There is a row of knights that walk back and forth across the room. Kill all five for another Token (5). These knights only walk so far down the room before they turn around and go the other way. However, I find it a little safer to fight them at the south end of the room then the north. I would suggest killing the middle one (the White Knight) and then walking through the space where he was to get to the south end and take out the others from there.

From here you have a choice of where you can go. You can exit NW to Room 02-16 if you are in need of Green Potions. There are two in this room. Although this room looks intimidating at first, it is actually very easy if you use the method of straddling the edges of the blocks when you jump, the same as I explained in Room 02-1A where you got the White Key. When you straddle the edge of a block that's on the side of the room and leap towards one that's in the middle of the room, or vice versa, you will land on it without having to bend your jump in midair.

If you still have trouble with this room, then you can exit NE from Room 02-17 instead and backtrack to Room 02-07 by going back the way you came (02-18, NW to 02-0F, SW through hidden door to 02-0E, SW to 02-0D, NW to 02-07). You could also leave the dungeon at 02-18 and go back down through the first overworld entrance back at the beginning of the area, but however you do it, return to Room 02-07.

From Room 02-07, exit SW to Room 02-06. This is fairly easy. Just wait for the middle pair of gates to rise twice and go under them. Exit SW.


In Room 02-05, you will have to kill the four Green Knights to get a Green Key. You will have to use the same method as I described in Room 02-21 of leaping on the edge of the platform and shooting at the backs of the knights as they walk away from you, and then quickly jumping down as they turn around. The less knights there are, the easier this will get.


Exit SW to Room 02-04. Kill the lone White Knight in this room to get a Token (6). Exit SW.


In Room 02-03, kill the two Blue Ghosts to get another Token (7). This will also unlock the flashing door. Exit SW.


Room 02-02 has an upper ledge with several Red and Blue Ghosts floating back and forth. Simply stand on the mushroom stalk platform, leap up, and fire your weapon at them. It will take awhile, but eventually you'll get them all and get another Token (8). Exit SE.


Kill the Blue Ghost in Room 02-0A for another Token (9). Wait for both gates to rise up and walk underneath of them. Then keep going and you'll walk NE right through a hidden door.

Get the Slow spell in Room 02-0B. Note: If you were having trouble beating some of the enemies in this dungeon (such as that room with the two fast-moving Red Ghosts or those rooms with the Knights on the ledges that are hard to get behind), you might want to come here and get this spell first. I personally don't use the Slow spell that much as I'm capable of taking out the enemies without it and therefore it just wastes magic points for me. But if you have trouble, just come get it here and then return to the problem rooms with it. Using it will temporarily slow down the enemies in the room and make them easier to destroy.

If you need magic potions, exit NE and you'll come out through a hidden door into Room 02-0C. Grab what you need and backtrack to Room 02-0A. (Note: A good strategy to use when you come upon magic potions is to heal yourself with the Heal spell, and then use the potions to refill your magic.)

Exit SE from Room 02-0A to Room 02-12. You can exit to the overworld from this room by pusing the lower right block up against the central mushroom pedestal. If you don't want to leave yet, go NE.


In Room 02-13, wait for the gates to rise up. Then kill the Blue Ghost for a Token (10).

Return to Room 02-12 and use your Green Key on the Green Door. Exit SW to Room 02-11. Kill the three ghosts to open the door. Exit SW.


In Room 02-10 you can see a White Key on some blocks. Walk over to the blocks and start pushing on them. After a few moments, they will start to move. Keep pushing them until they pop out a little on the other side. Then walk all the way around the room to the other side and use the ledge you just formed to leap up to the White Key. Note: There is another movable block at the back edge of this room, but it's a red herring. It can't be used to solve this puzzle.


Return to Room 02-12 and exit SE to Room 02-1B. Kill the two Blue Ghosts in this room and you'll get another Token (11). This will also open the flashing door. Exit NE.


There's a conga line of Green Knights in Room 02-1C. Kill all of them for the final Token (12). Then use your White Key on the White Door. Exit NE.


There is a Blue Key in Room 02-0D, but you do not need to get it. If you want to get it, just slide the movable block over close to it so that you can use it to leap across the spikes. Actually, you will need to do this to reach the Red Door anyway. Use the Red Key you acquired a long time ago to open the Red Door and exit NW.

NOTE: There is a White Door in this room that you will never be able to open. Tori has three White Doors and only two White Keys. The White Door that is left over depends on what order you did the dungeon rooms in. It is best, imo, to leave this one unopened and you'll see why in the next room.

In Room 02-1E, you'll have to walk very carefully between the spikes to get over to the Green Door. Use your remaining Green Key to open it and exit NW.

NOTE: If you got the Blue Key in the previous room, you can also open the blue door in Room 02-1E on the other end of the SE wall. This is what allows you to circumvent the one White Door that can never be unlocked, if for some reason you wanted to go back through the other half of the dungeon from here.


In Room 02-15, you will fight the boss Sung Sung. He comes up out of the floor, slowly moves across the room in a straight line, and rolls rocks at you. The rocks are easy to avoid if you just stand in front his face instead of his hands. Staying in front of Sung Sung's face is generally a good idea for this fight. Just keep leaping up and hitting him in the face with the Shuriken. Even if you do see a rock rolling towards you, just sidestep it or jump over it. If Sung Sung moves towards you, just get out of his way. He's really rather easy to beat.


And he will crumble into the depths of the earth and leave a gaping hole when he's done for. You'll get the second Harp String, and a life and magic meter increase.

Be sure to fight a Troll on the overworld sometime with your Shuriken to get a life meter increase. NOTE: It is NOT necessary to fight the Troll in the current world to get the extra HP. If you have, for example, trouble finding one in Tori, you can go back and fight one in Galadonia where they appear more frequently and are easier to find.

Tori Room Quick List
02-01Kill Knight for White Apple
02-02Kill Ghosts for Token
02-03Kill Ghosts for Token & Open Locked Door
02-04Northwestern Entrance/Exit, Kill Knight for Token & Open Locked Door
02-05Kill Knights for Green Key & Open Locked Door
02-07Northeastern Entrance/Exit
02-08Kill Ghosts for Green Key
02-0AKill Ghost for Token, Hidden NE Door
02-0BSlow Spell
02-0CGreen Potion, Blue Potion, Red Potion, Hidden SW Door
02-0DKill Ghost for Token
02-0FKill Knights for Token & Open Locked Door, Hidden SW Door
02-10White Key
02-11Kill Ghosts to Open Locked Door
02-12Southwestern Entrance/Exit, Green Door
02-13Kill Ghost for Token & Open Locked Door
02-15Boss: Sung Sung
02-162 Green Potions
02-17Kill Knights for Token & Open Locked Door
02-18Southeastern Entrance/Exit, Green Key, Green Door
02-19Kill Knights to Open Locked Door
02-1AWhite Key
02-1BKill Ghosts for Token & Open Locked Door
02-1CKill Knights for Token, White Door
02-1DBlue Key, Red Door, 2 White Doors
02-1EGreen Door, Blue Door, Red Door
02-1FToken, Red Key, Blue Door, 2 White Doors
02-20Kill Ghosts to Open Locked Door, White Door
02-21Kill Knights for Token

Video by Equinoxfan82 that shows how to get the 12 Tokens of Tori.






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