Alundra 2 Puzzle Piece FAQ

Trying to get all 60 puzzle pieces in this game can be a REAL pain in the neck. I played through the game three times before I was able to get all of them. I don't feel that the available guides (particularly the official Bradygames guide) and FAQs for the game go into enough detail on how to get them. Either the descriptions of the actions required to get the piece are too vague, or the guides state what location of the game they're in without explaining what room or how to get them at all. That's why I decided to write a more complete and detailed FAQ. The rest of the game, I'll leave up to you to solve.

Alundra 2 Puzzle Piece FAQ

NOTE #1: There is not a single Puzzle Piece in this game that is located in an area that you cannot return to once completed. For example, there are NO puzzle pieces in the Sunken Ship, the Ocean Cave, or the Whale. So, do not worry if you missed a puzzle piece somewhere or have to currently pass one up for whatever reason, because you can always go back for it later.

NOTE #2: I am going to call the "rings" by their colors (ie, Blue Ring, Yellow Ring, Red Ring, Green Ring) instead of their real names (Siren Ring, Newt Ring, etc.), because I think it's faster and easier that way. Unless you're color-blind or can only use a B&W TV, it's much faster to equip the ring that's blue when I say "Blue Ring", then check to see which one is the Siren Ring, if you're like me and can never memorize their names. And in case you are color blind or only have a B&W TV, the rings are as follows: Green=Pixie, Blue=Siren, Yellow=Dryad, Red=Newt.

NOTE #3: In any case where I call something "invisible" please note that the item is not really invisible. You can still see the outline of its polygons in the area where it's supposed to be.

NOTE #4: This FAQ only covers the Puzzle Pieces. Not the Life Crests, Elemental Orbs, Swords, Shields, or anything else.

1. Kindra Forest - In the area where the two large brown push-pull blocks are, there is a passage through the wall of trees to your right (if you're facing the blocks.) Follow this path to find the Puzzle Piece. Note: The first time through this area, Prunewell will find this path and come out of it, telling you it's a "shortcut".

2. Kindra Forest - Required Items: Yellow Ring and lots of money. Right after you pass the giant purple push-only blocks, there is a bridge to your right. Cross the bridge and shoot the yellow statues in the corner with your Yellow Ring. Enter and you'll be at the Dog Mini-Game. This is REALLY difficult! You'll have to practice this a lot before you'll be able to do it. The idea is to time your leaps so that the dogs will land onto the switches, but you mustn't let them touch you. Each round gets more and more difficult, as a new switch and an extra dog is added, until you finally get the Puzzle Piece. There are two things to keep in mind: 1. The dogs cannot turn in midair when they jump, but you can. 2. It's possible to "trap" the dogs behind a switch. Try to use this knowledge to your advantage and good luck. There's not much else I can say, as it took me a lot of practice before I could do it.

3. Kindra Forest - Required Items: Blue Ring and lots of money. After you pass the giant brown push-pull blocks, and jump across the floating platforms, you'll see a giant tree with a hole in it, blocked by a blue statue. Shoot the statue with the Blue Ring and enter. You'll be at the RC Car Mini-Game. Like the Dog Mini-Game, this will simply take a LOT of practice! Play Track A for 100 G, because that's the track that holds the Puzzle Piece. The Puzzle Piece is suspended in mid-air and the only way to get to it is to get up to the moving platforms and leap to it. It's NOT easy. Drive the car around to the back of the small fan. Drive straight down at it then leap over it. The air from the fan will push you up into the air. You MUST be perfectly straight because you cannot change direction in mid-air, and if you are at an angle when you jump, you'll veer out of the way of the Puzzle Piece. If you are perfectly straight, and the moving platform is in the right position, you should land on it. Quickly jump again to the next moving platform (hoping that it's in the right position) and then from there, quickly leap again to the Puzzle Piece. After that you can either try to get the other items, or simply crash the car to end the game.

4. Mt. Sparrowhawk - This is the easiest one in the whole game. Princess Alexia automatically gives it to you when you enter the area. She had gotten it from the treasure chest in Kindra Forest that you found empty.

5. Paco Village - After the Ox Tank bombs Paco Village, a treasure chest will be unearthed on the mountain in the middle of town. Run up there and search for it. It's not hard to find. Open it for the Puzzle Piece.

6. Paco Village - You'll find this one in a treasure chest in the Paco Ruins that are unearthed at the mountain after it's bombed by the Ox Tank. Unfortunately, you cannot get it until much later in the game when you warp here from the Eden Ruins in Eden Village. The reason is because it's blocked off by a row of yellow statues that can only be destroyed with the Yellow Ring (you also get that in Eden Village and will have it when you first warp here).

7. Tortuga Beach - In the second major area, you'll see the treasure chest up on a wooden platform as soon as you enter. Go up the grass ramp and take the torch from the small hut. Throw the torch at the bomb to light it, and the explosion will destroy the block. You could also light the bomb with the Red Ring, but you don't have that item when you first get here and it's just as easy to use the torch.

8. Toroledo - Go to the Inn, run up the stairs to the second floor. Enter the room at the end of the hall. Enter the bathroom, walk through the hole in the wall. You'll be on the roof. Jump into the window right across from you and you're in the Cow Princess's room. (You could also reach this room from the house below.) The Puzzle Piece is in a chest just below the window you came out of.

9. Toroledo - Run around to the back of the inn and enter the door. Voila! You're in the storage room and the chest with the Puzzle Pieces is right there. You can also enter this room by taking the back door from the inside of the inn.

10. Toroledo - Go to the Bull Fighting area of Toroledo, and from there, go to the Cow Pasture. Immediately start running right, all the way around to the back of the barn. You'll pass a Jeehan Statue, then come to the chest with the Puzzle Piece at the dead end.

11. Toroledo - Required Item: Red Ring. Enter the Cow Barn in the Cow Pasture. Run all the way to the left and shoot the red torch with your Red Ring. Then run all the way back to the right to claim your Puzzle Piece.

12. Mithra Valley - Once inside the Ox Tank, you'll come to a room that has two floor switches (it's behind the first door you see after going up the ramp.) After solving the puzzle here to move the pistons out of the way, you can find the Puzzle Piece in a chest behind the large piston on the left wall.

13. Mithra Valley - After climbing the ladder to the second section of the Ox Tank, you'll be in a room with a bomb and flamespitting robots. Place the bomb near the block and try to get the flamespitters to ignite it. The explosion will break the block, allowing you to get the chest with the Puzzle Piece. If you kill the flamespitters without getting the chest, you will have to wait until you have the Red Ring, then come back for it, as they do not reappear once destroyed.

14. Mithra Valley - Required Item: Red Ring. In the Ox Tank, in one of the rooms with the platforms and elevators, there is a thorn pillar. Shoot it with your Red Ring to bring down the chest containing the Puzzle Piece.

15. Mithra Valley - Required Items: Green Ring and Red Ring. One room before the very top floor of the Ox Tank, you'll see three green shadows moving back and forth on the floor, and a wall of thorn pillars. Climb the platform (but don't go up to the next level yet), and turn around. You'll see the shadows are being caused by three floating green crystals. Aim carefully and shoot all three crystals with your Green Ring, and a treasure chest will drop down behind the thorn pillars. Shoot the thorn pillars with your Red Ring to clear the way to it.

16. Mithra Valley - Required Item: Yellow Ring. After beating Mutox (the bull boss), return to the VERY top floor of the Ox Tank. Do NOT take the warp! Run to the back of the room. Underneath the hanging pipe is an invisible statue with the Puzzle Piece chest on top. Shoot the invisible statue with your Yellow Ring to destroy it and get the chest. Please note that you can ONLY get this one after beating Mutox, since the cutscene and boss fight automatically occur the first time you enter this room.

17. Howling Cave - In the room with the bomb and floor switch puzzle, take the torches and throw them at the thorn pillars to clear away the path to the Puzzle Piece's chest. You could also come back later and burn the pillars with your Red Ring, but it's not necessary since it's easy enough to do with the torches. (Please note that some sources incorrectly regard this piece as being in the Ox Tank. It is NOT in the Ox Tank or Mithra Valley. It is in the area on your world map called "Howling Cave". You don't want to know how many times I went on wild goose chases in the Ox Tank, searching for a "bomb and bushes" puzzle that didn't exist there.)

18. Dunn Webb - Dunn Webb is a large and confusing area of the game. I apologize if my directions are a little unclear as it's difficult to explain. Enter Dunn Webb, climb the ladder to the balcony, exit the room. Follow the balcony around the side of the building, enter the first door, and you're in a room with a large pit, a save book, and a treasure chest containing the Puzzle Piece. The trick here is making the leap across the gap to the chest. I don't think you can leap straight across the large pit. What I do is stand next to the save book, leap as far as I can, and then turn left in mid-air to land on the ledge by the chest.

19. Dunn Webb - Exit the room from Puzzle Piece #17 and continue to follow the balcony to another door. This door leads to a room with a bunch of conveyor belts and the treasure chest containing the Puzzle Piece out in plain view. No special tricks required, just get it.

20. Dunn Webb - From the conveyor belt room, enter the large door and you'll be shot out of chute to an outdoor area with bowling balls rolling down a hill and spider enemies. Go back up to the building, climb the ladders and keep going until you get to the top (second) door. Enter and the Puzzle Piece chest is right in that room.

21. Dunn Webb - When you've reached the mine shaft portion of this area, enter the door with the Green Light above it. Climb the ladder to your left and it's right there. If this is the first time you've gotten to this area, then you'll just have to be patient and wait until you've solved all the puzzles. Eventually, you will come to it.

22. Puerto Medusa - In the first room of the Pirate's Test, you must stack the blocks and barrels in such a way that you can reach the treasure chest with the Puzzle Piece inside. If you're having trouble with this, try this solution. Put one crate on the floor and one barrel on the floor by the crate. Now here's the really, really tricky part. Throw the other barrel on top of the first barrel, but you must do it in such a way that you also allow room to throw a crate on top of that barrel, AND you must have room left for yourself to jump onto the barrel, too. You can accomplish this by throwing the barrel and crate on the very edges of the first barrel. Now grab the last crate and throw it on top of the second barrel. Leap to the first crate, then to the first barrel (assuming you left enough room for yourself). From there, leap to the second crate, then to the second barrel. From there leap to the third crate, and then finally to the ledge with the chest. Note that if you skip this part and come back later, one of the pirates will have replaced the barrels with the fire-shooting kind. It doesn't matter. They can still be used to solve the puzzle just like with the normal barrels.

23. Puerto Medusa - Required Item: Yellow Ring. In the second room of the Pirate's Test, shoot the yellow statues with your Yellow Ring. The treasure chest with the Puzzle Piece is underneath one of them (specifically, it's the first one on your left.)

24. Puerto Medusa - In the third room of the Pirate's Test, there are a bunch of "mashing" walls with a treasure chest on a platform at the end. This is one of THE MOST difficult Puzzle Pieces to get! You must jump to the top of the first moving wall, and from there, leap across the others until you can leap off the last one to the platform. It is not absolutely necessary to use the Green Ring for this part, but I highly recommend using it to suspend yourself in midair, thus making the jumps a bit easier (you have it at this point of the game, anyway). Be aware that this will take much practice and failed attempts before you'll be able to do it right.

25. Puerto Medusa - I don't remember at exactly what point in the game this becomes available to you, but I think it's sometime after you return from your seafaring adventures with Zeppo and Co., and you've gained the pirates' trust. When you're able to enter the right door of the storehouse that the pirate guard formerly kept you from entering, play the pot-catching game until you win. Like the other mini-games, it's just something that will take a lot of practice before you can get it right. (I don't think it's as difficult as the RC Car or the Dog-Chasing thing, though.) When you win, climb up the ladder, then cross the small "bridge", then climb up the second ladder (the second ladder is a little difficult to see, so don't miss it.) In that room, jump to the pot, then to the fat pirate's head (*snicker*) and from his head, jump to the ledge with the Puzzle Piece chest.

26. Puerto Medusa/Mileena's Mansion - Enter the room that takes you to the underground passage that eventually leads into Mileena's Mansion. You will see a save point and a pit in the floor. Stand on the right edge of the pit (facing left) and jump in. Hold hard to the right as you fall and you should land on a ledge. (If you miss, you'll have to come back later and try again.) Enter the door, then defeat all the enemies in the room to get the Puzzle Piece.

27. Puerto Medusa/Mileena's Mansion - This is a two-parter. First of all, jump down into the pit from Puzzle Piece #25 to get to the bottom of the long shaft (amazing that Flint can fall such a long distance without getting hurt, isn't it?) There are two doors here. One leads to a room with three pots, some enemies, and a grate blocking off the rest of the room. Defeat all the enemies and leave. Continue through the dungeon until you reach the room with the floating platforms and the giant boulders rolling down them. Take the exit opposite the one you just came through and that will put you back in that other room, only on the opposite side of the grate. Kill the enemies and the chest with the Puzzle Piece will appear.

28. Puerto Medusa/Mileena's Mansion - When you've reached the actual mansion, there will be a part where you have to climb onto the roof via a balcony. The treasure chest with the Puzzle Piece is on that balcony, but it's not visible. Run to the right end of the balcony until you can't run anymore, and then press the Circle button (or whatever button you use to search if you changed your controls). You should automatically find it.

29. Puerto Medusa/Mileena's Mansion - Required Item: Red Ring. On the upper floor of the mansion, in the Dressing Room, light the red torch with your Red Ring and the chest with the Puzzle Piece will appear.

30. Gwaba Town - Required Items: Yellow Ring, Red Ring, Blue Ring, Green Ring. In Jose's House, take the elevator up to the attic. Shoot the green crystal with the Green Ring, the yellow crystal with the Yellow Ring, the blue torch with the Blue Ring and the red torch with the Red Ring. Voila! There's your Puzzle Piece.

31. Gwaba Town - Go up the stairs in Po's House to the attic. Pay the girl all the money you have for the Puzzle Piece. However, it's a good idea to spend as much of your money as possible before giving up what you have left for this one. Don't spend thousands of coins on it before you've gotten the better equipment and all the healing items you need from the stores.

32. Gwaba Town - Go up the ladder in Sue's House and take the elevator to the roof. (Sue's House is located up a set of stairs off the main square of the town.) Search the far end of the roof for the chest containing the Puzzle Piece. (Not hard to find.)

33. Gwaba Town - Required Item: Blue Ring. Enter Linda's House and take the elevator to the attic. Grab the barrel and throw it between the two large grey blocks that are against the left wall. Shoot the blue torch with the Blue Ring. Jump on top of the brown treasure chest, and from there, jump to the blue torch. Then jump to the first grey block, then to the barrel, then to the second grey block. The chest with the Puzzle Piece is right there.

34. Gwaba Town - Required Item: Yellow Ring. On the ground floor of the Gwaba Town Hall, near the large exit door, you'll find a couple of yellow statues. Destroy them with the Yellow Ring and open the chest behind them for the Puzzle Piece.

35. Puerto Medusa/Seagull Ruins - Note: There are several points of entry for the Seagull Ruins, and none directly from the world map, but the main entrance is in Puerto Medusa. To get there, take the path up to Mileena's mansion (the one that was formerly blocked if you didn't have a Gold Badge), but instead of going up to the mansion, take the lower path. You'll run across a long ledge and eventually come to the Seagull Ruins entrance. To get the first Puzzle Piece, find the room with four red statues and a blue statue shooting fireballs. The blue statue always aims right at you. You must run to the two red torches in the back corners of the room so that the blue statue will shoot its fireballs towards them and light them. However, be careful not to let the fireballs hit any of the red statues, as they will launch a pot that destroys the blue statue. Timing and practice are everything. You could also come back later with the Red Ring and use it on the torches if you find the normal method too difficult.

36. Puerto Medusa/Seagull Ruins - In the large room with the huge pit of spikes in the middle, go left and take the first door. You're in an enclosed area with one brown chest. Take the next door in that room, and you're in another enclosed area with switches and floating platforms. Flip the lever switch, then stand in the gap between the row of small floating platforms. The statue will slide over your head and onto the floor switch, making the Puzzle Piece chest accessible.

37. Puerto Medusa/Seagull Ruins - You'll eventually find a room with four invisible torches in the corners and a yellow crystal in the middle. Shooting the yellow crystal with the Yellow Ring will make the corner torches visible, but it's not necessary for this to work. Throw the water pots at the two blue torches (the ones on the same side of the wall as the entrance/exit door). Then throw the small flaming torches at the two red torches (the ones in the back corners). This will gain you access to the chest with the Puzzle Piece.

38. Puerto Medusa/Seagull Ruins - Required Item: Red Ring. There is a large room with spinning blades that will enter and find a large pit to your immediate right. Jump down the pit. You'll be in a room with 6 unlit red torches. You must light all the red torches before the first one you lit blows out. In my ever-so-humble opinion, this is the absolute most difficult Puzzle Piece to get in the entire game. It took me longer to get this one than any other (yes, even longer than the razzafrazzin' RC Car and Dog Chasing mini-games.) Here's the secret: Light one of the torches and immediately start timing it. One of the torches lasts 8 seconds, two of them last 7 seconds each, and the other three last 6 seconds each. Use this diagram to figure out which torches last how many seconds:

6Treasure Chest6
7Exit Warp7

You MUST light the 8-second torch first, then quickly light the 7-second torches, then the 6-second torches. If you don't do them in that order, you'll never get them all in time. I'm afraid that beyond that, all I can tell you is to be very fast, try jumping to the torches to get to them faster, and practice, practice, practice, because it will NOT be easy to do. Good luck!

39. Puerto Medusa/Seagull Ruins - Required Item: Green Ring. You'll eventually come to a large room with moving spiked balls and many platforms that you need to jump across. Find the bomb and take it to the block that houses the Puzzle Piece's chest. You must situate the bomb in such a way that it's in the direct path of the green statue head on the opposite side of the room. Shoot the green statue with your Green Ring (you already have it at this point), so that it turns around and faces the bomb. It will spit a fireball that should hit the bomb and ignite it. The resulting explosion destroys the block and gives you access to the Puzzle Piece.

40. Eden Village - There's a gazebo in Eden Village with a treasure chest in it. Open it for the Puzzle Piece. Very easy to find.

41. Eden Village/Eden Ruins - Required Item: Yellow Ring. Note: There are several points of entry to the Eden Ruins and none directly from the world map. The easiest way to get there is via Eden Village. Take the large exit and run across the bridge to the Eden Ruins entrance. Your first puzzle piece is in the room with a large pit of spikes and a switch that causes two yellow statues to fall down onto spiked platforms. After hitting the switch. Shoot the first yellow statue with your Yellow Ring, the very quickly leap to it. (Start your jump immediately after firing. Don't actually wait for it to destroy the block, or else you won't have enough time until the spikes pop back up again. By the time you land, the block will have been destroyed while you were in midair.) Now quickly turn and do the same to the next yellow statue (shoot and jump), and from there, jump quickly to the platform with the chest.

42. Eden Village/Eden Ruins - In the very next room after Puzzle Piece #41, leap down one of the pits. You'll land in a room with a lot of spikes and statues shooting spiked balls. The Puzzle Piece is in a chest in the back right corner.

43. Eden Village/Eden Ruins - You'll come to a room with a long narrow path across a huge pit. The path turns right eventually. Follow it to the end, then face up, and fall into the pit. You should land right on top of the treasure chest with the Puzzle Piece. If you didn't, work your way back up to that room and try again. You must fall in the exact right spot or else you can't get to the chest.

44. Eden Village/Eden Ruins - After you solve the puzzle involving the yellow crystals and the yellow statues, you can move on to an area with a lot of pits and walls shooting arrows. There is a wooden treasure chest (that contained Grapes of Eru) here. Fall into the pit next to this treasure chest. You'll land in a small room below with the chest containing the Puzzle Piece.

45. Eden Village/Eden Ruins - Required Item: Yellow Ring. After getting #44, return to the room above. Continue past the area with the pits and arrows, and hang a right at the junction. In the next room is a huge maze of platforms and yellow statues. Here's how to solve it: Face the maze so that the statues are looking directly back at you. Now walk to the far right and shoot the yellow statue in front of you with your Yellow Ring. Follow the path to the next yellow statue and shoot it. Follow the path up to the next yellow statue and shoot it. Walk up and around to the brown treasure chest. Leap from the chest to the lower platform. From there, face down and leap to the next platform (the one that's up against the wall). Run straight down and leap to another platform. Face left and leap to another platform. Face down/left and leap diagonally to another platform. Face left and leap to the yellow statue, then to the next platform. Face up and leap to the next yellow statue. Leap to the platform that's right next to that statue, then face right and leap to the next platform. Face up and leap to the yellow statue. From there, face up and make a running jump to the platform at the back wall (you'll have to twist your jump slightly to the right.) Now face left and leap to the platform with the Puzzle Piece's chest.

46. Gwaba Town/Church of the Key - Required Item: Yellow Ring. Note: There is no direct entrance to the Church of the Key from the world map. Go to the ground level of Gwaba Town and follow the path out of town to find the church. If you arrive on the dragon, you'll immediately be in front of it. To get the first Puzzle Piece, find the room with the row of yellow statues. Shoot the next-to-last statue with your Yellow Ring to uncover the Puzzle Piece's chest.

47. Gwaba Town/Church of the Key - There are two rooms with a large lava pool on the floor. In the room on the right, there is a stone statue head that can be destroyed with the sword in the lava. The Puzzle Piece's chest is underneath of it. Although it is possible to get this item without using the Red Ring, I STRONGLY recommend waiting until you've gotten it to go for this piece, especially if you're playing on "Normal", because you'll lose too much HP from the lava without the Red Ring. (With the Red Ring, you can safely walk on the lava with no damage at all.)

48. Gwaba Town/Church of the Key - In the room with all the thorn pillars, go up one level until you come out on the upper ledge. From there, leap across the tops of the pillars to get to the treasure chest on the other side of the room. It might take a few tries, but it's really not that hard.

49. Turnkey Dam - Return to the Turnkey Dam and re-enter it after you get the Dragon. Run all the way straight to the entrance that takes you into the Church of the Key, but don't go in. Run around behind that entrance and there is a chest back there containing the Puzzle Piece. Note that you could not get this piece the first time you reached this area because a cutscene immediately takes over and interrupts your progress.

50. Mount Firedrake - Okay, this one I'm not going to give specific directions for finding because it's far too complicated to explain, yet it's actually not that difficult to do. Somewhere deep in the volcano is a room with a lot of paths, switches, and blocks that appear and disappear as you hit the switches. In one of this room's "dead-ends" is a chest containing the Puzzle Piece. It might be a bit tricky to find because an "overhang" on the ceiling gives the illusion that the room it's in ends before it actually does. Just make sure you've checked all the nooks and crannies in this area and you'll eventually find it.

51. Dark Isle - Inside Dragonia, after going down a long narrow path, full of nightmarish jumps and obstacles, you'll come to a door at the VERY end of the hall (past the door with the two blue torches next to it.) Enter that door and follow the path to a room with robot enemies that turn invisible. Defeat them all to make the Puzzle Piece's chest appear.

52. Dark Isle - Required Items: Blue Ring, Red Ring, and Green Ring. Inside Dragonia, you'll come to a narrow hallway with bombs, blocks, flamethrowers in the walls, a blue torch, and a treasure chest on a VERY high platform. In order to get this piece, you need to exit the room through the door closest to the chest and re-enter (if this is your first time here. If you came here via the dragon, and worked your way down from the top, you'll automatically come through this door). Now, take the bomb and carefully throw it over the flamethrower. Do NOT let the fire touch it! Throw it onto the block, then leap and fire your Red Ring at it. It will explode, destroy the block, and the bomb on top will fall to the floor. Here comes the REALLY difficult part. Take this bomb to the next set of blocks and throw it on top. It MUST land in such a way that once it's lit and explodes, it will take out both blocks, but NOT ignite either of the bombs sitting up there. It is VERY difficult to get it exactly right, but it can be done with practice. Light it with your Red Ring, and if done right, the blocks will explode, leaving two bombs on the floor. Now CAREFULLY take those bombs back to where the blue torch is. Throw them past the flamethrowers, but do NOT let the fire touch them. Shoot the blue torch with your Blue Ring to put out the flame. Throw one of the bombs on top of the blue torch (the flame MUST be out or it will ignite the bomb.) Leave the other bomb on the floor, stand on it, and leap to the platform. When the platform reaches its highest point, use the Green Ring to hover in the air. When it's below you, drop down onto the blue torch. Then jump to the bomb that's sitting on it, and from there, jump to the platform with the Puzzle Piece.

53. Dark Isle - Two rooms past #52 is a room with a spinning flamethrower, two bombs, and two floor switches. Turn your camera so that the skulls on the bombs are facing directly at you (your back should be against the wall where the Puzzle Piece platform is.) Go grab the bomb at the back of the room and wait until the torch is facing left-to-right (horizontal). Throw the bomb on the switch just as the torch gets done spouting flames, then quickly leap over the torch and grab the other bomb. Set it on the other switch. Then leap on top of the bomb, and quickly leap to the platform as it falls.

54. Yagin Harbor - Required Item: Red Ring. Return to Yagin Harbor after you get the Red Ring. Enter the Inn and light the red torch. A treasure chest appears behind the innkeeper's counter. Open it for the Puzzle Piece.

55. Old Varuna Ruins - In the room with the two fans that propel you up a ledge, enter the door you needed a key for. Climb the ladder in the next room and you'll be in a room with a row of blue torches and two green statues. Walk along the ledge and leap to the green statue head nearest the platform with the Puzzle Piece's chest. From there, leap to the platform itself. Not hard at all.

56. Old Varuna Ruins - In the room with the yellow statues on top of floating platforms, enter the door on the ledge. Keep killing the monsters in this room until a treasure chest appears. Open the chest and the monsters will reappear. Keep doing this over and over again, and eventually a black treasure chest containing the Puzzle Piece will appear.

57. Old Varuna Ruins - Required Item: Yellow Ring. There is a room where you ride moving platforms while shooting at yellow statues to avoid giant spiked balls. When you've solved this puzzle, you'll gain access to a room with a narrow ledge, some invisible blades and some moving blades. Avoid the blades and the Puzzle Piece chest is at the end of the room.

58. Star Key - Required Item: Red Ring. In the room right next to the entrance, you'll have to get all four switches activated at once, but it's not easy because they don't stay activated for very long. Place the bomb on one of the switches and then go stand next to the one directly down from it. Shoot the bomb with your Red Ring, then shoot the other two switches that are across from you (you'll have to fire at one diagonally), and hit the one that's close to you with your sword. The tough part is timing this so that the bomb will explode while you have the other three switches activated. Practice and experimentation will help you best here.

59. Star Key - There is a room in the Star Key with platforms that fall soon after you jump onto them. A key and a Puzzle Piece are in chests in this room. They aren't hard to get to. Just be careful about leaping over the spikes.

60. Star Key - There is a room with a wall, a stone pillar, and two bomb-spewing droids. Carefully kill the droids WITHOUT destroying the stone pillar. You must destroy the robots so that their bombs don't blow up the pillar. Climb the ladder a bit, and leap from there to the top of the stone pillar. Leap from the stone pillar to the wall. Drop to the other side and claim your Puzzle Piece.

As you collect puzzle pieces, take them back to Lord Jeehan. You can find Jeehan Statues in Paco Village, Toroledo, Puerto Medusa, Gwaba Town, and Eden Village. After giving him so many pieces, he will teach you a new attack combo. However, if you were expecting something more to happen after giving him all 60 pieces, you'll be disappointed. You get the final combo attack, but because Jeehan said he needed the puzzle pieces to escape the dojo where Mephisto had imprisoned him, I kind of expected the game to actually SHOW him escaping, but it doesn't. Maybe after all these years, Jeehan thinks it's as good a place as any to live. *sigh* (Note: Even if you don't get all 60 pieces, the ending still shows a picture of Jeehan holding up a puzzle piece behind the old woman he saved when she was a child. So, I guess once Mephisto's gone, puzzle pieces or no, the spell is broken anyway.)



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