Demon's Crest

There are a total of 5 Scrolls to find in the game.

Level 1: Beyond the Coliseum

#1. Headbutt all the statues in Level 1. You will find the scroll inside the 4th statue from the start (pictured here).

Level 2: Metropolis of Ruin


#2. Use the Ground Gargoyle to move the statues in the water area of Level 2. One of them conceals a doorway to a hidden cave. You must visit this area to get the Buster weapon, but once you have it, return here again. You'll find a breakable wall with a vase on the other side. Use the Buster to destroy the bricks and get the scroll from the vase.

Level 3: Enchanted Forest


#3. Near the bottom of the first area of the forest level, you will find a blocked door that you can headbutt open. Follow the path into the flooded caverns. Near the top of the caverns where the water rises and falls, you'll find a small alcove with a wall of bricks. Break the blocks with the Buster weapon, and retrive the scroll from the vase on the other side.

Level 4: Cursed Towers


#4. Find the green whirlwind at the bottom of the screen in Level 4. Fall into it and you'll find a tower covered in plants. Look for an exit on the right wall of the plant tower and go through it. You'll be in a windy area outside the tower. If you hover, Firebrand will float upwards. You can either do that or climb the right wall all the way to the top. You'll see that, apparently, the winds have caused a scroll to blow up here and get stuck. It's yours now!

Level 6: Snowy Barrens


#5. Near the end of the lower path of Level 6, one screen before the white wolf boss, there is a floating platform with a pile of skulls on it. Use the Ground Gargoyle to bust it apart and collect the final scroll.




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