Demon's Crest

There are a total of 5 Talismans to find in the game.

Level 2: Metropolis of Ruin


When you get the Water Crest, return to Level 2 and proceed to the water area. Dive into the last part of the water area with the Tidal Gargoyle, and go all the way to the wall at the right end. Walk through the wall and keep going until you reach a small enclosed area with the Hand. Equipping the Hand will allow Firebrand to fire an extra shot with whatever weapon or gargoyle form he currently has on him.

Level 3: Enchanted Forest


In the second area of the forest level (the part that gets set on fire), stay near the ground and you'll easily come to a bricked-off door. Use the Buster weapon to break the bricks and headbutt the door. The Skull is in a small room behind the door. The Skull will increase the chances of getting HP powerups from defeated enemies and broken objects when equipped.

Level 4: Cursed Towers


Drop down the center of the whirlwind in Level 4 and go into the plant-covered tower. Find any exit on the right side of the plant tower and go through it. You'll be outside in a windy area. Drop all the way down to the ground. You'll see a door on the left wall. Enter it and headbutt the third statue (the one farthest to the left) to get the Crown. When you equip it, the Crown increases the chances of receiving money from defeated enemies and destroyed objects.

Level 6: Snowy Barrens


Go to Level 6 and in the very first area, fly straight up as the Aerial Gargoyle, then fly all the way to the right. You'll come to a secret entranceway in the sky. Enter it and follow the path all the way and beat the rematch with the Flier boss. Beyond him is another section of ice caverns with candles that go out and a lot of vertical sections you have to fly up as the Aerial Gargoyle. You'll eventually reach a point where you can either go left or keep going up. Keep going up in the area pictured here and you'll find an alcove with a frozen skelton.


Demolish the skeleton with the Ground Gargoyle to get the Armor talisman. With the Armor equipped, you will sustain less damage from enemies.

Level 7: Palace of Decadence


There's a windy outdoor area of Level 7 where you have to fly across the sky while avoiding enemies above and spikes below. There is a false floor near the end of this section, pictured here. Fall through it and you'll find a hidden cavern with the Fang talisman inside. When equipped, the Fang will increase the amount of damage Firebrand's attack does to enemies.




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