Illusion of Gaia Red Jewel FAQ

If you don't have the manual for Illusion of Gaia, you may never be able to locate all 50 of the hidden Red Jewels. I wrote this FAQ to help make sure you don't miss a single Red Jewel, so that you can access the game's secret dungeon and boss. Please be aware that this FAQ only covers the Red Jewels! I'll leave the rest of the game for you to solve on your own. :)

Illusion of Gaia Red Jewel FAQ

NOTE: In every area before Angel Village, you must get all the Red Jewels before you leave the area, otherwise you will never be able to go back to get them later on!!

1. South Cape - On the roof of the school, go around to the left side of the bell tower, step inside and search for a Red Jewel

2. South Cape - Find Lance's house and go downstairs. Search one of the blue pots in the back of the room for a Red Jewel.

3. South Cape - This one is cheap!! Go to the Seaside Cave and let the story play itself out. When you can finally leave the cave, the sky will be a little darker. Keep going in and out of the cave until you see the fisherman sitting just outside the cave with a blue pot behind him. Search the pot to get the Red Jewel. NOTE: It may take many tries before you see the fisherman outside the cave, as it's totally random. I have sometimes gotten lucky and had him appear on my first time out of the cave. Other times, I've walked in and out close to a hundred times and he's not shown up. Just keep trying!

4. Edward's Castle - On the far right side of Edward's Castle there's a huge pillar in front of two doors. One of the soldiers will walk behind this pillar, then stay there, out of sight. Once he's behind the pillar, talk to him, and he'll give you the Red Jewel.

5. Edward's Prison - There's a treasure chest in a room with a talking spirit. The Red Jewel is in the chest.

6. Edward's Prison - Another treasure chest somewhere in the prison contains a jewel. The prison is such a small dungeon, it shouldn't be hard to find.

7. Edward's Prison - Once you leave the prison, you'll be in a room with a vertical line of barrels to your right. (It's the room where Freedan automatically changes back into Will when you enter it.) Walk around to the right side of the barrels and search near the "bottom" one to find the Red Jewel.

8. Itory Village - There's a log pile sitting in front of a house. Search the log pile for a Red Jewel.

9. Incan Ruins - There's only one treasure chest in the Incan Ruins that contains a Red Jewel. It's not too hard to find. Just make sure you get it before you fight the boss.

10. The Gold Ship - After you have a dream on the Gold Ship and wake up, you'll find the ship has become decrepit. Run out onto the deck of the ship and find Seth (the kid in the purple clothes). Talk to Seth to get the jewel. Make sure you do this before looking at the Queen's skeleton!!

11. Diamond Coast - After a long raft ride across the ocean, Will and Kara end up in a small house on the Diamond Coast. Kara will go outside to talk to a dog named Turbo. Leave the house and search the pot that's just outside the door to find a Red Jewel. Do not talk to Kara or the dog before you find this jewel!

12. Freejia - Go to the second floor of the inn and search the green pot to find a jewel.

13. Freejia - This one's kind of hard to explain. You'll have to find a way to get around to a back street of the town and talk to a man in a dark cloak (slave trader) to get the jewel. You do this by jumping down into a flower bed, and from there, jumping down into a street. It's on the far right side of town.

14. Freejia - In Freejia, you'll learn about a slave who has escaped. Find the house where he's hiding and talk to the people inside. Then go to the back alley and find the two cloaked men who have been talking about the escapee. Tell the men where he's been hiding, and they'll give you a Red Jewel. I know that morally it's hard to do this, but if you want all 50 Red Jewels, you have no choice.

15. Diamond Mine - Check along the walls everywhere in the Diamond Mine until you find a place where Will's hair blows in the wind when you stand still. Psycho Dash against the wall in that spot and it'll break open, revealing a trapped miner. The miner will give you three Red Jewels.

16. Diamond Mine - See #15.

17. Diamond Mine - See #15.

18. Sky Garden - A treasure chest on the normal side of the Sky Garden contains a Red Jewel. It isn't that hard to find.

19. Sky Garden - A treasure chest on the reverse side of the Sky Garden contains a Red Jewel. Just make sure you have this jewel and #16 before fighting the boss.

20. Seaside Palace - There are three treasure chests in the Seaside Palace that contain Red Jewels. Just search every room until you find all three. The Seaside Palace can be a little confusing to navigate, but it's not really that big, so you shouldn't have too much trouble. Just make sure you have them before you fight the boss of Mu.

21. Seaside Palace - See #20.

22. Seaside Palace - See #20.

23. Mu - There is only one treasure chest in Mu that contains a Red Jewel. You'll find it after making some of the water sink. Just make sure to get it before fighting the boss!

24. Angel Village - There's a big room with a bunch of people dancing together. Check the fountain near the room's entrance for a Red Jewel.

25. Angel Village - There's a treasure chest somewhere in the dungeon area of Angel Village that contains a Red Jewel. Once again, it's not too hard to find, since the Angel Village area is rather small.

26. Angel Village - There's a room right next to Ishtar's room that has several pots in it. Search the brown pot on the left for a jewel.

27. Angel Village - You will find a Red Jewel in one of the treasure chests while you're taking Ishtar's memory test.

28. Watermia - It's kind of hard to explain exactly where this one is. Check the pots on the west side of town until you find one that has a Red Jewel in it. If it helps to know, the correct pot is just a little northwest of a girl standing in the middle of a small green carpet.

29. Watermia - Go into the Gambling House and search the brown jars in the top righthand corner of the room to find a jewel. (Isn't it kind of strange that the description window says "Desert" when you enter the Gambling House??)

30. Great Wall - One treasure chest contains a Red Jewel. As always, it's not that hard to find.

31. Euro - Ugh. Another difficult one to explain. Find a narrow alley that runs west near Rofsky's house. When you reach the alley, you'll run into a dead-end at the side of a building. Search in that spot to find a jewel.

32. Euro - There's a girl in the Rolek Mansion named Ann who says she wants an apple. Keep going to the marketplace and bringing her apples until she finally hands over a Red Jewel.

33. Euro - When you find the secret room in the shrine where the slaves are being held, search the barrels in the lower righthand corner for a jewel.

34. Watermia - This one is cheap, too! After you arrive in Euro, leave and travel back to Watermia. Find Lance in Watermia and talk to him to get the jewel. Lance will only relinquish this jewel after you've gone to Euro, first.

35. Mt. Temple - This area is also known as Mt. Kress, but it's the place with all the giant mushrooms. There is only one treasure chest that contains a Red Jewel, here. This place is huge and confusing, so you may need to check your radar often.

36. Natives Village - There's a hut with three girls who have been turned to stone. Search the jar in this hut for a Red Jewel.

37. Ankor Wat - There are four treasure chests in Ankor Wat that contain Red Jewels. I didn't find Ankor Wat to be a particularly tough dungeon to navigate, so they should all be pretty easy to find. If you're having trouble, just follow your radar.

38. Ankor Wat - See #37.

39. Ankor Wat - See #37.

40. Ankor Wat - See #37.

41. Natives Village - After getting the Gorgon Flower from Ankor Wat, you'll return to the Natives Village. Use the flower to free the three girls who have been turned to stone, and one of them will give you a Red Jewel.

42. Dao - In Dao the desert town, you'll see two men standing face-to-face, two Kruks above them, and then a grassy area above them. Search the left side of the wall in the grassy area to find a Red Jewel.

43. Dao - Play the Snake-Panic game in one of the houses to win two Red Jewels. This "mini-game" is very easy and I've never actually lost it, myself.

44. Dao - See #43.

45. Pyramid - This one took me forever to find, even with the manual! In the upper level of the pyramid, change into Shadow, then leave Dark Space. Run to the right and go up the ramp that leads out of the pyramid. (You must be on the righthand ramp, not the left one that you entered the pyramid from!) When you reach the top of the ramp, use the Aura Ball to sink into the floor. You'll eventually fall into a small room. Search the back wall on the lefthand side to find a Red Jewel.

46. Pyramid - In the lower level of the pyramid, there are four treasure chests containing Red Jewels. You have to be Will to get some of them, and you have to be Shadow and use his "sinking" ability to get the others. If you just use your radar to locate chests you haven't yet opened, it shouldn't be too hard to find any of them.

47. Pyramid - See #46.

48. Pyramid - See #46.

49. Pyramid - See #46.

50. Tower of Babel - There's a blue casket between two statues of Freedan. Will says that this is where he found his flute. Climb up the small ledge and search the casket for the final Red Jewel.

When you're all done tell the spirit in the Tower of Babel that you want to return to Dao. Find Gem the Jeweler in an alley in Dao and give him the last of your Red Jewels. You can now enter the secret stage. (Technically, you could also talk to Gem the Jeweler in Euro, Watermia, or Angel Village to access the secret stage, too.)



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