Jurassic Park Walkthrough

If you don't have the manual for the Super NES version of Jurassic Park, or if you're just stuck and need some help, you might find this walkthrough that I wrote for it handy. Be aware that this is not exactly a fully fleshed-out walkthrough. It's a barebones, step-by-step guide that puts you in the right direction. All of the tasks on this guide must be completed in the order in which they're presented, except collecting the eggs - which can be gotten in any order, anytime during the game before you call the helicopter to come pick you up.

SNES Jurassic Park Step-by-Step Guide

1. Egg #1 - You start at the Jurassic Park Gate. Pick up some weapons that you see lying around on the ground, then head south, where you'll find the Nublar Utility Shed. Collect Egg #1 just south of this shed.

2. Egg #2 - To the west of the shed is a small mountain called Nublar Mont. Egg #2 can be gotten here.

3. Egg #3 - Now, go east of the shed and jump over the small river. Walk east past the helipad until you reach a vertical row of trees and appear to be unable to move any farther. (You are in the right area if a Triceratops comes charging down the path, but just be sure not to get run over, as they cause instant death!) Try pressing into the wall of trees at the right side of the screen in this area, and you should find a hidden passage that leads to Egg #3. There is also another hidden passage, slightly south of this one, that leads to a 1-Up, if you wish to get it, too.

4. The Generator - Go back across the river and enter the Nublar Utility Shed. Find the battery on the first floor and get it. Then look around for a panel on the wall that looks like a bunch of yellow lights. Walk up to it, and you will automatically turn on the power generator.

5. Stock up - This step is optional! At this point of the game, I like to leave and re-enter the Nublar Shed several times, collecting Rockets (the weapon that looks like a beehive) and bolas (the silver balls) each time. These are, hands down, the two best weapons in the game, and I like to get a good supply. You can also get more of these weapons on the second floor of the Nublar Shed, even though I didn't direct you to go there yet in the previous step. The number of times you do this is up to you, but I recommend 5 times.

6. Egg #4 - Leave the Nublar Utiliy Shed and head north, back to the gate where you started the game. Shoot the gate lock to open the door that blocks your way farther north. Go through the open gate and walk around the east side of it then south, where you'll find some Dilophosaurs (the green spitters). You'll find Egg #4 in this area.

7. Egg #5 - Go west past the Visitor's Center, then start heading in a southwest direction through the forest maze. You should look for a small clearing with a Motion Sensor stationed in it. Egg #5 is somewhere west of this Motion Sensor.

8. Egg #6 - Farther west in this area should be a place where you find more Dilophosaurs. (If you find a Medikit partially hidden under a tree, you're in the right place.) Egg #6 is hidden in a clearing somewhere around here.

9. Egg #7 - When you get the message from Tim Murphy about the Triceratops, you'll soon be in a location where the Triceratops stampedes. Egg #7 is right above where the Triceratops comes out.

10. Dennis Nedry's ID Card - Once you have all the eggs, keep heading southwest through the forest maze until you reach an area with another shed. This is the Beach Utility Shed. Enter the shed and find Dennis Nedry's ID Card on the first floor. Then leave the shed.

NOTE: In the area around the Beach Shed, you'll notice the music changes to a strange-sounding song with lots of drums. This indicates that the T-Rex is somewhere in the nearby area. Stay close to the shed, and you won't encounter him, but if you do venture out, be aware that the T-Rex cannot be destroyed! You can only slow it down with the Tranquilizer Darts. The T-Rex will kill you instantly if it grabs you in its huge jaws.

11. Activate Motion Sensors - After leaving the shed, head back the way you came and enter the Visitor's Center. Take the elevator to Floor 1 and find a computer terminal on the wall. Walk up to it and you'll be sent to the "Computer Screen". Click on the option to reboot the computer. Then click on the option to activate the motion sensors. Congratulations, you have completed Major Goal #1!

12. John Hammond's ID Card - Leave the computer terminal and take the elevator to Floor 2 (which is the roof level) and leave through the exit. You are now on the roof of the Visitor's Center. Find John Hammond's ID card up there and pick it up.

13. Egg #8 - Egg #8 is also on the roof of the Visitor's Center. Get it before you leave.

14. Alan Grant's ID Card - Go back into the Visitor's Center and take the elevator down to the Sub Level. Find the battery and pick it up. Then take the elevator back up to the Ground Level. With the battery, you can now enter the room that requires night vision, and get Alan Grant's ID card in there. (You can, if you want, return to Floor 1 and find a 1-Up in a dark room, too.) After you've done what you need to do, leave the Visitor's Center.

15. The Raptor's Pen - Go east of the Visitor's Center until you find a platform with a lock similar to the one you shot earlier to open the gate. Shoot the lock and the bridge will slide over the aqueduct. Go north until you find a brown building. This is the Raptor's Pen.

16. Robert Muldoon's ID Card - Enter the Raptor's Pen and take the elevator down to the ground level. Find the battery and pick it up. Then take the elevator down to Sub Level 1 and find Robert Muldoon's ID Card on this floor. (You can also find a 1-Up on this floor, too, if you want to look for it.)

17. The Crate - Take the elevator down to Sub Level 2 and look for a room with a huge wooden crate near a door. If you want to get an extra 1-Up, then do NOT get too close to the crate just yet! Instead, approach the door from the opposite side of the crate and enter. You'll be in a huge dark room full of Raptors and at the end is a 1-Up. Leave that room and walk over to the crate. When you get close enough, it should automatically slide in front of the door, and you'll get a message saying that Raptors can no longer get into the Visitor's Center. You have now completed Major Goal #2. (NOTE: After the crate has been moved, you can NOT get back into that room again.)

18. Ian Malcolm's ID Card - Return to the upper level of the Raptor Pen and find Ian Malcolm's ID card on this floor. Leave the Raptor Pen after you get it.

19. Egg #9 - There's a small mountain slightly northwest of the Raptor Pen where you can find Egg #9.

20. Donald Gennaro's ID Card - Head south, back through the main gate, and return to the Nublar Utility Shed (the first building you entered at the beginning of the game.) Take the elevator to the second floor, and find Donald Gennaro's ID Card. Then leave the Nublar Shed.

21. Ray Arnold's ID Card - Now, you're going to have to go ALL the way back to the Beach Utility Shed, again. (Remember, west past the Visitor's Center, then southwest through the forest maze.) Once you get to the Beach Shed, take the elevator down to the sub level and find the battery. Once you have it, look for Ray Arnold's ID card. Pick it up, then leave the building.

22. Egg #10, Egg #11, Egg #12 - Earlier, you may have noticed a huge mountain range just to the east of the main park gate. This is where you'll need to go, next. Work your way through these mountains and head in a general southeast direction. There are three eggs hidden in this area. One is on top of the mountains. One is just to the east of the mountains (along with a 1-Up) and the other is near trees just south of the mountains (after you've crossed over them).

23. Egg #13 - After crossing the mountains, you should come to an area near the ocean, and you'll see a ship docked at a harbor at the right of the screen. Shoot the lock to make the bridge move over to the ship, just as before. Cross the bridge to the ship, and get the egg on top of the ship.

24. The Ship Part 1 - Enter the ship and note the number of Dinos remaining that appears on your screen. You will have to wipe out all dinosaurs on each floor of the ship to complete the next major goal. Destroy all dinosaurs on this level and find the battery.

25. The Ship Part 2/Dr. Wu's ID Card - Take the elevator down to the next level of the Ship and destroy all the dinosaurs. Also, find and pick up Dr. Wu's ID card on this level. When you've done this, take the elevator back up to the entry level and leave the ship (for now).

26. Level 1 Clearance - Now that you have Dr. Wu's ID Card, return to the Visitor's Center and take the elevator to Floor 1. Find the second computer terminal and request Level 1 Security Clearance. (Note that there are TWO computer terminals on this level. You've probably used the first one, before, but you need to find the one that's hidden farther in the back of the building for this task.)

27. Radio the Ship - Leave the Visitor's Center and return to the Raptor Pen. Take the elevator down to the ground level and find the computer terminal. Choose the option to radio the ship. This will stop the ship from sailing. Then leave the Raptor Pen.

28. Level 2 Clearance - Return to the ship and go back down to the third level. Find the computer terminal and request Level 2 Security Clearance. If you missed any dinosaurs on the first three levels, clear them out, now.

29. Ellie Sattler's ID Card - When you're done clearing out the dinosaurs, find the elevator and go down to the fourth level (Sub Level 3) of the ship. Destroy all the dinosaurs on this level, as well, and find Ellie Sattler's ID Card. Also, you should find a Computer Terminal on this floor in a dark room. You don't need to do anything with it, now, but remember it! It will be important later on.

30. Final Ship Level - Take the elevator to the final level of the ship and clear out all the dinosaurs. When you've destroyed all the dinos on all levels of the ship, you'll get a message congratulating you. You have now completed Major Goal #3. Now, it's time to leave the ship.

31. Open the West Gate - Go back to the Visitor's Center and find a computer terminal. Choose Park Control and open Gate 1 (the westmost gate). This will cause Gates 2 and 3 to lock, so you won't be able to open them right now, but you won't need to. Leave the Visitor's Center.

32. Egg #14, #15, & #16 - West of the Visitor's Center there should be another one of those bridge things that you can shoot to cross north, over the acqueduct. This will put you in the area of Gate 1 and the North Utility Shed. In this area, you will find three eggs. One is just to the north of the area where the Triceratops stampedes. Another is just to the east of Gate 1. The other one is behind the Utility Shed.

33. Nerve Gas Bomb - Enter the North Utility Shed. Find the Battery on the Ground Level. (There is also a 1-Up here if you want to search for it.) Take the elevator down to the Sub Level, and find the Nerve Gas Bomb. Take it and leave the shed.

34. The Raptor's Nest - Go back to the Visitor's Center and open Gate 2 at the computer terminal. Leave the Visitor's Center and head northeast. You should find Gate 2 somewhere north of the mountain range that's near the ship. Be careful when you hear the music change in this area, because the T-Rex is lurking around! In this area there are several cave-like entrances amongst the trees. These lead to where the Raptor's Nest is.

35. Detonating the Bomb - IMO, this is the most irritating part of the whole game! The maze of tunnels that eventually lead to the Raptor's Nest is huge and confusing, and all the walls look alike, so it's practically impossible for me to give you exact directions as to where to go. I've beaten this game several times, and even I don't have it memorized! Since enemies don't respawn, one suggestion I have is to only kill raptors in the direction you're going. That way, if you can't find the nest, you'll know which areas to search by looking for raptors. You'll know when you've found the nest, because there will be a bunch of blue eggs all over the floor. Walk into the middle of this area, and you will automatically drop the bomb.

36. Escaping the Nest - When you drop the Nerve Gas Bomb, you'll get a message saying to get out as quickly as possible. Don't let this panic you! As far as I can tell, you have an unlimited amount of time to escape. Of course, it's going to be just as difficult finding your way back out as it was finding the nest in the first place. If you only killed Raptors in the directions you went, you could try finding your way back out by only taking paths where there aren't any Raptors. It may take awhile, but eventually you'll find the way out, so don't give up! When you finally escape, you'll have completed Major Goal #4.

37. Egg #17 & #18 - The final two eggs can be found in the area outside the Raptor's Nest. They're both very close to cave entrances, so they shouldn't be too hard to find. This completes Major Goal #5.

38. Radio the Mainland - Leave the Raptor's Nest area and return to the ship. Go back down to Sub Level 3. Remember that computer terminal in the dark room I mentioned earlier? Well, find it, and use it to radio the mainland for help. For some reason, that can only be done at this terminal. Now, unlock Park Gate 3 and leave the ship. (I'm pretty sure it's possible to unlock the the gates with the ship terminal, but if you have a problem, return to the Visitor's Center and do it there.)

39. The Helipad - Now, your only goal is to get to the Helipad. If you don't remember where it was, return to the Visitor's Center, then go south through the main park gates. Keep going south until you get to the Nublar Utility Shed, then go east. Leap over the river and you should see a huge letter "H" on the ground. Stand on it, and you've completed Major Goal #6. Congratulations! You have just won the game. Now sit back, and enjoy one of the worst game endings in history! But hey, at least you have the satisfaction of having survived Jurassic Park! :)



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