The Flying Dutchman
Year Published: 2014
Publisher: Strategy First
Developer: Snack Games

Years ago, I wrote a capsule review and a puzzle guide for The Flying Dutchman (aka, The Mystery of the Flying Dutchman), essentially making this the third (and, I promise you, final) time I've tackled this abomination of a hidden object game on this site. As if my complaints in those articles weren't reason enough to keep readers from purchasing it, now you have another one: It no longer works.

This is what it used to look like. You're not missing much.

That's right, The Flying Dutchman does not seem to run on Windows 11. I have tried the Steam version I already own and the free version on Toomky games and got the same results. It will likely prompt a "Java Not Found" error, but even with Java properly installed, it still won't run. The game costs $4.99 on Steam. Any amount of money is too much for a game that doesn't work, which is why you should avoid it even if it goes on sale.

I also happened to notice something about the game's Steam store page that I hadn't before: Two of the screenshots are not from it. The first screenshot after the video has much higher quality artwork than anything in The Flying Dutchman, and has a different item list (located at the bottom of the screen instead of on a scroll to the right) and some kind of helper character in the bottom righthand corner. This is obviously from some other hidden object game. The other non-existant scene is of some kind of bomb puzzle marked by a "Level 42" in the upper left corner and a different menu button, suggesting it's from a puzzle game with defined levels. Both of these scenes lack the border that is present in The Flying Dutchman and is visible in every legit screenshot. What gives here? An honest mistake on the part of whoever put those screenshots there, or the publisher trying to make the game look better than it was?

Anyway, don't buy this game. You can't play it. There's no point. And I seriously doubt there's going to be a fix for it anytime soon if ever.

SCORE: 0.5/5



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