The Mirror Mysteries
Year Published: 2009
Publisher: Strategy First
Developer: The Easy Co.

I'll get right to the point - While I've played worse hidden object games, The Mirror Mysteries is still terrible. It's technically a "Fragmented Object Game" where you find pieces of objects to form one whole item as opposed to looking for items on a list. I prefer HOG's to FROG's, but even in trying to approach them with a more open mind, Mirror Mysteries is neither compelling nor interesting.

These kids are getting like 56 years of bad luck

The game starts with our rather inept heroine driving around with her kids and stopping to have a picnic on the lawn of a random house. The kids run into the house, accidentally break a magical talking mirror, and are trapped inside of it. You, as the kids' mom, must travel into the other magical mirrors in the house that act as portals to fantasy worlds to rescue them. Each world has four screens that are full of broken objects that have to be repaired by finding their pieces. Characters you meet, including the mirror, talk a lot, but have little to say that isn't just "Find this" and "Repair that". The only "mystery" about Mirror Mysteries is why it's called that, since there is nothing to solve, just endless fetching and fixing.

I take that back - there are a few puzzles to solve, but the only one that stumped me was a rotating rings puzzle for which, unless I am completely missing something here, you are given no clue. Because of the sheer number of possbile combinations, I gave up and resorted to a walkthrough.

Maybe Mors can be bored to sleep.

Mirror Mysteries takes about two hours to complete. I have played HOG's that are about the same length, but make their two hours worth every moment. Mirror Mysteries is an exercise in the tedium of finding long skinny (or tiny dark) pieces of things against cluttered, dated-looking backgrounds in another "mom rescues her children" story, if it can even be called a "story". Avoid.

SCORE: 1.5/5



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