Game of the Month June, 2004:
Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean

System: Sega Saturn Developer: Sunsoft
Albert Odyssey was the first game for the Saturn that I ever played and finished. Although it's little more than a standard RPG, I really liked its music, graphics, and humorously-translated storyline. This was also the first RPG translated by Working Designs that I had played, and at the time, I was unfamiliar with their methods. They are known for peppering their games with jokes that didn't exist in the Japanese versions, and Albert Odyssey is no exception.

Quick, Pike, how many Amons do you see?

To enter the canyon, you must answer three questions... The battle system for Albert Odyssey is about as simple as RPGs can get. You can choose to fight, defend, use magic, or item. Some characters, like the Dragon Man Gryzz and the Birdman Amon have special attacks that can hit the entire enemy party at once with no cost to their MP. This plays a big part in making the game really easy. The game is also very fast-paced, as levels go up quickly and there's rarely any need to just stop and level-build (though you'll only squeak past some bosses if you don't). The reason for this is that there are terrible loading delays before and after battles (upwards of 6 seconds, which can get annoying after awhile). So, it's important for something else to keep you entertained and wanting to play.

I have to admit that Albert Odyssey is a game that fits the description of "Game I think isn't all that good, but I like it anyway". It is one of the few games I can think of that I really like for mostly its story and music. The dialogue is fun and entertaining, thanks to the Working Designs translation. Albert Odyssey also has one of my favorite video game soundtracks. The overworld themes (played on real violins) are absolutely amazing. The graphics are very nice, too, and show off just how well the Saturn was capable of handling 2D. I also really liked Albert Odyssey's characters, though I wish Pike had more speaking lines, as he's just shy of being a "mute" hero.

Do you want fries with that wolf?

I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy a Saturn to play Albert Odyssey, but if you already own one, and you like RPGs, it might be one worth looking into, should you find it for a relatively cheap price. I wouldn't pretend it's a great game, but it is one that I like despite its flaws.

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