Game of the Month April, 2005:
Rad Racer

System: NES Developer: Square
Before Square became synonymous with RPGs, they made a few NES games that weren't RPGs, including 3D WorldRunner, King's Knight, and the two Rad Racer games. Rad Racer seemed, in particular, Square's answer to Sega's arcade classic Out Run (much like how 3D WorldRunner was a Space Harrier knock-off). Both Rad Racer and Out Run are cross-country racing games that begin on a beach, and emphasize making it to a goal line within a time limit as opposed to beating the other drivers to come in first. Clone, rip-off, whatever you want to call it, or not, Rad Racer is still a pretty decent game in its own right. It is fast, fun, furious, and one of the better racing games I've played for the NES.

Bumblebee, look out!!

Oh noooooooo!! Snugga hit tree and go flying! HAohrheoarhoeahroeahroheoarhoHOHO!

Yup. My days as a serious journalist are pretty much over. Another interesting thing about Rad Racer is that it was one of the few NES games to make use of the Red/Blue 3D glasses. I didn't have the official glasses from Nintendo, but I tried it with another pair of 3D Glasses. Eh. Didn't work too well. Fortunately, the game doesn't rely on that gimmick to be good, though. It can be beaten in a few hours, but it's fast and fun while it lasts (and still much better than that blasted Hang-On for the Sega Master System that I endlessly looped awhile ago.)

Woo-hoo! I spoiled the ending!

Anyway, if you want to know more about this game, just read my review, or check out any of the links below.

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