(Kid Icarus)

Kid Icarus, otherwise known as Pit (?!), is the main character and the hero of the game! (I have no idea why they don't just call him "Icarus", or where "Pit" came from, but oh well...) Pit was the Captain of the Goddess Palutena's personal bodyguards. He was captured and imprisoned in the Underworld when Medusa's Army conquered Angel Land. Palutena magically sent Pit a bow and arrow, which he used to escape. He sets out on a mission to save Palutena and free Angel Land from Medusa's control. Pit has wings but he cannot fly (except in the final level.) By defeating lots of enemies, Pit will gain strength. Along the course of his journey, Pit will meet friends and foes, and be turned into many an eggplant before this game is over! The only thing I do not like about Pit is that annoying squeal he makes when he takes a hit from an enemy!


Palutena is the Goddess of Angel Land, and the Damsel in Distress that Pit must rescue. She is being held prisoner in her own Sky Palace by the evil Goddess Medusa. Palutena helped Pit escape from the Underworld by magically sending him a bow and arrow, but that is the only help he gets from her.


The Evil Goddess who conquered Angel Land and now holds the good Goddess Palutena captive! Medusa has taken over the Sky Palace, and from there she can rule the entire world! Her army completely wiped out Palutena's army. Medusa's spell turned many of the Angel Land people to stone. Only Pit can hope to defeat Medusa, but he must find the three Sacred Treasures before he stands a chance.


Zeus is the ruler of the Gods. He will help Pit during his quest, if Pit enters the Chamber of Zeus. If Pit has defeated enough enemies prior to entering Zeus's Chamber, the God will reward him with arrows that increase Pit's strength (and change his color.) Zeus will also sometimes put Pit through a test where Pit has to shoot at mirrors that tumble from the ceiling. If Pit survives the test long enough, he will be given a choice of three spcial weapons. ( has to wonder why Zeus, with all his Godly powers, doesn't do more to help Palutena??)


You will find this guy in various chambers around Angel Land, and even in some rooms in the fortresses. He sells things like bottles, chalices, and mallets. In the fortresses, he sometimes sells pencils and torches, too. In the fortresses, if you leave his room and come back, he may have different items (if he didn't have the item you wanted the first time you entered.) But everywhere else, you can only enter the shop once and buy only one item. The items are expensive, so try to save up a lot of hearts! (He's not as expensive as the Black Marketeer, though.)

Black Marketeer

This guy owns the Black Market. His items sell for higher prices than those of the Shopkeeper's. He sometimes even sells the items that Pluton steals from Pit. However, only his shop carries the barrel that can hold more than one bottle of life water. Don't pay for his expensive bottles and chalices, unless you're desperate.


The Nurse only appears in the fortresses, but she only appears if necessary. If you get turned into an eggplant by an Eggplant Wizard, look for the rooms in the fortress that are white with crosses in the upper corners. The Nurse will appear in these rooms and remove the eggplant curse, free of charge!


Centurions are the warriors of Palutena's Army who were turned into stone by Medusa. Pit can free them in the fortresses by using a mallet on the stone statues that he finds. Once freed, the Centurions will help him fight the final boss of the fortress. If you have a lot of them, they can make the fight easier, but they only take one hit from the enemy and they're dead!


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