Codes and Secrets

(From Nintendo Power Top Secrets Passwords Guide)

0000eu 60j700
uG0004 1000J0
Level 1-4 : Fortress
0000ys T0J300
m2001C H000aS
Level 2-1 : Overworld
00008C i04400
mIG01D I0005F
Level 2-4 : Fortress
0000mu w0K200
O3G00H I100s5
Level 3-1: Sky World
0000y0 11X200
u0G00H I100t0
Level 3-4 : Fortress
00008p 414100
O3G00H I500eB
Level 4 : Final Level, Sky Palace

Special Passwords
KidKid Icarus
KidKid Icarus
Begin Final level with all items. Get strange ending.
DANGER !!!!!!
This password seems to do the same thing as the above password...
8uuuuu uuuuuu
uuuuuu uuuuuu
Begin the last level with invincibility! However, the level seems to loop several times before getting to Medusa. Medusa takes longer to kill than normal, too. Get the ending where Kid Icarus "grows up".
Begin the level 2-4 Fortress with invincibility! The werid thing is, you already have the Sacred Treasures from the 2nd and 3rd fortresses, but not the one from the 1st!!
Begin the level 3-4 Fortress with invincibility.
888888 888888
888888 88888t
This code was sent to me by site reader Jean-Luc Romano. It starts you on the last level with invincibility. You'll get the ending where Pit dons a helmet with this one.
This code was sent to me by site reader PW. He says, "I have a strange code for Kid Icarus. You start at the final level with invincibility and maximum fire power. The strange thing is that the words are swedish and the code is in fact a readable swedish sentence! A translation will get this result: 'The dove's mothers are coming away.'"
This code was sent to me by site reader Chuck Williams. I don't remember what it does, but he says, "I've been holding onto this one for a while now. I figured it's time to let it out of the bag. One of the coolest codes for Kid Icarus, nobody else has ever heard of. Those are zeroes at the end of the words."
000eee eeeeee
eeeeee eeeeee
This code was sent to me by site reader Marcus Backbrant. It's yet another code that puts you in the final level with invincibility, but seems to mess up some other things in your inventory and your heart total.

Special Challenge Passwords

These special passwords were sent to me by site reader Joshua Cain. Some of them make the game more challenging and the other makes it easier.

8W8200 0000!!
04OW00 8004YA
Kid Icarus Ultimate Challenge Password: This challenge password stacks everything against you. You have to play two loops of the game to get the best ending. You can only max out 3 of the 4 stats. You can only get one special weapon to work. You can pick up the other two weapons, but they won't do anything but give you a better ending. You start out with a maximum credit card debt of 4095. It appears you have 99 mallets but it only acts as one in the fortress. It looks like you have a ton of feathers but you can't use them, and your arrow is at 1 strength but you can't upgrade it. The 129 feathers disappear after you beat Medusa, so you can get feathers.

It is extremely difficult the first loop. You can't really do anything but pay off the heart debt and increase your life. It took me 16 levels to begin getting any hearts. You can't buy anything or do the treasure rooms until you start getting hearts. You can't upgrade your arrow. But with all this difficulty there is a silver lining, the boss fights in the fortess are pretty easy. Your attack is 9 instead of 1 against the bosses.

8W8200 0000!!
04OW00 0004Yg
Kid Icarus 2nd Hardest Password: This is the 2nd hardest password. You can increase your arrow, but the boss battles are back to normal.
28W0!! !!dF00
108W!H iA042V
Kid Icarus Easy Game Password: This code maxes out all of your stats for an extremely easy game. The other special passwords don't max you out. Attacks against bosses are 13. You start in 1-2.

How to Crack the Code of the Treasure Rooms

This trick originally appeared in Nintendo Power many years ago. Look at how I have the treasure pots numbered in this picture:

Here's how the trick works: If the background of the room is black, break the pots numbered 1, 2, and 8. If the background is blue, break the pots numbered 2, 6, and 7. Depending on the number of mallets that appear, you will be able to figure out which pot the God of Poverty (Reaper) is in. Break the other pots, saving the one with the Reaper for last. Break the Reaper's pot after breaking all the others to get a special item, such as a bottle, barrel, feather, or maybe even the Credit Card! Use these charts to find the Reaper's pot:

Black Room Blue Room
# of Mallets Reaper's Pot # of Mallets Reaper's Pot
3 5 3 1
2 7 2 5
1 6 1 3
0 4 0 8

UPDATE: It turns out that the color of the background in the room doesn't matter for this trick. The true determining factor is what level you are in. If you are in a vertically scrolling level (Level 1 or Level 3), you should use the "Black Room" code. If you are in a sidescrolling level (Level 2), you should use the "Blue Room" code. How did I discover this? Well, the first two areas of Level 2 have a blue sky, but the third has a black sky, meaning, the Treasure Room has a black background. But the black background code didn't work in this Treasure Room when I tried it. I tried the blue background code, and that worked, so this could only mean that the actual stage is the determining factor, not the color of it.

Special Tricks

Bargain With Shopkeepers

You can try bargaining with the shopkeepers by pressing the A and B buttons on Controller #2. This may lower the price of the items, or it could increase it! This will not work in the Black Market.

Weird Warp

At the beginning of Level 2-2, leap up onto the door that's in front of you, and from there, leap up on top of the first lion head statue. From there, try to leap face-first up into the second lion head statue. If you do this just right, Pit will go right through the wall! (Similar to how Mario goes through the wall in the SMB Minus World trick.) The screen will scroll right a bit, and Pit will reappear from the right side of the screen and land safely on the ground! This trick is useless, but fun to try!

Platform Warping

Some stages have platforms that move up and down. Sometimes, if you move forward, the edge of one of these platforms will appear on the left side of the screen. Go back to the left and jump onto it, and Pit will "warp" around to the right side of the screen! This works well in the Level 2 Overworld sections that have the floating platforms. It's a useless trick, but fun to try!

Dangerous Doorway Ducking

If you duck just as you're entering a doorway, it's possible that Pit will go "flying" into the next room in the ducked-down position and become stuck! I've had this happen to me in the fortresses, and there is no way out of it, except if there's a nearby enemy and it kills me or if I reset the game. Be careful!

Dealing With Eggplants

The Eggplant Wizard is a tough enemy! If he turns you into an eggplant, Pit cannot use his weapons at all, until he gets the curse removed by a Nurse. When you enter the room with the Eggplant Wizards, watch to see how high they shoot their eggplants. If they shoot them low, it is harder to dodge them. Back out of the room and re-enter. If the Wizards shoot the eggplants high this time, try to run under them. If they still shoot low, keep exiting the room and re-entering until they shoot them really high.

Zeus's Treasure

Don't bother with Zeus's training unless you have at least 2 full life blocks. Get the Sacred Bow, first, because it will help you alot more than the other two weapons.

Case of the Disappearing Chalice

If you find a chalice or harp, always grab it before entering a door! If you enter the door before grabbing it, when you leave you will find that it has disappeared.

Mystery of the Heart

With the exception of Specknoses, Ganewmedes, Tamambos, and Tros, there is never more than 4 of a single type of enemy on the screen at once. If you destroy the enemies, but don't pick up the hearts, no more of that kind of enemy will appear until all the hearts disappear. This is especially useful information to know when dealing with the Reaper. If he summons his Reapettes, defeat them, but don't pick up the hearts. Kill the Reaper before the hearts disappear. As long as there is at least one heart remaining on the screen, he cannot make any more Reapettes appear!

Collin Oddities

If you defeat Collin, the Eeleyes will disappear when the heart left behind by Collin is either picked up or vanishes. Likewise, if you defeat the Eeleyes without defeating Collin, he will send out more Eeleyes once the hearts that were left behind are gone.

Follow the Red Brick Road

On the final level, if you fly through the red bricks, you'll be safe from Erinus and the Totems! Also if you stay in the very bottom-left corner, you'll be completely safe from the Harpies, too. They'll go right over you:

Stay here and the Harpies, Ernius, and Totems can't get you.

Be careful, because if you touch the clouds below you, Pit will bounce back up the middle-section of the screen.

Battle With Medusa

To defeat Medusa without getting hit, stay on the left side of her chamber, and float just below the level of her iris, so that her shots start going downwards at an angle. They should pass by right underneath you without hitting you. Now aim your shot so that it destroys the snake. Keep firing until Medusa is history!

TheAlmightyGuru also sent in a screenshot of another "safe spot" when fighting Medusa:

Time your shots to hit the snake and you can actually take her out faster from this position.

Easy Win

To defeat Twinbellows without taking any hits, try to trap him in one of the corners, facing away from you. This works best if you trap him under the ledge on the left. Just keep shooting him from behind and he'll be defeated in no time!

Dealing With Enemies

The enemies in Kid Icarus are not unlimited. If you are attacked by enemies, find a safe spot on the screen, and keep defeating them over and over again. Eventually, they will stop coming, and you'll be able to move on, unharmed! This is a great way to earn points and hearts.

Multiple Endings

There are five different endings for Kid Icarus. They are determined by how many stats you have maxed out. The five stats are:

  • The number of Zeus's special weapons you've acquired.
  • The number of hearts you've collected. Max = 999
  • Number of strength arrows acquired. Max = 5
  • Number of full health meter bars. Max = 5 (no lower than 4).

    If none of these conditions are maxed out, Pit gets a hat that looks like a Gilligan hat in the ending.

    If one condition is met, Pit gets a helmet.

    If two conditions are met, Pit gets a helmet with a big red feather.

    If three conditions are met, Pit grows up.

    If all conditions are met, Pit grows up and receives a kiss from Palutena. Also, more details appear in the background graphics, such as columns and a group of angels that fly around and drop hearts.

  • Electric Slide!

    Pit has the strange ability to slide back and forth while ducked down. This isn't really a special trick, I just find it funny!

    Trial of Mirrors

    In the mirror room, stand a little right of center and duck. If you stay in one place ducked the whole time, you won't get hit by more than a couple of mirrors, and if you've got good dexterity you can avoid all mirrors without ever having to shoot at one. You can use this tip and start entering mirror rooms right away. - Submitted by Beau

    Hold Up

    To help jump onto those really tiny platforms in space, hold up as soon as you jump. Pit will stick to whatever he lands on. This will also work if Pit is sliding on ice. If you hold up, he stops dead in his tracks. - Submitted by Beau

    Safety From Moilas

    The pink flying starfish on the final level (Moilas) only go so far across the screen, then they turn around and fly back the other way. They never go to the very right edge of the screen, so if you hang out there, you're completely safe from them:

    Stay anywhere on the right edge and the Moilas can't get you.

    Once the third wave is gone, you'll want to move back to the left to avoid being hit by an upcoming enemy.


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