Collin Lv 3 This is one of Palutena's soldiers whose body has been taken over by Medusa's evil magic. It is surrounded by Eeleyes. It hovers in one place and is easy to defeat.
Commyloose Lv 1 It looks like a crab. They travel in groups of four. The Commyloose jump up from the bottom of the screen and chase after Pit.
Daphne Lv 4 A green flower that flies up from the bottom of the screen, hovers for a few moments, then falls back down. They come in groups of four and are easy target practice!
Eeleye Lv 3 A small enemy that circles around Collin's body. As long as you keep your distance from them, they aren't a threat, since Collin never moves from his hovering spot.
All This is one of the most annoying enemies in the entire game! They are only found in the fortresses. Unlike most other enemies, which are indigenous to one fortress, the Eggplant Wizards appear in all of them. They shoot a small eggplant from their magic staffs. If it touches Pit, he gets turned into a walking eggplant, which disables him from using his weapons! You'll need to find the Nurse to remove the eggplant.
Erinus Lv 4 This guy looks similar to the Eggplant Wizard, but fortunately, he can't turn you into a walking vegetable. He appears only in the last stage. He walks around on the red bricks and shoots at you. If you shoot him, he splits into three parts, which will try to ram Pit.
Ganewmede Lv 1 Ganewmede is a skull-like enemy that inhabits the Level 1 Fortress. They appear in a large group when Pit enters the room and circle around. There's a red kind and a blue. Red is a little bit stronger and leaves a big heart when killed. It's similar to Specknose.
Girin Lv 2 This insect-like enemy appears in the Overworld of Level 2. It suddenly sticks its head up out of the ground and shoots at Pit. Sometimes, it comes up right below your feet!
God of
All The God of Poverty is not an enemy that you fight. He hides in one of the pots in the treasure rooms. If you break the pot he's in before breaking all the others, you won't get to keep your treasures! But if you leave him for last, an item will be in his place.
Hewdraw Lv 2 Hewdraw is the boss of the Level 2 fortress. It's a huge, snake-like dragon that bounces across the room. Defeating him is made all the more difficult by the lava pits that comprise most of the floor in his chamber. Centurions don't work too well against him, since his constant leaping will take them out rather quickly. The best strategy is to stand in the middle of the room, and try to dodge him, then hit him from behind. He is only vulnerable on the head. Have at least one bottle, too.
Holer Lv 3 A strange cactus-like enemy that pops up from the clouds, shoots at Pit, then disappears back into the clouds. Don't duck its shots if you're on a cloud, because you'll fall through! Basically, it's the same enemy as Girin, it only looks different..
Keepah Lv 3 The Keepah is a gargoyle-like enemy that swoops down out of the sky. Sometimes, it will pass by Pit and go right down off the screen, but then it comes up again and attacks! Unlike most enemies that travel in packs, I usually see these alone.
Keron Lv 2 It's part grasshopper and part frog. The Kerons hop about the Level 2 Overworld and try to land on top of Pit's head! They sometimes travel in packs of four, and sometimes travel alone.
Kobil Lv 1 This bug-like enemy inhabits the level 1 Fortress. You usually find them four to a room. They slowly walk back and forth in a given spot. There's a red kind and a blue one. The red kind is a little stronger and leaves behind a big heart when killed.
Komayto Lv 3 One of the more talked-about Kid Icarus enemies, this flying jellyfish is based on the Metroids in KI's companion game! Unlike the real Metroids, these won't cling to Pit and suck his life energy. They do appear in groups of four out of the sky and circle around Pit for awhile, trying to ram into him.
McGoo Lv 1 A slime-like enemy that appears out of the floor, sometimes right below where Pit is standing! This enemy is basically the same as Girin and Holer.
Mick Lv 2 A huge floating mouth. They appear in groups of four from the right side of the screen in the Overworld and make a beeline at Pit!
Minos Lv 2 Minos looks like a round pink bird's-head or frog's-head. They appear in groups of four. They shoot up from the bottom of the screen, hover for a few moments, then dive back down. They can be annoying, since they often shoot up right below Pit.
Moila Lv 4 The manual says this enemy is a starfish, but it looks more like a flying pink flower. They appear from behind Pit on the last level, shoot across the screen, then fly back. They can be tough to avoid. They always appear in groups of four.
Monoeye Lv 1 A huge floating eyeball that appears in groups of four from out of the sky. They circle around Pit for awhile, and try to ram him. Basically, the same enemy as Komayto. This is one of the first enemies you'll see in this game.
Monolith All The Monolith is a mirror that tumbles from the ceiling in Zeus's Training Chamber. If you endure the training long enough, Zeus will reward you with a special weapon.
Nettler Lv 1 Nettler looks like a red frog. It charges right at Pit, and will even try to duck his arrows! It's a pretty fast-moving enemy, too!
Octos Lv 3 This octopus enemy looks more like a severed head to me! It appears in groups of four from the bottom of the screen, then leaps all over the place! It's practically the same enemy as Commyloose.
Pandora Lv 3 Pandora is the boss of the Level 3 Fortress. She takes a lot of hits to be defeated, but overall, she isn't that tough. She moves slow enough to be avoided easily. The main problem will be avoiding the two indestructable bubbles that bounce around in her room. She will also "disappear" a lot, but actually, she just turns black to match the background. (Usually, you can still see her moving around.) She's only vulnerable in the mouth. Centurions will help in this fight.
Pluton Lv 2 It's a debate whether this enemy is more annoying than the Eggplant Wizard or not. It appears in large groups from the right side of the screen, and jumps across at Pit. It cannot be destroyed, and if Pit touches it, it steals one of his special weapons! If this happens, you will either have to win another weapon from Zeus, or buy it back at the black market.
Pluton Fly Lv 3 Just like Pluton, this enemy is indestructable, and will steal Pit's special weapons if he touches it! Luckily, it's easier to avoid. It flies back and forth in one spot. Jump up in front of it, and it will make a beeline for Pit. Wait for it to pass by, and then your path will be clear!
Reaper All This is one tough enemy! He paces back and forth on a ledge. If he sees Pit, he goes berserk and calls Reapettes to attack Pit! He takes a lot of hits to kill, and he's invincible while he's yelling. Try to hit him from behind without being seen!
Reapette All A miniature Reaper, they appear in groups of four when the big Reaper calls on them. They circle around Pit and try to ram into him. When you defeat the Reapettes, they leave small hearts. Don't pick these up. Finish off the big Reaper, first. As long as the hearts are on the screen, no more Reapettes will appear!
Rokman Lv 2 This enemy drops free-fall style in groups of four out of the sky in Level 2! He's not that tough to avoid. Just be careful he doesn't fall on Pit's head!
Shemum All A basic snake enemy that falls out of the sky, or out of pots in groups of four and marches directly at Pit. These appear everywhere except the final stage, even in fortresses! This is the first enemy you will face in this game.
Shulm Lv 2 A mushroom enemy that appears in the Level 2 Fortress, and behaves in the same manner as Kobil. There are red and blue versions. The red is a little stronger.
Snowman Lv 2 This thing looks more like an albino alien than a Snowman! It walks back and forth on icy platforms in the Overworld, and shoots snowballs at Pit. Do not duck his shots if you're on an ice platform, because you will fall through! He takes a lot of hits to kill, too! Try to take him out from a distance, if you can.
Specknose All This is the most bizarre enemy in the whole game! It looks like one of those fake noses with the mustache and glasses that you can buy in novelty shops. They appear only in certain rooms that you enter. They circle the room wildly. The only purpose they serve is for Pit to defeat them and earn lots of hearts. They come in Pink and Blue colors. The Pink kind is a little stronger than the Blue.
Syren Lv 4 A harpy-like enemy that only appears on the last level. It attacks in groups of four, flying in from the right side of the screen, and swooping at Pit. Try to get them all in one shot. They're pretty fast, but not too tough.
Tamambo Lv 2 A flying ball that appears in the Level 2 Fortress, it is exactly the same enemy as Ganewmede, only it moves faster. The red kind is stronger than the blue kind.
Tanatos Lv 4 This is a snake that leaps out of Medusa's hair in the final battle. According to the manual, it's name means "Death" in Greek, but it's not really that deadly. Position Pit so that the snake will come within his line of fire, and time your shots to hit it in the head. Medusa has an endless supply of these things, so they won't stop coming until the battle is over.
Totem Lv 4 This enemy drops straight down out of the sky in the final level. If they land on a brick floor, they will pile on top of each other! Overall, not a big threat.
Tros Lv 3 A flying spiked ball found in the Level 3 Fortress. It is the same enemy as Ganewmede and Tamambo, only much stronger and faster! The red kind is stronger than the blue kind, as always.
Twinbellows Lv 1 The boss of the Level 1 Fortress is a two-headed demon dog, like the Cerberus. Because of the way it shoots two fireballs at once, it can be hard to dodge! Try to get behind it and attack. It's possible to trap it in a corner, facing away from you. Then it becomes helpless. Centurions really don't help much because Twinbellows is too low to the ground for their attacks to hit him.
Uranos Lv 3 A troll that appears in the Level 3 Fortress. It behaves exactly the same way as Kobil and Shulm. The red kind is stronger than the blue kind.
Zuree Lv 4 A ghost that appears only on the final level. It flies up and down in one spot. Just shoot it before you get too close to it. Not hard at all.
Medusa Lv 4 The final boss of the game! Medusa is, unfortunately, somewhat of a pushover. It is possible to beat her without taking a hit, or even using much effort. The Mirror Shield will block her shots, but Pit has to fire his own shots, sometime! Stay all the way back at the left of the screen, and float just below the level of her iris, so that her shots start going downwards. They will not be able to hit Pit. Now, time your shot to hit the snake that jumps out, and keep shooting into her eye. Medusa, strangely enough, does not have the power to turn Pit to stone. (Storywise, I think this is prevented by the Mirror Shield.) After a lot of hits, the eye will disappear, and Medusa's human body will crumple over. You've won!
NOTE: The enemies marked "All" appear in all levels except the final level (Level 4)!


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