Small Heart You get these after defeating weak enemies like snakes. Worth 1 heart. Collect lots of these to buy items from the shops!
Half Heart One-half of a Big Heart, it's worth 5 small hearts. Get these from defeating mid-level enemies.
Big Heart This baby is worth 10 small hearts! Get these from defeating tough enemies, or in the pots in the treasure rooms.
Credit Card If you destroy all the pots in the treasure room, and the God of Poverty doesn't appear, and item will be in his place in the last pot. That item may be the elusive Credit Card. This can be used once at the Black Market to purchase an item, even if you don't have enough hearts. But all hearts you earn after using it will go towards paying off your debt. Once it's paid off, you'll start earning hearts again.
Chalice You will sometimes find these at various points in certain levels. It contains Water of Life. It will refill one life block when touched. You can also buy them in shops.
Bottle You can only get bottles in the shops or treasure rooms. It will go into your inventory. When your life meter runs out, it will automatically refill one block. Normally, you can only carry one at a time, but if you get the barrel, you can carry up to eight.
Barrel The barrel will allow you to carry up to eight bottles in your inventory. You can buy one from the black market or find it in the treasure room.
Angel Feather If you fall off the bottom of the screen, and have a feather in your inventory, it will allow Pit to fly back up. You must guide Pit to safety before its effects wear off, however. Buy it in the shops or find it in the treasure rooms. It's a very useful item!
Treasure Pot You'll find these in the treasure rooms. They contain big hearts and mallets, but once houses the God of Poverty. If you find him, you lose everything! But if you break them all and don't find him, break the last pot to get a special item. It costs 5 small hearts to break each pot.
Flaming Arrow You can win this special weapon from Zeus in the training rooms. It adds a fireball to the end of Pit's arrow. The fireball will do a few extra hits of damage to the enemy, but overall, it isn't very useful. You must have at least one life block full to use it.
Sacred Bow Another special weapon that you can win from Zeus. It increases the range of Pit's arrow, so that he can shoot all the way across the screen! You must have at least two full life blocks to use it. Get this!
Protective Crystal The final item you can win from Zeus. You need at least three full life blocks to use it. It causes two crystals to rotate around Pit. They will damage enemies and absorb their firepower. Not bad!
Strength Arrow If you've defeated enough enemies, Zeus will give this to you when you enter his chamber. It will increase the strength of Pit's arrow and change his color. You start with one strength arrow, and can earn up to four more.
Mallet This item is used to free the Centurions from their stone statues in the Fortresses. It can also be used as a weapon, but is not very useful in that respect. Get them in shops, treasure rooms, or by grabbing the harp.
Harp Grabbing this harp will change all on-screen enemies into mallets for several seconds. Grab the mallets before time runs out!
Centurion Statue You will find these statues in many of the fortress rooms. Use the mallets on them to free the Centurions inside. Once free, they will aid in your battle against the fortress boss.
Check Sheet This is a map of the fortress. There is one hidden in each fortress. Once obtained, the map of the area will appear on the inventory screen, but this is useless without the pencil or torch.
Flaming Torch If you have the map, the torch will show your current position.
Pencil If you have the map, the pencil will mark off the rooms of the fortress as you enter them. It's good to help find your way through.
Sealed Casket You will get one of these treasure chests when you beat the boss of each fortress. They contain the three Sacred Treasures that Pit needs to defeat Medusa. They cannot be used until the last level.
Mirror Shield One of the three Sacred Treasures, it can only be used on the final level. It will block Medusa's shots and the shots of other enemies, too.
Light Arrow Another of the three Sacred Treasures. It will shoot like a laser beam, annihilating most enemies. It keeps going clear across the screen, hitting all enemies in its path! It's the only weapon that can defeat Medusa.
Wings of Pegasus The last of the three Sacred Treasures. Plain and simple, these will allow Pit to fly in the final level. The treasures are automatically equipped when you reach the final level.


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