Flying Omelette's Dreams Archive

This is an archive of some interesting dreams I've had over the years. These have all been reposted from The Dream Thread at Port Saiid.

Before we get started, it's been my experience that dreams are sometimes a sensitive subject for people to deal with. If that's your case, then simply don't read this section as my site has plenty of other sections to entertain you. Thanks, but no thanks to sending me "interpretations", as I firmly do not believe dreams predict the future, have distinct meanings, contain messages or symbolism, or any other such unprovable balderdash and you will not convince me otherwise.

With that said, now enjoy these strange journeys into the subconscious mind of Flying Omelette.

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  • Video Game-Related Dreams

    Shadowgate Secret - 10/19/09

    I had a dream that if you waited a really long time at the Shadowgate title screen, it would change to a screen showing credits with the main theme from Deja Vu playing along. The credits screen looked like it was intentionally made in Atari 2600 style graphics. It had a blocky diamond-shaped border and a ball would bounce slowly around the screen within the diamond shape. Each time it hit a corner, a different name in the credits would appear.

    Then, in the same dream, I waited a really long time at the beginning of The Legend of Zelda and it had a secret opening demo with that "Link, he comes to town, he comes to save the Princess Zelda!" song playing with it.

    No More Sonic - 06/30/09

    I dreamed that the apartment management came to my door and told me they were getting too many complaints about my alarm clock and I couldn't use it anymore. I asked them how was I supposed to wake up on time for work without it and they didn't have an answer but they said if they got any more complaints, we'd be thrown out.

    Then, in the same dream, they also passed rules that said residents couldn't speak Spanish on the premises and you could never mention Sonic the Hedgehog's name. If you owned any Sonic games, you had to cross out the name "Sonic" on the game and anywhere else it appeared on the packaging.

    Shadowgate Sequel - 06/04/09

    I had a dream that there was a previously-undiscovered NES sequel to Shadowgate. It was very much like the original game, with the same graphic style and text-based adventure gameplay, but the main difference was that there were things living in this castle that could follow you from room-to-room and if you didn't figure out how to deal with them in time, they would eventually find you and trap you, giving you a game over. Unlike the original Shadowgate, it was important to close doors behind you in this one because that might make it harder for the monsters to find you. (It seemed sometimes like it was more of a mansion than a castle, because I remember closing a door at one point and the door had a window on it, so I could see a monster's shadow pass by it.)

    In the context of the dream, it really did seem rather scary and suspenseful. There was one monster that kept trapping me and I kept trying all kinds of solutions, but he still kept getting me. Eventually, I found a knife hidden in a background object and was about to use it on him when he got me again because I was too slow. At that point, I said I had to turn the game off for awhile and the dream ended.

    Diddy Kong vs Eeyore - 10/19/08

    I had a very, very strange dream that I was back in my old bedroom in my mother's house and there were these two stuffed animals that kept coming to life every night after I'd get in bed to go to sleep. One was an Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh), the other I think was Diddy Kong (or some kind of monkey - I could never clearly see either one because they'd only appear in the dark). Eventually the monkey ran away and for some reason, there were people saying it was my fault he did. I went to the mall and found him there and he told me that it wasn't because of me. It was just that Eeyore was too "emo" for him and he couldn't take hearing him complain all the time.

    Castlevania Museum - 09/11/08

    I dreamed that someone was constructing a videogame museum, and for some reason, I was overseeing the project. The first area that was completed was a Castlevania room. The walls, ceiling, etc. in the room were all decorated to look like scenery and characters from the Castlevania series and there were a series of TV monitors and game consoles spread around it. The idea is that every Castlevania game ever made would be playing on the different displays. There was talk about doing the Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man rooms next, but there were concerns about how much it would cost to keep the place running with all the electricity it would consume.

    Earthbound Remake - 01/09/08

    I dreamed there was either a sequel or remake of Earthbound (I don't know what system it was for, though) and the only real differences were that they enhanced the graphics (although it still looked 16-bit), added a realistic cymbal crash to some of the music, and it had a different final dungeon.

    Final Fight Email - 01/09/08

    I dreamed someone sent me an email about me saying that Final Fight is overrated. That's what the subject line of the email said. But the body of the email was incomprehensible.

    Donkey Kong Weirdness - 12/14/07

    I sometimes have a reoccurring dream of being in an arcade and playing some game that's a weird variation of Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong Jr.

    Real Life RPG - 08/28/07

    I seem to have a lot of dreams in which I'm walking someplace that I've been to IRL (ie, the forest trail alongside the Rancocas Creek in NJ) and suddenly something happens that's out of an RPG for no apparent reason. For example, a dialogue box will pop up, or I'll step on a treasure chest and it opens as a dialogue box says, "You found 99 GP" or something like that.

    Alundra 2 in a Crowd Scene - 04/02/06

    Sometimes I have dreams that require a lot of random people to be standing around, and my subconscious often fills the requirements by including things that make no real sense. I dreamed that there was some huge building that a lot of people were trying to get into. The reason is because there were giant spiders everywhere and for some unexplained reason, that building was the only place the spiders couldn't get into. In the dream, if I'm not looking directly at the people, they seem to just be random people that I can't really describe what they look like. But if I look directly at someone, that's when my subconscious has to fill in the void. Sometimes, it'll be random people that I know. Sometimes, it's celebrities that I know from TV shows and movies. In this dream, the people in the building included the pirates from Alundra 2 and Kin-Liu from Image Arcane.

    Resident Evil Movie - 10/15/05

    I dreamed I was in a Resident Evil movie, but it was so very, very strange. First of all, it took place in a school, and it seemed like they were trying to keep the "puzzle-solving" aspect of the games in the movie. In one scene, I had to run past a bunch of zombies in a room to get to a pair of scissors, which would be used for something else later.

    Also, in one scene, suddenly Patrick Stewart walked out of a door and it turned out he was an actor in the movie. But I had no idea he was in the movie until that moment (and he apparently was the only famous person in the movie), so I was completely starstruck and unable to perform my lines.

    Even though this was supposed to be a Resident Evil movie, it seemed more like a comedy. At one point, the song "Ghostbusters" started playing, which isn't exactly appropriate.

    Eternal Darkness Influence - 09/19/05

    One night after playing Eternal Darkness, my dreams started having "sanity effects". They weren't like the sanity effects in the game, it's just that events would go on for so long in the dream, and then there'd be a bright white flash. I'd hear that "da-DUH!" the game makes when a sanity effect happens, and then the dream would move onto something else. Also, I dreamed Crawl and I were watching a Dawn of the Dead remake or sequel, and the zombies in the movie looked exactly like the Chattur'gha zombies.

    Weird Version of Final Fantasy 7 - 09/11/05

    I dreamed I was playing Final Fantasy 7, but it was completely different from how the game really is. Cloud looked the same as he does in the game, but the background graphics looked more like something on a modern system (it was completely 3D and much higher-quality than what's possible on the PS1 - like Eternal Darkness, for example). For some reason, Cloud started out with all of his party members already and all I did was wander around a huge 3D farm.

    Lost Might & Magic Maps - 07/23/05

    I had a really weird one that was a two-parter. I have no idea where this dream was taking place, but I dreamed that there was this guy named "Brian" who was famous for throwing parties. This character did not appear to be based on anyone I actually know, he was more like Ferris Bueller. Anyway, I went to one of his parties and someone asked me if I was having fun, and I replied, "Well, the problem with Brian's parties is that once you've been to one, you've been to them all", so I guess the dream implied that I'd been to his parties before. (As for what was actually going on at the party, it seemed there was a lot of people dancing, balloons being thrown around, and lots of cake to eat. That's all I really remember. I don't think I even actually saw "Brian" in the dream.)

    I was about to leave when I suddenly bumped into my old art teacher from high school. He was carrying a folder containing some of his work and I wanted to look through it, but he wouldn't let me. Someone who was dancing bumped into him and he dropped the folder. A bunch of papers spilled out and amongst them were some of my old Image Arcane comics. They were complete, before I had cut them up, completely inked and colored in, and kept in extremely good condition. (In reality, this wouldn't make sense. I never actually brought any of my comics to school or college. I only worked on conceptual art.)

    I looked through the rest of his stuff and it also turned out that he had my Might & Magic maps (which also makes no sense in reality, since they're sitting right behind my chair at this very moment.)

    I didn't question the reality of any of this, though, I just asked if I could have them back, but he refused. I then asked if I could at least make copies of them for myself, but he refused that, too. (What's weird is that he communicated everything without actually talking.) I contemplated just taking my comics and maps and running off with them, but decided that wouldn't be the right thing to do, so I gave them back to him. At that point, I woke from the dream.

    I end up falling back asleep and I start dreaming that I'm putting all my game systems into a big closet (again, I have no idea where this dream is taking place, as the closet, nor the room it was in, did not look like anything from our apartment or my home back in NJ.) The thought occurred to me that it was very odd that he wouldn't at least allow me to make copies of my comics and maps. I deduced that he might be telling people that he actually drew them himself.

    So I went back to the party and looked for him. I didn't find him anywhere, but the folder with the stuff in it was still lying on top of a washing machine. I picked it up and looked through it and, sure enough, his name had been scrawled in the corner of every page of comics and Might & Magic map. I took them from his folder and was about to leave when someone from the party asked me, "So, you've got them back now?" My reply was, "Yes, but in dream only, since I know this isn't real", and then I woke up.

    (Note: This dream is very eerie in retrospect, particularly what I said in it right before waking up, as I did eventually lose all of my Might & Magic maps, and some of my old Image Arcane stuff, in an apartment fire.)

    N64 Predictions - (Recalled From Years Ago)

    One time, long before the N64 was released, I dreamed that I was playing a Star Fox sequel. The level I was playing had a black-and-white checkered floor. Although no such floor pattern existed in the eventual sequel, Star Fox 64, there ARE floors with that pattern in Super Mario 64, and it looks amazingly like what I saw in the dream. Even the general graphic style of the game was similar to what the dream looked like.


    Cartoons, TV Shows, & Movie-Related Dreams

    Captain N - 11/10/09

    I sometimes have a reoccurring dream that I'm watching a long-lost episode of Captain N that always starts out with them sitting on a giant flower (kind of like the one in the opening sequence of Paladin's Quest). I think I had that dream again last night.

    Inspector Gadget - 05/28/09

    I dreamed that this mall was having problems with children disappearing and Inspector Gadget was hired to investigate... Except that he was not a cartoon character, he was a real-life person... but he did not look like Matthew Broderick or French Stewart (both of whom played him in the recent live action movies). He looked older than them, and his clothing looked like the cartoon character's clothing, but not his head (though I think he was wearing the hat). He was also supposed to be really serious in nature and nothing like the cartoon character.

    But people kept walking up to him and asking him to show off his gadgets, and he refused, saying that he only uses them when necessary. Then people started asking him to do funny things and asking about Dr. Claw and other goofy things. It got to the point where nobody seemed to care anymore about the kidnappings and they just wanted to see Inspector Gadget do something stupid or silly and he kept refusing, but not really saying or doing much about it.

    I left the mall thinking, "That was really stupid to hire Inspector Gadget for that. What were they thinking? Of course, that was going to happen."

    The Joker's Hummingbird - 03/20/09

    I dreamed that there was this new pet shop that was really huge and had a strange rare golden hummingbird for sale as a pet. Nevermind that no such hummingbird exists in reality. Nevermind that you can't get hummingbirds for pets anyway. So, I'm in the pet store, and I see the hummingbird, and I go to leave and the Joker from Batman walks in. It could have been the Heath Ledger Joker, but it was hard to see his face, and it looked more like he was a rendered character from a modern 3D videogame, but that may have just been due to the weird, dark hazy look of the store in the dream. The Joker tries to steal the hummingbird (for what reason, the dream did not explain) and he does so by smashing the cage open. Of course, the bird escapes and we all end up chasing it around the store.

    Finally, the bird returns to the person who works in that area of the pet store and he puts it back in a cage. The Joker gives up entirely at this point and starts acting sad that his plan failed. I don't remember if it was me who said this next, or some other random person in the dream, but someone yelled to him, "Get over it! If you want the hummingbird, just buy it!" The Joker seemed to acknowledge that that actually made sense, but then the dream ended.

    Marvel Cartoons - 03/20/09

    I dreamed that me, Codie, and (I think) Crawl (and possibly even some other people on this board, but Codie is the only one who really stood out for some reason) were in some kind of mall unlike any I've actually been to, and we were in a lounge area watching some cartoons on a huge widescreen plasma TV. Each cartoon was based on a different Marvel comics. The first was X-Men, the second was Spider-man, the third was the Incredible Hulk, and the fourth was Fantastic Four. While the X-men and Spider-man cartoons were "good" (at least according to the dream - I can't remember much about what we actually saw), the Hulk and FF cartoons were really "bad". I got up out of my chair after it was over and said something like, "Well, that just goes to show why I never liked the Hulk or the Fantastic Four." We were leaving, and it seemed like Codie wanted to say that the cartoons of the Hulk and Fantastic Four didn't really represent how good those things are in other forms (like, I guess, the comics themselves), but she didn't get a chance to say it before the dream ended - which leaves one to wonder how we knew she was thinking it.

    Peanuts Foodfight - 03/07/09

    I had a dream that several Peanuts characters, including Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and Pigpen, were fighting about something over a kitchen table. Eventually, they started throwing food back and forth at each other. It seemed most of the fighting was being carried by Linus and Pigpen in particular, but the dream didn't explain why they were mad at each other.

    Then somehow it was explained that they had gone to some swamp or jungle or forest of some kind and picked all these vines and plants to give to a museum. At this point, the dream segued into the museum and it no longer looked like a cartoon. It had real people walking around and the building looked real. The vines and plants were all over the ceiling and walls. Some of the vines somehow grew into a giant boulder (must have been Boulder Dash influencing the dream) and it rolled off the ceiling and some Asian guy had to run away from it.

    It was also explained that the Peanuts gang had made sugar cookies for the museum, but instead of eating them, for some reason the museum staff placed them on the floor in various rooms. It also seemed to be implied that all of this was happening during the Christmas holiday season as the cookies were shaped like christmas trees and had green sugar crystals and/or frosting on them.

    Then the dream's "camera" panned slowly across a room as the ending music (during the coronation/wedding scene) from Final Fantasy 4 started playing. The music segued into the final part of the ending theme from Final Fantasy 6 and the scene faded to black and credits started rolling (though I couldn't read what any of them said), and then I woke up.

    Real Ghostbusters (3) - 01/30/09

    In this dream, the ghostbusters were in some kind of weird pyramid that had walls lined with glass eyeballs and holes. The entire middle of the pyramid had a large maze-like 3D map (sort of like Raiders of the Lost Ark), and they had a large diamond that was supposed to show them where something was located when it was placed properly into the maze. The dream did not explain what they were looking for, though. However, once they put the diamond in the maze and were waiting for something to happen, the glass eyeballs on the walls started lighting up and giant spiders started coming out of the holes. Peter and Ray started arguing with each other because they each had a different idea of where the diamond should be placed, and didn't notice the spiders at first. The dream ended when they finally noticed them and started shooting the spiders off the walls.

    Real Ghostbusters (2) - 01/30/09

    In this dream, some ghost put a spell on Janine that made her think she was a maid. The ghost theorized that Janine was the true backbone of the ghostbusters and they'd fall apart without her. She left the firehouse and moved out into the country and became a maid for these people in a large mansion in the middle of nowhere. But then the ghostbusters figured out where she was and drove out there and somehow Egon convinced her to come back and broke the spell just by talking to her. It wasn't even particularly dramatic like the big spat they had in "Janine, You've Changed". When she was packing up her things to go back, the people in the mansion were sad to see her go.

    Real Ghostbusters (1) - 01/26/09

    I had a dream involving the Real Ghostbusters, but I remember very little about it. One thing I remember is that there was a part where the Ecto-1 was broken down somewhere in Philadelphia and Winston was trying to fix it in a hurry because it was a bad neighborhood. When they finally got it running again, they had to cross about 5 or 6 train tracks in a row. The only other detail I can remember is that the ghost they were fighting appeared like a giant light with eyeballs in the sky.

    DiC's Andy Heyward - 11/14/08

    I dreamed I was watching a televised interview with Andy Heyward, the president of the DiC animation company, and he said something that either indicated he thought cartoons were generally best around the era of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show or that he thought the Super Mario Bros. Super Show was the best show DiC ever produced. I'm not sure which. Maybe both.

    (Note: It was just a weird dream. I don't think he's ever really made either statement.)

    Low-Budget Muppets - 09/20/08

    In this dream there was a new Muppet Show that was extremely low-budget. They wanted to have a wrestling match between John McCain and some pro wrestler, but the way they did it was by having people wearing a mask on their face of the person they were supposed to be. The show ended up being so terrible that there were people outside the studio who were dragging burning wooden boards from a bonfire and trying to use them to set the building on fire.

    Female Predator - 09/13/08

    I had a dream that there was a TV show about a guy obsessed with wanting to marry a female Predator. I'm not sure if the show was a sitcom in the dream or like a news story about a real guy who wanted to do that. I think the internet is having strange effects on my subconscious. The funny thing is, I never once considered the idea of a female Predator before that dream and I'm not sure such a thing exists in any canon material.

    Knights of Justice - 05/19/08

    I had a dream that something like what happens in King Arthur and the Knights of Justice really happened in real life. But instead of being "awesome", as cartoons make such situations out to be, it was really traumatizing for everyone involved.

    Ecto-1 Yard Sale - 03/09/08

    I had a dream that my parents were having a yard sale and so we went to see what they were getting rid of. One of the things they were selling was a replica of the Ecto-1 from the Ghostbusters movie. It was an actual functional vehicle that looked just like Ecto-1, but it was maybe a little smaller (perhaps not the same exact model, just something smaller painted to look like it.) I seemed to be a little angry that they were selling it and couldn't imagine why.

    Spiderwick Chronicles - 02/25/08

    I had a dream that the kids from The Spiderwick Chronicles were going off to fight an army of 22,000 goblins. Because there were so many, they were recruiting other kids to help them and they currently had about 12 members recruited. The dream was unclear as to who was leading the goblins now, but they were definitely after some kind of golden ring, just like in The Lord of the Rings, but again, the dream didn't really say why. I'm not even really sure who had the ring or where it was, though it might have been suggested that one of the kids had it.

    The kids stopped at a restaurant to eat along the way and a brawl broke out. Three of their party members were injured in the fight and they were really upset because they knew they would need all the help they could get. But then the dream ended as they were wondering what to do next.

    Zombie Transformers - 01/09/08

    In this dream, it seemed like there were people making real vehicles based on classic Transformers models and somehow they were turning into real Transformers. It was strange because the vehicles looked real, but once they transformed, they were in cartoon form. There was one vehicle that they were saying was a "Bluestreak", but when it transformed, it was actually Prowl. It seemed like at some point, the dream segued into a full cartoon because there was then (out of nowhere) a plot about Megatron who had some kind of virus he was using to revive dead Decepticons. He was using it on dead Autobots, too and they would work for him in a "zombie" like state. At the end of the dream, somehow the virus got dumped all over Megatron and he turned into a monster.

    Ghostbusters 3 (Again) - 12/06/07

    I had a dream that there really was a Ghostbusters 3 movie coming out, but when we went to see it, it turned out to be more of a remake of Ghostbusters 1, but it was based more closely on the NES game. I know, I know, the NES game WAS based on the movie, but somehow Ghostbusters 3 was MORE like the game.

    For the first half of the movie, all that basically happened was that the car drove all around town and you saw it from an overhead view, like the game. Then they'd get out and bust a few ghosts, then get back in and drive around. Eventually, they went to the Zuul building, but since it was like the game, it just happened after so long with no story or explanation for it. The dream seemed to skip forward to the fight with Gozer at the top of the building, and again it was like the game. They were just shooting at her as she stands motionless. None of that crossing the streams thing. And it didn't seem like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man was anywhere around until the very end of the movie which was a clip of him exploding which seemed to have been taken from the first movie. The dream ended with me being really pissed off in the theater because the movie was such a rip-off.

    Transformers Stuck in a Cave - 11/25/07

    I had a dream about Transformers last night. It was very strange. Somehow, every Transformer that existed got stuck inside this giant cavern, and there was some kind of boobytrap that caused the whole thing to collapse on everyone. Somehow, Soundwave and Shockwave were the only ones who knew about this and the dream may have implied that they were the ones who set the trap. After the cave-in, they flew off and were discussing what they were going to do to overthrow Megatron, who for some reason, was the only Transformer not at the cave-in. This is really weird because Soundwave and Shockwave are the two Decepticons that are most loyal to Megatron. The dream ended with the other Transformers who had been trapped all working together to escape, but I don't remember what happened after that, if anything.

    Harry Potter & the Muppets - 01/15/06

    This dream was like a combination of Harry Potter and the Muppets. I dreamed there was this weird building that had all the old muppets from the Muppet Show stored in the basement. Someone went down into the basement, and they all started to coming to life (on their own!) and they wanted to make a new Muppet Show. This one would take place in the building they were stored in which turned out to be, like in Harry Potter, a magic school. At one point in the dream, the muppets were all seated around a long rectangular table in a room like the one in the Harry Potter movies where they get their mail and also where Dumbledore gives his speeches (except in the dream, this room only had one table, instead of one for each school house.) And also like in Harry Potter, an evil wizard (like Voldemort) was supposed to come to the school, but this wizard had the ability to change his form to look like someone else. They figured out that he had already infiltrated the school because he had destroyed a cannon that was sitting outside on the lawn. They were trying to figure out which Muppet was really the evil wizard when the dream ended.

    Media Play Sale - 01/13/06

    I dreamed that I was in Media Play and the store was closing for the night. I kept picking out all these anime DVDs and for some reason, I took them all to a room upstairs and slept there overnight. Also, for no explained reason, everything I had previously bought at both Media Play stores was in that room, too. The next morning when the store reopened, I wanted to pay for the things I picked out, but I had gotten them mixed up with the stuff I'd already bought and couldn't remember which ones I hadn't yet paid for. Then I think my alarm went off.

    Ghostbusters 3 - 10/16/05

    I dreamed I was watching a preview for a Ghostbusters 3 movie. I don't remember a whole lot about the dream, but the preview showed the Ghostbusters fighting zombies. And even though it was a Ghostbusters movie, it didn't have any of the original cast members (I suppose that makes sense - I have said in the past that I think the originals are all too old to be in another Ghostbusters movie now.) I don't know who was playing the other three new Ghostbusters, but one of them was definitely Conan O'Brien. They were wearing grey uniforms that were closer to the ones used in the movies than the ones from the cartoons, but they were slightly different than anything they've actually used before.

    Muppet Show DVD - 08/09/05

    I had a really weird coincidence dream: I dreamed that I bought a full season of The Muppet Show on DVD and was watching it. (I probably had this dream because I had earlier told Crawl that I wished they had released a full season on DVD instead of just a few episodes.) This morning, after I woke up and checked my usual stops on the internet, I went to, and I don't even know why because I don't regularly visit it and usually not in the morning. And right there on the front page was the announcement that the first season of The Muppet Show was out on DVD. And I had heard nothing about this beforehand.

    Transformers Science Convention - 06/01/05

    I dreamed I went to a science convention and met Perceptor from the Transformers. I actually got to talk to him, but he didn't say much. It seemed like he'd been going to science conventions for some time and he was a little tired of it.

    New Tenchi Series - 03/13/05

    I had a dream that Pioneer made a new Tenchi series and for some reason, I was watching it on TV. The big thing about this new series is that they added three new Tenchi girls. One was a girl with cat ears (sort of like Cham Cham in Samurai Shodown 2, but she didn't look like Cham Cham). One was a really, really annoying little girl with an annoying voice who was dressed like a witch and carrying a broom. And the third one was....Bebedora.

    Tonight Show Coincidence - (Recalled From Years Ago)

    I had a dream one night that I was watching The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and they did a sketch with Edd Hall and Bob Vila. The very next night I'm watching the show and that's exactly what happens - they do a sketch with Edd Hall and Bob Vila. Very bizarre coincidence, I guess, since I didn't hear anything about the episode before I watched it.

    (Note: I do not consider this dream precognitive. My explanation is here. I mean, really, what an insignficant thing to predict, right?)


    Internet-Related Dreams

    Subdomain Updates - 09/30/09

    I had a dream that Hobbes, James, and Ragey all updated their sites at the same time and all three updates were (coincidentally) a comic about The Office.

    Game Pond Wikipedia - 09/26/09

    I had a dream that some Wikipedia-wannabe startup site did an article on the Game Pond and it basically went on and on about how the reason why it failed was because we didn't listen to Thawhidol - whatever that means. I was in the middle of writing up a pretty good rebuttal when I woke up. I'm kind of disappointed it wasn't real.

    David Wonn's Glitches - 03/24/09

    I had a dream that David Wonn restarted his glitch site. He moved it again to another server where he'd have more space and it wouldn't have a red siteadvisor rating. I had to check his site this morning to make sure that it hadn't come true, but it didn't. *sigh*

    Internet Friend - 10/07/08

    I've had about 4 dreams now about this person I know on the internet, and I have no idea why. But because I don't know what he looks like, he always ends up getting represented in the dream by strange things, yet somehow I always know it's supposed to be him. Last night, he was a small Transformer, though not one I recognize.

    Another thing is that whenever this person is in one of my dreams, the dream is always taking place inside a very large house. It's a different house every time, but they have some things in common - always very large. The upstairs is almost always just one big open room and there's a lot of wood paneling.

    Forum Idiot - 09/20/08

    I dreamed there was a newcomer on the forums who kept accusing different people of not actually being Russian. He specifically targeted Brigade and Daryn and he said he had all these reasons to not believe they were from Russia. I had to tell him that Brigade and Daryn have never actually claimed to be from Russia and the only people who have otherwise said they are Russian, like BJ and Sethra, are Russian-American. They were born here. Someone reminded me that Troy is Russian-American, but by the time I looked at the topic the newcomer started, he had already accused Nixxy of not being Russian, either, and I was a little furious because I just explained to him that no one said they were from Russia. Then I noticed in another one of his posts, he said he thought I should remove the NES music from the site because he saw no reason to keep old music around when there's plenty of new music, and that infuriated me to the point where I woke up.

    Game Pond Deletion - 09/12/08

    I had a horrible nightmare that someone deleted everything from the Game Pond and tried to restart the forum again with a whole new design. The way it happened would not be possible in reality for several reasons, not least of which is that Crawl and I are the only ones who have access to its admin panel now, but it still fooled me.

    I think James was in the dream, too, and he was trying to tell me it was allright because he'll just use to continue adding stuff from it to the website, but I was still really mad about it.

    Sethra's Sketch Comedy - 09/07/08

    I dreamed that Sethra finished a few episodes of her sketch comedy and it was excellent, although I can't remember any details now.

    Your Corsica is Bad? - 12/14/07

    I had a weird dream that I met John Solomon from the Bad Webcomics blog, but he was always standing in such a way that I couldn't see his face.

    Also, in one part of that dream, my Corsica was somehow mounted on the back of a dinosaur (I'm not sure what kind of dinosaur it was, but it was kind of like a triceratops without horns, if such a thing exists.) The inside of the Corsica seemed bigger than it should be, almost like a bus, and I was inside it with some other people. Someone commented that using a dinosaur for your car is nice because you don't have to drive. But then suddenly the dinosaur jumped into a lake and we all had to bail out as it submerged. As I swam away, I turned around and said goodbye to my Corsica.

    Hobbes the Pirate - 12/08/07

    I had a dream about Hobbes around the same time that CB007 and Sethra had theirs, and it was probably influenced by reading their posts. We were onboard a ship, except it was a normal ship in the ocean, not flying over a city. He looked like the artwork of himself on his site (even though I've seen real photographs of him, he still came across as looking like a cartoon character.) I can't really remember if he had a pirate hat or not because I might be getting my memory of the dream confused with Sethra's post. I'm not even sure if it was a pirate ship or just a normal ship. There might have been other forum members onboard, too, but I don't know who exactly they were. One thing I do remember is that we were trying to sail to Port Saiid. Not the forum or the town in Aidyn Chronicles, but the real Port Saiid in Egypt.

    Achewood Weirdness - 01/26/06

    I had a dream about Achewood, but I'm hard-pressed to be able to describe it. The only times I've ever actually read the comic is when Crawl has left a browser open on one. But I dreamed that a bunch of Achewood characters were in a room talking about something, but I don't know what. All I know is that at the end of the dream, somehow one of the characters (and I don't know which one) turned into Miss Piggy.

    Q&A False Alarm - 11/25/05

    I had a dream that someone sent me an email to the Q&A, and there was nothing unusual about the dream that would give it away as being impossible (like, for example, my parents being in the dream, or I start flying, or I'm inexplicably back in NJ, or something like that). And the question certainly was something that could've been legit. So, I woke up this morning, and I had to think for a moment if I dreamed that or if I really did receive such an email. I checked my inbox, but there's only one email in there that I haven't responded to yet and it's not the same as the one in the dream (I actually got that one several days earlier).

    Later in the day, Crawl and I were coming home from our shopping adventures and I had momentarily forgotten that the second email was only in a dream and here I'm trying to think of a way to respond to it. I had to think for a moment and remind myself it was only a dream.


    Dreams Related to the RAU Gallery

    Site Tracking Adventure - 07/30/09

    I had a dream that I got another idiot in my site tracker and was preparing to write a sketch about him. How disappointed I was when I woke up and found nothing unusual for the day.

    Honen's Odyssey - 03/04/09

    I dreamed that Honen was fired from the Grimmora University and as he was leaving, he told Nucleo that they were now enemies again, and Nucleo was upset because it wasn't his fault. Deuce wanted to go with Honen and at first he tried to run away without her, but she caught up to him. He was piloting a flying machine that looked like a miniature version of the Megallon and when he saw Deuce was going after him, he allowed her to come along and somehow she ended up onboard with no explanation. (There was also no mention of or explanation for Zumo's whereabouts in the dream.)

    Honen said he wanted to go to Oni Island because it was the only place that he could go, so they ended up there. They went to the village that had been burned down by Zara's army years ago and discovered that some Onis had survived the attack and were attempting to rebuild. There were also some humans there, too, for whatever reason. They were happy to see that Honen had returned and immediately decided that he and Deuce should be their king and queen. At first, Honen felt like he was too much of a failure and turned down the offer, but Deuce convinced him that the Onis needed his help, so he eventually accepted.

    He taught the Onis how to rebuild their houses into better houses and how to irrigate their crops. He built a palace for himself and Deuce that he said could transform into a battlestation if they ever got attacked. In the first really off-the-wall moment in this dream, the palace turned out to be exactly the one from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. If you've played that game, you might know that the Peach Mountain Gang transforms the emperor's Japanese castle into an English castle with a ray beam. That was how the castle transformed into a battlestation in the dream - except without any ray beams. When it was a normal castle, it looked like the Japanese one. When it was a battlestation, it looked like the English one.

    There was a scene inside the castle where it seemed like for all he'd done, Honen was still not feeling very happy for some reason. Then in the dream's second off-the-wall moment, he wakes up on a beach at the edge of Oni Island and tells Deuce he just had a dream that he and her became King and Queen of the Onis. Deuce tells him that it must have all been a dream because it's just him and her there.

    Honen said he was going to take her to an abandoned airbase (this is something that exists in the RAU canon, but I haven't mentioned it anywhere before yet), but they'd have to break the barrier the magic users put around it. Deuce asked how they'd do that and he said he didn't know and they were walking towards it when the dream ended.

    This took awhile to type all of this out, but it seemed like all of these events happened rather quickly in the dream.

    Band on the Run - 09/15/08

    I had a dream that Deuce, Nucleo, and Jack were roaming around the world for some reason. Sometimes it seemed like they were being chased by somebody, and when they needed to get away, they'd start flying. Fine for Nuc and Jack...but Deuce? Yeah, she could fly in the dream, too, although it made no sense. At the end of the dream, it seemed like Honen and Image were looking for them and were asking around bars and places like that about them.

    Cartoon Network Screw-Up - 09/05/08

    I had a horrible nightmare that Cartoon Network made a show about Honen and Zumo, but they completely fucked it up. For some reason, they were the only two characters of mine that they licensed so there weren't any other characters for them to interact with. The voice actor for Honen was horrible.* The premise seemed to be that they lived in an old-fashioned schoolhouse, but were trying to take over the world in every episode (like a Pinky and the Brain format rip-off), but then they'd have a guest star come on in the middle of the show and it would be a real person, like on the Muppet Show. The guest star on the episode I was watching was Jeff Lyne. He sang a song a cappella that I don't even think was a real ELO song, though (according to the dream's logic) it was something he wrote.

    The dream ended with me shutting off the TV and some people telling me they thought my sketches were a lot better than that show and I agreed by pointing out the problems of not having enough characters and the voice actors being bad. For some reason, I was going to go edit a Wikipedia article when my alarm woke me up and ended the dream.

    * - To elaborate on this, it sounded like they got a little kid to do his voice who couldn't do the accent very well so half the times he ended up talking without it. I can't remember what Zumo's voice sounded like in the dream (it might have just sounded like what I imagine it in my head normally to be), but he didn't talk very much.

    Epic Battle - 09/01/08

    Last night I had a dream about my characters. However, it was very disjointed and not very clear. It seemed like there was this huge epic battle, like something out of the Lord of the Rings movies, but it also seemed like it was just a battle scene in a modern videogame. Nucleo appeared to be leading the "good" army, but I couldn't tell what they were fighting against.

    Web Cartoonist Mishap - 02/21/08

    I had a dream that a show like "Entertainment Tonight" (not that one exactly, but an unnamed show similar to it) was doing a feature on web cartoonists. I don't know how or why, but I found out they were going to be doing a feature on me. I started to watch the show, but when it got to the segment on me, they didn't show my site, or any of the RAU sketches, or even talk about the characters. What they did was hold up a sketchbook that they claimed was mine. Well, it wasn't. The inside did have drawings of my characters in it, but there were also other things like drawings of the Animaniacs. In the back of the book was a name that was something like, "Mark (or Matt) Ialac", and they said that this was proof that he was the true creator of my characters.

    I was fuming mad and I began writing an angry letter to the station to explain that the book they had was obviously not mine and just because someone else drew some of my characters in their sketchbook, that doesn't prove they created them. I pointed out that they didn't mention anything about the site and failed to acknowledge that some of the other characters drawn in that book weren't even mine, like the Animaniacs. But the dream ended before I finished the letter.

    Lost Comics Found - 09/11/06

    I dreamed that I found a box that contained all of my old comics archives that I've either lost over the years or threw away. I get kind of sad after having dreams like that because I wake up thinking that if look through my archive boxes again, I'll find them, but alas, they aren't there. And then I start wishing I could draw and write again, but I either can't find time, or I'm too tired, or I worry that I just won't be good enough at it.

    Message Board Fight - 06/02/05

    I dreamed that a bunch of my characters were arguing with each other on a message board.

    (Note: This dream inspired the idea for the RAU Gallery sketch comedy.)


    Dreams Related to My Pets, Past & Present

    Kitties in the Park - 11/17/09

    I dreamed that we were able to take Caramel and Pepper to the parks with us and they'd follow us along the trails. Although sometimes Caramel would go off on her own to play with her pink plastic ball toys, but she would always come to us when it was time to go home. Since it was nearing the end of the year and the weather was getting colder, we went back to one of the parks to collect up all of her pink balls. Even though you'd think once one of those things is lost in a big park, it's gone forever, we were finding most of them quite easily.

    Hermes Transforms - 10/14/09

    I had a dream that I was going somewhere (don't know where) and Hermes kept showing up and following me. I'd pick him up and put him on this little dirt path that he'd take back home. But then he came back again, so I sent him home again. The next time he came down the path, he turned into a dog with the exact same color pattern. I still made him turn around and take the dirt path home. Then he came back again, but this time he was a little person. I yelled at him and told him to go home, but he started jumping all around and the dream ended. I couldn't tell what he looked like too much as a person.

    Baby and Hermes - 07/30/09

    I had a dream that I adopted Baby and Hermes spooned with her. I seriously doubt that would actually happen, though.

    Rosie in the Window - 05/13/09

    I had a dream that we were living in the new house already and I adopted "Baby" from the cat shelter. She was sitting on a windowsill and I was calling her "Rosie". (If I ever really did adopt her, I would have to change her name. I don't like "Baby". I don't even think that name fits her. She doesn't look like a kitten. She looks like a Lynx.)

    Cats in the Catacombs - 04/12/09

    I dreamed that Crawl and I moved into a new apartment complex that had an unused basement underneath that had been closed off years ago, although the building owners were attempting to reopen it and renovate it. The reason it was probably closed off is because it was one huge shared basement (which wouldn't work in reality, since it was too easy for stuff to get stolen.)

    For some reason the dream didn't explain, we were babysitting DJ at our new place (just DJ, none of Crawl's family's other cats). He must have been having trouble getting along with some of our own cats and went to find a place to hide from them. He disappeared and we couldn't find him. We theorized that he may have found a way into the basement, and indeed that's where he went. It turned out that the building owners, in order to renovate the basement, had been using the entrance from our apartment and they left it open.

    We went down to get DJ, and we saw a cat and assumed it to be him, but when we got close, it growled at us and ran away, and we saw that it was actually gray, not black and white like DJ. At first, we didn't think much of it, it was like, "Oh, there's a cat down here. Must have come from one of the other apartments." So we kept looking for DJ and found him on an old bed, hiding underneath some blankets. At that point, we noticed that the gray cat wasn't the only other cat down there. There were, in fact, dozens of feral cats living in a huge colony, and there were a few kittens under the blankets with DJ.

    We took DJ back up to our apartment, but somehow all the feral cats followed us back and got into our house. As much as I liked them and would have liked to have kept them, there were WAY too many, so we got a bunch of boxes and cat carriers and were trying to capture all of them.

    We had to be careful because some of them looked so similar to DJ, Hermes, and Pepper that we had to be careful not to capture them instead of the ferals. We also were aware that we had to be careful that any calicos we capture were not Caramel (the dream implied that Mel was around, although I don't recall ever actually seeing her. Pepper, Hermes, and DJ were all out walking amongst the other cats. Maybe Mel was hiding.)

    Anyway, some of the cats we captured before the dream ended included:

    A cat that was mostly black, but had some traces of Russian blue in it. The dream implied that this cat was the mother of some of the kittens, and for some reason, we named her "Chicago", but I don't know why.

    A very fat kitler. Looked like a cat I once knew named "Jimmy", except Jimmy didn't have the kitler mustache.

    A very fat, deep orange tabby that only had half a tail.

    A cat that was green. I know that doesn't make any sense, but its fur was yellow with a green tint.

    And several small tabby kittens.

    There was one kitten that had a reddish back, and a very short pink tail that I was considering keeping. I was worried that the shelter wouldn't take so many cats and what we'd do with them all if they wouldn't, because we already had about 8 trapped by the time the dream ended and there were still a lot more running around.

    Caramel Outside - 04/01/09

    I had a dream that Mel got out of the house and I didn't know it until I looked at the picture windows and saw her outside. That was the only part of the dream I remember.

    Another Calico - 02/06/09

    I had a dream that I woke up and found another calico cat in our house. At first, it was all dark and hard to see, but I could swear I was seeing three cats instead of just two. When I turned on the light, there was indeed a third cat - a calico that looked different than Caramel, but was all scrawny and raggedy looking like Caramel was when we first took her in. My concern wasn't so much that there was a third cat in the house as the fact that I didn't know how it got in, and I figured however it managed to get in, our own cats could likely use that method to get out. The dream never resolved how it got inside before I woke up.

    More Stray Cats - 01/09/09

    I had a dream that Crawl and I moved into a house that was surrounded by forest, and stray cats kept coming out of it. First, there was a really big fluffy orange tabby longhair female that I managed to get into the house. Then we found an all-gray male that hadn't been neutered. We got him in the house, but since we weren't sure if the tabby was spayed or not, we were keeping them separated from each other. Then I found a small brown tabby that looked similar to Pepper, but had a different head. As I brought that cat into the house I looked out the window and saw another orange tabby, but its fur was so light, it looked almost yellow. I went out to look for it, but it had disappeared back into the woods and that's where the dream ended.

    Somehow, I think my old dog Duke was in the dream, too. It seemed like he was already getting along with Caramel and Pepper but I was worried about how he'd react around the new cats.

    Chameleon Cat - 11/30/08

    I had a dream that I got Pepper back from the shelter and she kept changing into completely different types of cats. At first, she looked the same as she really does, but then she turned into a black cat. After that, she turned into a light orange tabby. Someone in the dream (maybe it was Crawl, but it wasn't very clear) suspected me of bringing more and more cats into the house and I insisted it was the same cat, but that it just keeps changing colors.

    Caramel's Escape - 11/12/08

    I dreamed that it turned out that Caramel was an escaped lab animal and she escaped by rollerskating (!) her way out.

    Noah's Ark - 10/09/08

    I dreamed that I was back in my old NJ house and I had some pet parakeets, rats, and a bunny that I was taking care of. There was some weather forecast that said that 1/4 of the earth's moisture had disappeared into the atmosphere and they figured out it was going to rain back down and cause massive floods (like on par with the Noah's Ark story.) This guy (who was like a ship captain) and a bunch of people that I don't know had this giant floatation device that I can't even explain. It was like a beanbag chair, only much, much larger, with multiple tiers, and it could float. The captain was insisting I get onboard, but I said I needed to stay home and take care of my pets. I told him that I didn't really believe there would be any flooding, and even if there was, I'd be safe in the house. He insisted that the water would be higher than the house and would come in through the windows.

    By this point, somehow, I had figured out I was dreaming. I told him that I would only agree to get on board the giant floating thing if I could establish a "rollback point" for the dream. He asked what that means. I said that if the flooding really wasn't bad, I would roll the dream back to the point before I got onboard so I could stay with my animals. He acted like he knew the gig was up, but was pretending that what I was saying was crazy. (Note: I've actually done this before in dreams when I figured out I was dreaming.)

    So anyway, I get onboard and somehow the thing starts floating around even though it doesn't seem like it rained yet. We had a TV set and we ended up watching some cartoon that was like Tiny Toons or Sonic the Hedgehog. There was no real rhyme nor reason to where the floating thing went. At one point, it was inside a building that looked like a hospital or school or something like that. At the end of the dream, I said that it was fun, but I was going to roll it back now so I could be with my pets. The dream ended, but with the implication that the house and my pets had been safe all along.

    Purple Parakeet - 09/11/08

    This dream involved me going to a pet store and seeing a really unique-looking parakeet that was almost all purple. I wanted it really badly and brought it home, but for some reason I took it to my mother's house in NJ and tried to put it in with my parakeets that I left there. I found out that my mother had moved them all into a really tiny cage and I was upset over that. I was planning to move them back into a larger cage and bring them back to Ohio with me when the alarm woke me up.

    Duke & Niki in the Snow - 06/10/08

    In this dream I was in a house that was like a cross between the townhouse apartment we lived in and my old NJ house. The inside was like my NJ house, but instead of its front porch, when I opened the door the area in front of the house was identical to that of the townhouse apartment, with no porch and an enclosed wooden fence and gate. My mother was in this house with me and she wanted me to break into the neighbors' houses while they were at work and steal their magazines. I refused and she got really pissed off. We started yelling back and forth at each other about it, and finally I ran outside to get away from her. It was snowing really hard, and once I was out into the snow, it seemed like the person I continued to argue with was sometimes my mother and sometimes my ex-boss. (They were alike in a lot of ways.)

    Also, my old dogs Duke and Niki were both still alive and they went running out into the snow as I ran out, too.


    Dreams Related to Music

    Edjumacation - 07/13/09

    I had a really jumbled, incoherent dream last night and the only part I remember now is a part about a band that was trying to cover Pink Floyd's The Wall Part 2, but the bandleader was getting angry because the other members kept pronouncing "education" like "edjumacation".

    Music Store Closing - 04/04/09

    I always have reoccurring dreams about being in very large malls and/or arcade rooms that don't look anything like any I've ever actually been to in real life. I had another one of those last night, but I can't remember much about it. One thing that happens a lot of times in the "mall" versions of the dream is that a music store is going out of business, and I look through the selection of discounted CDs and there's nothing interesting.

    All I Want is You - 05/29/08

    I frequently have dreams that end with U2's "All I Want is You" playing over them. I hadn't had one like that in awhile, but I did last night. I don't even really know what the dream was about, but the music was very loud and clear. I think it had something to do with me being in a grocery store but it wasn't like any that I've actually been in. In fact, it felt more like I was inside an old black and white movie somehow. Something about that U2 song is just incredibly haunting to me...

    Merle Haggard? - 05/27/07

    Well, you know me, I just had a dream about Merle Haggard, even though I'm not familiar with any of his music. Hey, maybe I should look him up on YouTube. I like using YouTube to listen to music.

    (Note: I didn't really describe this dream in the original post. Basically, IIRC, I dreamed he was coming to town for a concert and for whatever reason, I wanted to go see him. But it turned out that the concert was just him sitting on a wooden rocking chair on the porch of an old house somewhere out in the countryside, playing a guitar and singing to a small crowd of people. I still enjoyed the concert, even though it was weird.)


    Miscellaneous Dreams

    A Demon's Tale - 03/21/09

    I dreamed that there was this group of demons that used to be humans in (what appeared to be) Hell or Purgatory or something. Basically, their "Hell" was to live in a house that was similar to one they lived in when they were alive, except that they could never really leave it. They CAN, technically, but once they leave they only go so far before they end up at an impasse, though the dream was unclear as to the details of this.

    Anyway, these demons were given the chance of being reincarnated as humans again, but they had to perform a task of saving a human life before it was "scheduled" to die. The demon who was the central character of the dream chose (or was maybe even specifically given) the task of saving the life of a bomb squad person who was originally going to be blown up by a bomb. What the demon did was take possession of the guy right before the bomb was going to go off, and have him jump on an elevator to escape the building with the bomb. The irony in the situation is that the reason the guy was going to die originally is because he knew there was a bomb and tried to save his teammates first. But the demon knew that they wouldn't be saved anyway, so he possessed the guy and jumped on top of the elevator without a word (it wasn't a normal elevator - it was like a box on a pulley system out in the middle of the room), and watched everyone that he left behind as the elevator went up. Eventually the bomb went off.

    Now, the weird thing is that the next day, the bomb squad guy (still possessed by the demon) was in a classroom (for what, the dream didn't say), and I guess he had some project to do. So this woman who claims to know him comes into the classroom and they start cooking something. The rest of the class is really happy about the food and they have a small party.

    Then the class settles down and the teacher begins teaching again, when (and I'm not making this up) James and Tyler (!!!) walk in. I don't know how the dream represented them since I don't know what either of them looks like, but somehow, it was them. They also knew the bomb squad guy and they started talking to him, and then attempted a stand-up routine (!!!) in the middle of the class. Some of the students were really amused by it and laughed and clapped. But once it quieted down, a student who was sitting behind the bomb squad guy stands up and says, "I'm sorry, but I'm finding this guy really distracting."

    Even though the rest of the class were enjoying the antics that were previously going on, they all suddenly agreed with this student and began clamoring for the bomb squad guy to be thrown out of class. This angered the demon, but instead of showing it, he quietly got up and left the class and proceeded to leave the building where this was taking place. The "cooking lady" that knew him ran after him, calling out to him, but he continued to walk forward without turning back.

    Once he reached the doors of the building, it seemed like there was some rule that went into effect that he'd have to leave the body of the guy he had possessed. However, the rule also stated that the guy would not be able to stay alive unless the demon stayed with him a certain amount of time, which of course wasn't up yet. The demon had decided it wasn't worth saving the guy, so the moment he passed through the doors, they separated, and somehow the history that the demon changed when he made the guy get on the elevator reverted and the bomb did kill him after all (though the dream only implied this, it didn't explicitly show it.)

    Do you remember how in Beetlejuice the ghosts couldn't leave the house and it was like a huge desert beyond the doors? Once the demon left the building, it was a similar scenario, but instead of a desert, he ended up in a place that looked like the Ghoul Realm in Demon's Crest. After walking just a short bit he was right back in his house and decided that he enjoyed being a demon in his house where he could watch TV all day and didn't want to be reincarnated as a human after all, because the experience taught him that he didn't like humans much anyway.

    Lions in the Zoo - 03/20/09

    I dreamed I went to this zoo that did not look anything like any of the three zoos I've ever actually been to. It had these enclosures for the animals that were unlike anything I'd ever seen in a real zoo. They were almost like those safari parks at places like Disney World. Anyway, they had this lion and this strange giant white female creature that was pure white, but the dream was unclear about whether this animal was some kind of lion or a wolf. Or maybe a hybrid of both, even though in reality that's not possible.

    Anyway, the wolf creature had been kept in an enclosure that was constructed to look like a North American forest. She lived there with a pack of wolves. The lion was in an enclosure that was constructed to look like the African savannah. For some reason, the zookeepers decided that it was time to put the white creature in with the lions. They walked it over to the lion's pen on a red leash (??) and as they walked past me, I noticed the animal had a large brass key in its mouth.

    Now some time apparently passed at this point in the dream. Apparently, I had left the zoo and come back (maybe a year) later for another visit. During this visit, I went to the lion pen and that strange white creature was at the front and still had that brass key in her mouth. Suddenly, she started talking to me telepathically (it seemed). During her year in the lions' den she had fallen in love with the one of the male lions, but said she also missed her wolf pack and wanted desperately to visit them again. She asked if I could help her go back to the wolves pen. I agreed, put her on the same red leash, and took her back.

    Then somehow the zoo people found out what I was doing, and we both had to run to keep from getting caught. It seemed like we were running forever until we finally were in the middle of a public park. I told the creature that there was no way we could escape the authorities forever and I was going to be in big trouble for stealing a zoo animal. She said it wasn't a problem, that is what the key was for. It then seemed like she was going to use the key to unlock a doorway into an alternate reality where we could escape to, but the dream faded out at that point.

    Polydactyl Playpen - 03/11/09

    I had a dream that someone had a polydactyl cat (but it wasn't Caramel or Hermes) and the rest of the details of the dream are very hazy now. The cat, I think, was in an enclosed playpen area in the middle of a very large toy room. And there was a little train you could ride on to go all around the room and it would pass by the cat's play area so you could see it up close.

    Old NJ House - 01/30/09

    Occasionally, I have a reoccurring dream where I drive back to my old house in NJ to pick up a bunch of stuff I left behind, even though I didn't leave anything behind that I'd still want.

    Strange Islands - 01/10/09

    I dreamed that Crawl and I moved someplace that was near a beach. There were several islands off from the shore that you could reach by boat, and I kept going over to them to look for jobs. I came back from maybe the third one empty-handed and someone told me that I shouldn't bother getting a job on the islands unless I had my own boat because the public boats were eventually going to stop running. There was also a really gigantic school building that was so large, you could only get to certain parts of the shore area by going through it.

    Black & White Rats - 10/19/08

    In this dream, I was looking for a black rat (for what reason, I don't know). I found a white rat, instead, and asked it if it could talk. It replied, "Yes", in a female voice. I was asking it about the black rat, and the implication in the dream was that the black rat was the white rat's husband, but it ended before I could make any sense of what was going on.

    Carnival Games - 10/19/08

    I had a dream where I was at a carnival watching people play carnival games, but I can't remember all the details of it. All I know is that one of them was a game in which you throw balls at rodeo clowns and try to hit them for points. Score enough points and you win a prize. The other game was this thing that had colored blocks sliding back and forth over colored jars and you had to pull a lever at the right moment to make the blocks fall into jars of matching colors.

    Tom Cruise's Book Store - 10/19/08

    I had a dream that Tom Cruise opened up this mall bookstore, but you weren't able to actually buy any books at it. You could look at the books in the store to "preview" them, but then you had to fill out some forms to sign up for a book club, take home a brochure, and order the books through it to be sent directly to your home. The store failed and he was angry that it did, but everyone was saying that a store where you can't actually buy the books is a stupid idea.

    Bubu Wrecked - 10/10/08

    I dreamed that I let some people borrow Bubu and they wrecked him. They tried to drive over a bridge, but the driver suddenly thought the bridge was going to open, so without looking or thinking, he shifted into reverse, smashed into a car behind him and Bubu flipped completely over it. I was angry at the guy for doing this and he insisted that he looked and there was no one behind him when he first started backing up. I think the guy was the same person as the ship captain from the Noah's Ark dream. And once again, I told him I was going to roll the dream back to the moment before I let him borrow the car. I was looking over the damage on Bubu and getting ready to roll the dream back when it ended.

    White Mushrooms - 09/20/08

    I dreamed that I found a mushroom growing in the middle of our bed. I told Crawl about it and he told me that I worry too much and that he'd take care of it. So I went to play some videogames. Later that night when I went to go to sleep, the entire bed was covered in white mushrooms.

    Rollercoaster Nightmare - 09/20/08

    Crawl and I went to an amusement park and we were on a really huge rollercoaster. Each car had like four seats in a row (usually it's only two), but for some reason, Crawl was sitting in the seat behind me instead of next to me. As the ride began to move, Crawl was yelling that he couldn't get his belt properly connected and the restraining bar wasn't working either. I started screaming "stop the ride! stop the ride!", and finally it stopped. The ride operator walked over and started yelling at Crawl for complaining. He claimed there was nothing wrong with the belt or the bar and Crawl was just crying about it for no reason. I got furious and started yelling that it was clear neither the bar nor the belt were secured and I asked if anyone would trust riding this thing knowing that the operator does not have any concern for people's safety. Everyone got up and started leaving the ride. Some people were clapping.

    Loud Whistle - 09/20/08

    In this dream, two people were talking (maybe one was me, I don't know), but then suddenly the conversation was interrupted by a very loud high-pitched whistle. It was so loud it woke me up and scared me quite badly. I thought maybe it was a smoke detector alarm. When I didn't hear it again after lying awake for a few moments, I convinced myself I just dreamed it.

    Malibu Trade-In - 07/21/08

    I had a weird dream that seemed to relate directly to my musings on what kind of vehicle to get after Bubu is paid off and the Corsica dies. I dreamed that it was several years into the future and I had just finished paying off the Malibu. I got a call from the dealership where I bought it and they told me I could trade it in for a new minivan and we wouldn't have to pay anything. I accepted the offer and when I got to the dealership, the minivan looked almost exactly like Bubu. The front was the same, and the color was the same. The only difference was that the back was a lot larger and had a minivan hatch rather than a trunk.

    I drove away in it, but halfway home I realized I had left something (dream didn't specify what) in Bubu's glove compartment and turned around to go back for it before they sold the car to someone else. When I arrived and saw Bubu in the lot, I stopped the van and started to cry. The dream kind of faded at that moment, but I think the implication was that I changed my mind about trading Bubu for the minivan after all.

    Cedar Point Squirrel - 06/10/08

    I dreamed that Crawl and I were at Cedar Point and we noticed a squirrel that seemed to be attacking the new rollercoaster they have there. It turned out that the squirrel was really rich (?!?!) and had paid for all of the rides and portions of the park that have a "western frontier" theme and it was angry that they took out Snake River Falls for the new rollercoaster.

    Expensive Aquarium - 12/21/07

    I had a dream that Crawl and I went to an aquarium somewhere and when it was time to pay for the tickets to get in, they told us it would be "5000 dollars" each. We were stunned and thought it had to be a joke, but it really was 5000 dollars per person to get in. We declined and got out of line, but there were other people in line and they thought it had to be a joke, too and it couldn't really cost 5000 dollars, but it did. The dream ended with us driving home.

    Motorcycle Annoyance - 11/26/07

    I had a dream that I somehow acquired a motorcycle. I was supposed to take a family member (who isn't even alive anymore) somewhere on the motorcycle, but she was being a real hardheaded pain in the neck about it and kept sitting on the front of it instead of the back as though she wanted to drive it herself. She wouldn't move no matter what and eventually I started screaming at her to get off of my motorcycle, but she still wouldn't budge. I had an idea about what to do and left, but I don't know what the idea was or where I went after that because the dream ended.

    Cabin in the Woods - 09/03/06

    I dreamed there was a cabin in the woods, and we weren't sure if anyone was using it. It seemed like it was abandoned. But when we went inside, it definitely looked like people had been using it for camping and possibly hunting/fishing trips. There were all kinds of food in jars stored in there on a shelf in the back. I specifically remember there being a lot of grapes and there were unopened bags of marshmallows.

    The weirdest thing of all - do you remember those toys from the 80's that were a tiny pill-sized object and you put it in water, and it would grow to enormous size overnight? I had two of those: a blue penguin and a red robot. Well, this cabin had several jars full of these things on the lowest shelf. One of them was that same blue penguin.

    Statue of Liberty Destroyed - 07/25/05

    I had a dream that terrorists blew up the Statue of Liberty. There were angry survivors all around Ellis Island throwing rocks at the plane they used to destroy it.

    Werewolf Town - 05/05/05

    I had a weird dream about this town that had werewolves roaming around in it. The werewolves weren't really bad, but the people were prejudiced against them. Might have been because I was thinking a lot about Image Arcane.

    Sudden Volcano - (Recalled From Years Ago)

    I've had dreams about a big volcano suddenly appearing somewhere, like in the middle of the football field that was down the street from my house in NJ, but I haven't had one in a long time.



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