The Oratory

All the people of fifth century England have gathered here today at the oratory. Let's take some time to meet them all and get to know them.

In other words, these are all the non-player characters (NPCs) who will help you or hinder your quest, depending on who they are, who they're loyal to, and what tasks you've completed for them.

Merlin - Merlin is the famous wizard who serves in King Arthur's court. When the real King Arthur is trapped in the Cave of Glass by the evil sorceress, Morgana, Merlin searched through time and space to find an answer. He finds a 20th century high school football team called the "Knights" led by team captain Arthur King. Assuming this cannot be a coincidence and must be a sign of some kind, Merlin transports the team back in time and transforms them into...the Knights of Justice! Anyway, Merlin is basically the guy who sends you on all the game's quests. He is your guide and when you reach an impasse, he will usually help you by cooking up a magic spell (but not before sending you on a fetch quest for some ingredients first *groan*).
Lady of the Lake - The Lady of the Lake guards the legendary sword Excalibur. She will only allow Arthur to wield it if he can prove he's worthy of it. You must defeat the Young Dragon atop Shield Heights and return the Pendragon Shield to the Lady as proof of your courage. Then, for some bizarre reason, she makes you walk an invisible path through the lake to claim the sword.
Blacksmith - You will find the Blacksmith's house hidden amongst the trees on the roadway to Shield Heights. Just look for a part of the path that branches off slightly down from the main road and disappears into the trees and follow it. The Blacksmith has the Book of Eld, which you need both to give to Erek to gain access to Castle Tintagel and also to use as a cipher for finding the correct path through Blinder's Way. However, you must dispatch the Warlord Patrol before he will give you the book. Go slightly northeast of the Blacksmith's house and push up into the trees until you find the glade with the Warlords. Beat them and take the helmet. Return this to the Blacksmith and you'll get the book. Later, he will also make you Warlord Armor, but you must bring him iron scraps, firewood, and cider from Welton Village first.
Erek of Tintagel - This hermit (who has the same exact profile pic and sprite as the Blacksmith) lives in a cave to the west of Camelot Castle and claims to be the true ruler of Tintagel, but was forced into hiding when Warlord Spike took over. He will allow you to use the secret passage into the castle only if you return the Book of Eld to him, which he says the Blacksmith stole from him. Once you've returned the book, you can talk to Erek any time to view its contents, as it acts as a cipher to decode the correct path through Blinder's Way. Erek never leaves his cave, even after you defeat Spike.
Wise Woman - This old witch lives in Welton Village. If you break the spell Morgana put on the village, she will charge the La Bijou du Porte gem with magical energy so that you can gain access to Gruesome Keep. She will also give you the Scroll that allows you to retrieve the Key of Truth from the Ivory Pedestal in Gnome Woods. You can also collect an infinite number of healing herbs just outside her house.
Gem Cutter - You can find him in the Gem Shop in Welton Village. Put on the Warlord Armor that you get from the Blacksmith and talk to him to get the La Bijou du Porte, which is the key to the secret entrance of Gruesome Keep.
Map Maker - Has the same sprite as the Gem Cutter, but different profile pic. You can find the map shop in the south part of Welton Village. After you break the spell on Welton, bring some Sea Flowers to the Map Maker and he'll give you the map of Blinder's Way.
Squire Everett - While you were lost in Blinder's Way, Warlord Blackwing flew over Camelot Castle and dropped the Tears of Gorjus on Squire Everett. The tears have made him sick, and only the horn of the Zug can save him. You can talk to Squire Everett by looking at the bed in Merlin's Room.
Blaise - Blaise is a wizard who lives in a house off the east end of the Swamp of Zagar, and he is a total rip-off of Yoda from Star Wars. He talks just like Yoda, he lives in a swamp, and he was Merlin's teacher, much like how Yoda was Obi-Wan's teacher. He does not like royalty so he will not welcome you into his home until Merlin gives you a secret word to tell him. Once you know the word, you will have to bring him Eye of Newt, Nightshade, and a Hairball so he can turn your party into birds. As birds, you can enter Stone Keep and also get to the Flying Island to retrieve the Air Elemental Key.
Druas - Druas is an alchemist who lives in the northwest part of the Swamp of Zagar. He wants Pitch Blend so that he can perfect his formula for turning lead into gold. Bring him Pitch Blend from the Rock Golems in the Northern Forest area (near Castle Vilor's cellar door) and he will give you the Water Elemental Key.
Kazak - Kazak is the Gnome King. He isn't named in the game, but I got it from the manual. In the Northern Forest Area, somewhere near the cellar door to Castle Vilor, is a small cul-de-sac where Kazak will pop out if you walk in the right spot. Find his missing son and he'll give you the Earth Elemental Key.
Gnome Prince - This guy doesn't seem to have a name in either the game or the manual, but he is Kazak's missing son. Once you speak to Kazak, go straight north, to the next screen, and keep going north until you find him tied up by a group of warlords. Defeat all the warlords and talk to the gnome to free him. Return to Kazak to get the Earth Elemental Key and also to gain access to the Gnome Woods, where you'll take a test to earn Tone's Key of Truth.
Woman - This unnamed woman is the one solitary resident remaining in Crownhorn Village. The invincible warlords have scared everyone else away. Bring her the Mordraine Wood, Pixie Dust, and Saltmoss, and she will combine them to create Mordraine's Crystal, which you will need to destroy the boulder that makes the warlords invincible.
Hungry Traveler - An unnamed traveler whom you can find standing along the roadway between Blackroot Keep and the Dark Citadel. He is lost and hungry and wants something to eat. Find the loaf of bread in the surrounding forest and bring it to him. He will give you a piece of the Staff of Rhiothamus in return.
Zombie - Go into any of the crypts in the Dark Forest's graveyard to get some clues regarding the Doorkeeper, the Ring of True Seeing, and the Plain of the Dead from these talking corpses. It isn't necessary to do this, but hey, they certainly look cool enough that it's worth it.
Doorkeeper - If you have the Ring of True Seeing, you will find this guy at the back of the church in the Town of the Dead. He is guarding the entrance to the Plain of the Dead, and will only let you pass through to it if you have the Cloak of Death and pay him two Gold Coins. Get those items from the two people you find in the small houses in town.
Goldsmith - First of all, I apologize about this, but the developers got a little lazy (or rushed) with the character designs at this point in the game. Almost everyone in the Town of the Dead has the same exact profile pic and sprite. Anyway, you'll find this guy in one of the small houses in town. He will give you two Gold Coins if you promise to bring a Flower O'Innocent to his physical form on the Plain of the Dead. You need the Gold Coins to enter the Plain of the Dead, so be sure to get them from him. If you bring him the flower he wants on the plain, he will help you find your lost friends.
Undead Man - This guy is unnamed, but you'll find him in the Town of the Dead in the Dark Forest. He will give you the Cloak of Death if you promise to bring a Flower O'Innocent to his physical form on the Plain of the Dead. You need the Cloak of Death to enter the Plain of the Dead, so be sure to get it from him. If you bring him the flower he wants on the plain, he will help you find your lost friends.
Doorman - Not to be confused with the Doorkeeper, this useless fellow is a servant of Baron William Black and guards the entrance of his mansion. He will inform you that his master does not like mortals and asks you to leave. Other than that, he serves no purpose.
??? Black - This guy is unnamed, but he is one of Baron William Black's sons. He lives in the mansion in the Town of the Dead. He will help you gain an audience with his father if you bring him the Dragon Lord Gem that his brother Richard has. Give the necklace to Richard to get the gem. Give the gem to this guy to get the key to the Baron's room.
Richard Black - One of Baron William Black's two sons. He likes gems and jewelry. If you give him the necklace, he will give you the Dragon Lord Gem. Give this to the unnamed son to get the key to William's chamber.
William Black - William is the Baron of the Dark Forest. He lives in the mansion in the Town of the Dead. He does not like mortals, but he will tell you how to reach the Stone Gardens (Morgana's lair) if you can manage to gain an audience with him. Get the key from one of his sons so that you can enter his room. Unfortunately, he refuses to speak his father's name, due to the curse that was put on the family, so you'll have to find his daughter for that information.
Mary Black - Mary is the daughter of Baron William Black and she also lives in the mansion. After you've spoken to William, speak to Mary. She will tell you the name you need to speak inside the crypt so that the door to the Stone Gardens will open. (The name is John Black.) Mary also tells you about the curse on her family and how to break it, but there is no way to actually do that in the game.
Morgana - The evil sorceress who created the Warlords through her dark magic and seized control of all of England. She imprisoned the real King Arthur and his knights in the Cave of Glass beneath her mountain fortress, the Stone Gardens. Arthur King must face her alone to save the real King Arthur and get the final Key of Truth that will allow him and his displaced football team to return home. Her sinister intentions know no bounds, as you'll see when you enter the Dark Forest and find graves dug for every knight on your team...graves that will find residents once a boobytrapped statue of the witch suddenly shoots two bolts of deadly energy at your current party members. Morgana turns into a giant red dragon for the final boss fight.
King Arthur - The real King Arthur was trapped in the Cave of Glass by the evil sorceress, Morgana. Arthur King and the Knights of Justice must find all twelve Keys of Truth and defeat Morgana to rescue him. I wonder if the fact that he looks so much like an older version of Arthur King is meant to imply that he is in fact Arthur's ancestor.



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