Welcome to Stonehenge, a great place to listen to music or read. Translation: This is the Download Center for Knights of Justice music, manual, and artwork.

All original music composed by Robert Ridihalgh.

Right now I only have two midis that I converted with SPC2MIDI.

  • Blinder's Way - This midi didn't come out too well. The flute holds the note far too long in the ending, but I couldn't seem to fix it. (The actual game music seems to use trumpet, but I had to go with flute because the trumpet didn't sound right.) The pitch seems to be off a bit at times, too, causing it to sound offkey.

  • Gates of the Fortress - I had far more success with converting this one. I'm glad, too, since it's my favorite song in the game. Very unique piece.

    High-quality mp3s that are identical to the game's music.

  • Main Theme ~ Knights of Justice - This is the title, opening, and ending cinema music. It's based on the music from the opening sequence of the cartoon series (and even includes some of its sound effects!)

  • Overworld ~ The Kingdom of Camelot - The password screen and map screen music. Some parts of it sound very similar to Habaņera from Georges Bizet's Carmen-Suite.

  • Camelot Castle - The music for when you're inside Camelot Castle or the towns, like Welton Village. This one's pretty good.

  • Unsettling Terrain - Various parts of the overworld use this very appropriately-named tune. Unsettling, indeed. It's a piece that builds a lot of tension.

  • Danger! Warlord Territory! - Mostly used for the Warlords' castles and other dangerous places. More tension building here.

  • Underground Cavern - Simple, ominous music for the caves, like the one where you find Erek of Tintagel.

  • Gates of the Fortress - This one is my favorite. It's used for the wastelands and the castle basements. It's an unusual piece of music that isn't like anything else I've heard in games before or since. Great "improv"-style trumpet work on this one.

  • Ogre's Lair - Well, it's not much of a song, but I may as well include it to be complete. I'm not even sure why a unique song was created for this part of the game since the Ogre's Cave is just one room and he dies so quickly, you probably won't even stay in there long enough to hear it all the way through.

  • Theme of the Warlords - The boss music. Pretty good as far as boss music goes.

  • Blinder's Way - My second-favorite music in the game. A slow piece with a nice melody and mystifying quality. More trumpet work underscored by ominous timpani drums.

  • Mysterious Stonehenge - The music for when you're at Stonehenge minus the obnoxious rumbling sound. It's not much of a song, but it's a small file, so I included it anyway.

  • Cliffs by the Ocean - Music that's also used for several different parts of the overworld. This one sounds rather depressing. I can understand why someone might think the game has depressing music after listening to this.

  • Swamp of Zagar - Title is self-explanatory. Scary music. Yes, it includes all those creepy monster noises, too. It's also used for the Dark Forest near the end of the game. Damn, does that place ever creep me out. It's dark. It's scary-looking. And it doesn't help any that two of your friends end up dead and buried in graves there.

  • Quiet Forest Trail - Another overworld theme, this one is usually heard on the forest trails to the south and west of the Swamp of Zagar, near the rocky mountain area.

  • Hadrian's Wall - The music for the autumn forest area in the north, near Hadrian's Wall. It has part of the Knights of Justice main theme remixed into it. If I had to pick a third favorite song in this game, it might be this one.


  • King Arthur & the Knights of Justice ROM

    You will need an emulator such as SNES9x or zSNES to play this ROM.

    Manual Scans

    Here are scans of the manual, map, and box that originally came with the game. I included the entire manual except the back cover because it's just a blank page with Enix America's old address and phone number. I wanted to scan the entire poster but it is too large for my scanner and would be too difficult to stitch together with multiple scans. Instead, I just scanned the map parts of it separately because that's the most important part. (The poster art is exactly the same as the front cover of the box anyway.)

  • Manual Front Cover
  • Page 2 (Contents) and Page 3 (The Quest)
  • Page 4 (Controller Functions) and Page 5 (Begin)
  • Page 6 (Knight Select Screen) and Page 7 (Play Screen)
  • Page 8 (The Menu) and Page 9 (Map View)
  • Page 10 (Inventory Screen) and Page 11 (Option Set-Up Screen)
  • Page 12 (Knight Profile Screen) and Page 13 (The Knights of Justice)
  • Page 14 and Page 15 (The Knights of Justice continued)
  • Page 16 (Non-Player Characters) and Page 17 (Other Characters)
  • Page 18 (Items) and Page 19 (90-Day Limited Warranty)
  • Poster Map Part 1
  • Poster Map Part 2
  • Original Box Art (Front)
  • Original Box Art (Back)

    Nintendo Power Scans

    Scans of the Nintendo Power interview with the programmers and Epic Center coverage of the first few quests.

  • NP Interview Part 1

    Note #1: The game was actually made by a group called Manley & Associates for Enix of America. It was the first and only game produced for Enix outside of Japan.

  • NP Interview Part 2

    Note #2: The game was originally going to be a 16 megabit cartridge. But halfway through development, the design team realized that they needed more memory for everything they wanted to include. An extra 4 megs was added, resulting in a 20 megabit game.

    Note #3: The design team researched not only the cartoon that the game was based on, but also some books on the Arthurian legend. These included T.H. White's The Book of Merlyn and the Medieval Fables of Marie de France. Unfortunately, since I haven't read them, I cannot tell you what elements of the game (if any) reference those books.

    Note #4: When asked what other games influenced them, the design team unanimously answered "Zelda". However, I should note that the game has more in common with maze-based adventures, like Crystalis and Lagoon than the dungeon-based Zelda series.

    Note #5: Two of the developers said that the final boss fight was their favorite part of the game.

    Note #6: This is the most interesting note - one of the developers mentions that he liked the boss called Blackwing. Blackwing was a character from the cartoon series, and he is mentioned in the game as being the Warlord who drops the Tears of Gorjus on Squire Everett. However, you never actually fight him in the game. I am suspicious he was meant to be the boss of Castle Blackroot, but was taken out of the finished version. (Blackroot is the only castle that curiously lacks a boss fight and Zeke's Key of Truth is found merely sitting on the floor in the final room.) I do not know for what reason Blackwing was removed from the game, but I wonder if any evidence of him still exists in the ROM somewhere...

  • NP Epic Center Coverage Part 1

    Note #7: This scan includes title art and artwork of the Knights of Justice on horseback from the opening of the cartoon series.

  • NP Epic Center Coverage Part 2

    Note #8: Wally's armor is a different color here (and it's that color in the manual, too.) He wore this white armor in the cartoon series, but it was changed to green for the game.

  • NP Epic Center Coverage Part 3

    Note #9: This scan includes a map of the overworld with all the castles and towns marked on it. This map calls the fortress where you get Darren's key the "Cape of Death". It is not named in the actual game. Also, the location of the Dark Forest is mismarked. It should be behind Hadrian's Wall, not in front of it.

  • NP Epic Center Coverage Part 4

  • NP Epic Center Coverage Part 5

    Note #10: This scan includes a picture that shows the entire revealed pathway through the Lady of the Lake's test.

  • NP Epic Center Coverage Part 6

    Note #11: This scan includes a map of Tintagel Castle's basement and the direct route through the castle floors to the boss.

  • NP Epic Center Coverage Part 7

    Note #12: This scan includes a map of Welton Village.

  • NP Epic Center Coverage Part 8


    Scans of the complete 3-part Marvel comics series based on the King Arthur & the Knights of Justice cartoon. Basically tells the story of how the football team were transported back in time and became the Knights of Justice and chronicles their first adventure to rescue Queen Guinevere. The reason some page numbers are missing is because I didn't bother to scan any of the ads. None of them were related to Knights of Justice in any way and were generally uninteresting anyway.

  • Volume 1 ~ Front Cover
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 1
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 2
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 3
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 4
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 6
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 8
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 9
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 11
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 13
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 14
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 15
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 16
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 17
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 18
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 19
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 20
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 21
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 24
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 26
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 27
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 28
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 29
  • Volume 1 ~ Page 30

  • Volume 2 ~ Font Cover
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 1
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 2
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 3
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 4
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 6
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 10
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 12
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 13
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 14
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 15
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 16
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 17
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 18
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 19
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 20
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 22
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 23
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 26
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 27
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 29
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 30
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 31
  • Volume 2 ~ Page 32

  • Volume 3 ~ Font Cover
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 1
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 2
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 3
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 4
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 6
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 7
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 8
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 10
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 11
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 13
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 14
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 15
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 16
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 18
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 19
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 20
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 22
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 23
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 26
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 27
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 29
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 30
  • Volume 3 ~ Page 31


    Note: These are all external links. and the Knights of Justice Shrine are not affiliated with these sites.

  • Art & Punishment - This is the blog of Kevin Pun, the artist who did all the in-game artwork for King Arthur & the Knights of Justice.

  • The Abyss of the Darkness - Ladyabaxa's Livejournal. This link takes you directly to all of her Knights of Justice entries. Lots on information on discoveries she made while hacking the game.

  • Ladyabaxa's Knights of Justice YouTube Playlist - Ladyabaxa plays through the entire game and she even includes some videos on glitches and unused/off-limit areas.

  • Knights of Justice @ - With Winamp and the proper plugins, SPCs are also high-quality music files that are identical to the game's music because, in fact, they are ripped directly from the game. However, my hosting service doesn't allow me to upload zip or rar files, so I had to choose between offering all the SPCs separately or simply linking to the webpage where I originally got them. I chose the latter.

  • Knights of Justice @ - The Internet Movie Database contains some info on the show, most notably, a complete list of the cartoon's voice actors.

  • Knights of Justice @ - Here is a page where you can download the intro from the cartoon series. You might recognize the theme song as the title theme from the game, only it's an electric guitar version with lyrics!

  • Knights of Justice (Cartoon) @ - Contains lots of information on the show's many characters. Since I've only seen the cartoon a few times and can remember little about it now, I learned many things about the characters I otherwise would never have known.

  • Knights of Justice (Game) @ - This is a separate article dedicated solely to the game, but it looks like most of the factual information was taken from stuff found on this site (and the screenshots, too), except for the "Reception" part where it mentions some random person named Milligan like 40 times who doesn't sound like he played the game all that much. (He found no major bugs or glitches? Ha ha ha!) I also love that it paraphrases that NP article where developer Sam Deasy said he liked the Blackwing boss without mentioning that Blackwing doesn't actually exist in the game.



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