The Round Table

This is the place to learn about Arthur King and the Knights of Justice. Twelve in all, they were once a normal high school football team. One day, they were transported back in time by the wizard Merlin to save Camelot from the evil sorceress, Morgana, who has imprisioned the real King Arthur and his knights in the Cave of Glass.

I was going to write funny descriptions for the characters, but I honestly don't think I'd be good enough at it. So instead, I just copied the descriptions from the manual. However, they're unintentionally hilarious anyway because of how serious the person who wrote them was taking the source material and because of ridiculous things like Breeze having a fearless gaze that turns his foes to jelly, and Brick wielding bricks with deadly accuracy (what does that even mean??), Zeke using his spare time to split atoms, and don't even get me started on Lug's description. I couldn't possibly make crap up and be funnier than this already is.

Although each Knight has his own set of stats, the differences are quite subtle. Sometimes those differences are just enough to make certain situations easier (for example, using Trunk against his boss is better than using Arthur because he has higher defense.) Since the AI for your partners is pretty bad, most of the times they just stand around or run off and get lost, so it doesn't matter much anyway. Arthur shoots his shield projectiles a lot faster than the other guys do. You can only switch from using Arthur to another knight when enemies are on-screen. Since Breeze gets his shield and key early in the game, which grants him unlimited shield attacks, a good strategy is to take him with you and then switch to him whenever multiple enemies surround you. This is especially useful against enemies that take a lot of hits from the sword. They usually go down with only one or two hits from a shield attack.

Also note that in some cases, the characters don't actually use for a weapon what these descriptions say they do. If the description says the character uses a projectile weapon, that projectile takes the form of his shield attack. For example, Lug's description says he throws a football. Instead of using a shield attack, Lug actually fires a football, and Darren shoots a crossbow. Same with Brick and his "deadly accurate" bricks that he fires inexplicably from his chest instead of his shield.

The knights will gain special abilities once they have collected both their shield and key. It will either be unlimited shield attacks, higher defense, or higher attack power. Merlin will tell you what it is for each character.

Arthur is a fair and bold leader who has gained the trust and confidence of his knights. Brave in battle and strong in friendship, he is the bond that holds the Knights of Justice together. Once he retrieves Excalibur and the Pendragon Shield, he gains the special dragon attack and becomes a fierce adversary indeed. Arthur is very much at home in this land of challenge and honor.
Deft wielder of the Pike, calm in the face of danger, Breeze is renowned for his "cool skill" in battle. Like the Sphinx whose mark he bears upon his shield, he gazes fearlessly and stolidly into the eye of his foe, generally turning all but the bravest into jelly. Arthur relies upon Breeze for his level-headed wisdom.
As a lineman for The Knights, Brick demonstrated his abilities as "The Brick Wall". After Merlin transported him to Fifth Century England, Brick had no trouble adapting. He has learned to wield bricks with deadly accuracy. The mark of the Bat on his shield tells of his ability to stand fearlessly in the midst of battle.
Darren carries the shield of the Griffin and wields a crossbow with piercing aim and ruthless justice. Darren has many good intentions and means well, but he has a weakness for getting into trouble. Even so, his skill with a crossbow and clear vision make him a strong ally.
No ordinary armor can stand the ferocious onslaught of Gallop's mace. Bearing the shield of Cerebus, the dog god, Gallop is the fastest runner of the Knights of Justice. He feels most at home when moving swiftly, which is why he loves horses so much and is a master rider.
Lance, as he is known to the Knights, sports the shield of the Lion and bears the lance as his weapon. He is a likable fellow and is always ready with a joke. Being lion-hearted, as his shield suggests, Lance likes to take the lead, oftentimes marching off without heeding Arthur.
Ever since Arthur called him a "big lug" because of his huge stature, the name has stuck. Lug uses the old pig skin as his weapon, and to great effect indeed! His shield bears the sign of the Octopus. He is very powerful, and often seems to be everywhere at once during a battle.
Phil wields the flaming mace and the Sword of the Panther. When he is not busy in the great feast hall, stuffing his face with the latest delicacies of Camelot's master chefs, he serves Arthur and his friends with undying loyalty in their quest for the precious Keys of Truth.
"Tone" is short for Antonio. He is Italian and his thick accent is hard to understand at times. Tone is a master blacksmith and can build anything. He once built a hang glider, which amazed even Merlin. His weapon is the battle hammer and his shield bears the mark of the Serpent.
Trunk is not the smartest among the Knights of Justice. His intelligence has been likened to that of a tree stump, hence his nickname. But he swings his battle ax with deadly skill and he has, by virtue of his Ram shield, the power to beckon the services of the ram at any time.
The skill of a swift and darting attack is what Wally brings to Arthur's Knights. As a running back, he was well-known for his ability to dodge the tackle. With the agility and speed of the Falcon whose shield he carries, he deftly wields his daggers and razor-like swords.
Zeke's shield is the Hydra, the many-headed dragon. His weapon is the spear. In his heavy Bronx accent, he could tell you the molecular composition of anything. He's a natural-born scientist and loves to spend his spare time splitting atoms and thinking about the universe.



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