The Magic of Scheherazade

A site reader sent these images (apparently from some Japanese advertisements) to me a long time ago when I used to have a random artwork section on the site. Unfortunately, I deleted that section long ago and lost my backup copy of it when my old computer blew up. I cannot remember the name of the person who sent it, so email me if you're that person and want credit.

American boxart front

American boxart back

I "borrowed" these images from The Great Game Database. Unfortunately, I lost my own copy of the box years ago. I was going to buy a new one to replace it, but I find it hard to keep cardboard game boxes in good condition because I just don't have the space for them.


This is a manga based on the Japanese version of The Magic of Scheherazade's story and characters. Contains a lot of interesting artwork. Please note that this is an external link and and The Magic of Scheherazade Shrine are not affiliated with this site in any way. I'm providing the link because I think it will be of interest to fans of this game and I do not want to steal the site's content. (Thanks go to SethraShnoo for submitting the link.)

Nintendo Power Coverage

Nintendo Power Pak Watch Preview

Small blurb where they make a joke about pronouncing the game's title. Also mentioned is Baseball Simulator 9000. 9000?? Yup. Either NP got it wrong or it was later changed to Baseball Simulator 1.000.

Nintendo Power Video Shorts Review

This is the only true review this game ever got in Nintendo Power. I have no idea why they relegated it to the Video Shorts section (which was usually reserved for the worst games) since they gave it such high scores. Not enough time? Too much else to cover that month?

Nintendo Power Classified Information

This is where I learned the password trick for warping directly to any of the game's four chapters. It is also where I learned to enter "END" as a password to view the ending of the game. It is not mentioned here (or in any other issue of NP), but this was also how I figured out to enter "SOUND" as a password for a Sound Test. Since "END" worked I figured it couldn't hurt to try...

Counselor's Corner Screw-Up #1: Underground Maze in Chapter 2

Nintendo Power is funny sometimes. Usually their Counselor's Corner section was really good for solving the most difficult puzzles and boss fights in various games, but occasionally, they'd get something completely wrong. Case in Point: I have no idea what Bizarro Universe version of the game they're playing there, but if you try to follow that line they drew through those rooms of that maze, you're gonna land right in a pit.

Counselor's Corner Screw-Up #2: Defeat Salamander

Okay, now I know they're playing a Bizarro Universe version of the game, because that's almost completely wrong. Yes, it's true you need to find Gubibi and get him to join you because you need his robe to be able to safely jump into the lava. However, the Salamander's Palace is not down there! The town where you find Rainy is down there, and you also need to get him to join you because only he can make Salamander appear. The Salamander's Palace (aka the Yufla Palace) is actually located on the overworld in the past. In the present time, the Salamander has taken up residence in the Fire Palace (where you found Gubibi), but he cannot be beaten there.

Top Secret Passwords Player's Guide Part 1

This is rather odd. While they could have easily fit all of that password information on one page (like they did for many other games in this guide), they decided to give TMoS a two-page spread with some information on what you have to do in each chapter. I'm inclined to think they were trying to make up for failing to give the game much coverage in their magazine.

Top Secret Passwords Player's Guide Part 2

And yet they still get that part about Gubibi's Robe and the Salamander's Palace wrong!!!

Nintendo Power Magic of Scheherazade 2 Rumor

This is the only evidence that Culture Brain had ever planned a sequel to The Magic of Sceheherazade. The sequel was never actually released. I do not know if any of it was completed or if it was only in planning stages and never got started when this rumor surfaced. Although I feel disappointed that this game never got a sequel, there might be some consolation in knowing that Culture Brain's Ninja Boy series actually declined in quality after Little Ninja Brothers (NES) and Ninja Boy (GB).




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