The Magic of Scheherazade

The hero of the story and all the characters who will join his party.

HERO - The descendant of Isufa and the hero of the game. This is one of those types of games in which the HERO IS YOU! (Even if that makes little sense for some, like me.) Anyway, he once tried to fight Sabaron, but the evil magician erased his memory and sent him spinning through time. After years of searching, Coronya the Time Spirit has finally found him and brought him back to Arabia to help save King Feisal and the missing princesses, and to defeat Sabaron once and for all.
CORONYA - Coronya finds you at the start of the game and beckons you to return to Arabia through the Time Door. She is a cat-like being who is also known as the Time Spirit. She will be a helpful guide and ally for this journey. She will tell you when to use OPRIN on the overworld to find secret doors and she'll give you clues for other things, too. In battle, she uses a Rod, which is very weak to begin with but increases in power when your Rod does. She also has the DEFENEE and MYMY spells. Coronya and Faruk together make the Cygnus Formation, which gives you use of the GYGATORN spell.
FARUK - Faruk is a powerful genie who helped Isufa defeat the great demon, Goragora many years ago. He disappeared when the town of Horen was swallowed up by the Moving Lake. You can find him in the town of Horen by traveling to the past before that happened. He is a strong fighter in battle, being able to attack two times per turn. Faruk also has use of the fireball-spewing GILZADE spell. Together with Coronya in the Cygnus Formation, he can also cast the mighty tornado-like GYGATORN spell.
KEBABU - I wish the artists had done a better job with Kebabu's sprite. It's almost impossible to tell what the heck she's supposed to be. In the game, she looks like a harpy. In the official artwork, she looks more like a valkyrie. Anyway, whatever she is, you'll need her help to get into the Aqua Palace. She also comes with a Ring that lets you escape from battles (even bosses) and a Mirror Shield that reflects bullets. In battle, she uses a Magic Arrow, and has the BOLTTOR and SEAL spells. Kebabu is square and reserved, so make sure you answer her questions politely.
GUN MECA - Gun Meca is a strange robot wearing a mortar board on his head and a Yen symbol on his chest. He lives in the town of Copanes in Chapter 2 and is busy learning to translate ancient Peke Peke language. I am half-tempted to think this guy is a C-3PO reference, but I can't really prove it. With a name like "Gun Meca", you'd expect him to be a battle robot, and maybe that was the purpose he was created for, but according to the manual, he doesn't even think of himself as a robot. So I guess he has a mind of his own. You will need his help to be able to understand the people in Alart 500 years in the past. In battle, Gun Meca can transform into a mirror to reflect enemy spells, and he has the BOLTTOR magic.
SUPICA - Supica is a flying monkey who is the only living being who can guide you through the Maze Desert. He is loved by the townspeople of Alart, but his mischievous nature often gets him into trouble. He was locked up in an underground maze when he stole Lah's bread. Find him by traveling 500 years to the past, but you'll need Gun Meca's help to translate the Peke Peke language that Supica speaks. In battle, Supica shoots a Magic Arrow, and he can use the SEAL spell.
EPIN - Epin is the guardian of the town of Sudari and according to the manual, he is over 700 years old. The Demon Curly has taken him to the Dark Palace and is holding him prisoner. He carries a strange whistle that can reveal Curly's true form. Epin is not the greatest of fighters in battle, although he does have the DEFENEE spell. His greatest asset is the ability to cast the powerful TORNADOR magic along with the Hero and Supica.
PUKIN - A living doll made from the fruit of the Cimaron Tree. Pukin's name is most likely a shortened version of "Pumpkin", considering that he has a Jack-O-Lantern for a head. Pukin is hyper and sometimes gets a little too excited about things, but he has the VELVER magic that allows you to see enemies that are covered in fog.
MUSTAFA - Mustafa is a cantankerous old guy riding around on a floating crystal ball. He is stingy and loves money. You have to pay him 100 Rupias to join you, and he'll keep complaining that he wants more between chapters. The arguments between him and Kebabu about it are rather amusing. However, he does have a couple of important tricks up his sleeve - only he can reveal Troll's true form. He can also slows down the movement of enemies on the overworld, and he has use of the mighty BOLTTOR2 spell in battle.
GUBIBI - As if the things that have joined your party up until this point weren't bizarre enough, Gubibi is literally a bottle with an eyeball, arms, and legs. He's also a magician, so I'm guessing that bottlecap serves as his top hat. He protected the town of Chigris from being destroyed by the Salamander. Because of this, Sabaron's followers have taken him prisoner to the Fire Palace. Rescue him to get the Holy Robe, which can protect you from the lava at the Lava Cape. Gubibi can use the DEFENEE and RESEALO spells in battle.
RAINY - Just keeps getting weirder and weirder...Rainy is a Rain Shrimp who beats a drum to make it rain. (How do people come up with this stuff?) His rain is actually quite powerful and it can make Salamander show himself in the Yufla Palace, but the problem is that Rainy is a coward and doesn't like to leave his house. Only a strong Fighter is capable of convincing Rainy to join in the battle against Sabaron. Rainy can use PERIUS (his rain shower) and MATATO (restores 20 HP to all party members).
HASSAN - Hassan is another powerful genie and servant of Isufa like Faruk. He is the last ally to join you in the game's final chapter. He is also the only party member who does not have another out-of-battle purpose. But he's a strong fighter, and he has the FLAMOL3 and CARABA spells.
TROOPER - If I'm not seeing this sprite wrong, these appear to be armored bulldogs, sort of like the Moblins from The Legend of Zelda series. You can hire up to 99 of these guys to join your party and help you fight the menu-driven battles. As many as four troopers will fight at once during a battle. They are very useful, especially in the early chapters. They don't have many hit points, although the stronger the Hero is, the stronger they'll be.




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