The Magic of Scheherazade



1. Chapter 5 takes place in the same world as Chapter 4 (Celestern), but because you beat Salamander 3000 years in the past, you've drastically altered the world's future. Enter the town of Yufla and find Hassan. He'll immediately join your party. (He is the last ally you'll obtain.) Talk to the people to learn about the Armor of Light and a man named Kaji in the town of Pao.


2. Leave Yufla and go two screens west, one north, two west, and five south. Use OPRIN here to find the Troopers and replenish them if you need to. When you're done, go back one screen north, then two east, one north, one east, and one north. You'll be at the familiar town of Pao, but Kaji now lives where the Magic University used to be. Talk to him and he'll tell you to get the Legend Sword to prove that you are Isufa's true heir and worthy of receiving the Armor of Light.


3. Leave Pao and go one screen south, one west, one south, three west, two south, one east, one south, and one east. You'll be at the town Chigris. If you need to use the hotel, shop, or mosque, you can enter and do that now. You can also talk to the people for more clues about Sabaron and the Time Door. However, there's nothing mandatory you have to do here. So, from Chigris, go three screens east, one south, and one west. Use OPRIN and you'll get the LIBCOM spell. When used during the Alalart Solar Eclipse, it will bring all dead party members back to life.


4. From the LIBCOM door, go back one screen east, then north one, east one, south two, and west one. You'll be at the entrance of the Fire Palace. Enter and go east one screen, and north four. This is the room where Salamander trapped you in the Fire Field in the previous chapter, but since he's gone now, you can use OPRIN to find the Time Door.


5. Welcome to the Maze from Hell! Many years ago, this maze was the first thing I ever had to map in a game. I have since heard accounts of it stumping other gamers, too, but if you map it out, it's really not too bad. Anyway, go one screen north, and take the lower passage going west. Go south one screen and take the staircase you find there. When you arrive at the next screen, take the far lefthand passage going north, then go east one screen. Ignore the staircase you find there and take the far righthand passage going south. Take the stairs you find on that screen.


6. When you arrive at the next screen, go south one, then take the far righthand passage going north. Go east one screen then take the upper passage going west. Go north one and then go north through that exit. You'll be in the Magic University. Take the courses to learn about LIBCOM and the Dragon Formation if you'd like, but you won't get anything for taking them.

7.When you're done and returned to the maze screen, take the left passage going south, then go west, and north. You'll see another wide exit going north, but if you try to enter it, you'll get a message saying you need the Armor of Light to open the door. Instead, take the left passage going south, then go west two screens, and north two. Use OPRIN and you'll find the door. (You don't want to know how many times I arrived on this screen, but was on the wrong side of the wall when I used OPRIN and couldn't reach the stairs.)


8. Now you're 3000 years in the past again, and the Fire Palace during that era was known as the Light Palace, AND it's where you'll find Isufa's Legend Sword. From the Time Door go north one screen, east one, north one, east one, north one, east one, south one. You'll be in a room with a row of jars. One of the jars in lower vertical row is a fake. You can walk right through it. (There is a room elsewhere in the Light Palace with a man who gives you the clue about the jar.) Go through the jar and go east one screen, then south two, east one, and north two (through a locked door). You'll get the Legend Sword in this room.


9. Go back to the Time Door and return to the present. When you reappear in the maze, you'll be on the other side of the wall. The quickest way to exit the maze (barring use of a Magic Carpet) is to walk one screen south and intentionally fall into a pit. Leave the maze and go all the way back to Pao. Find Kaji and he'll tell you to "go to the sea from between the trees to the south of this town". Leave Pao and go one screen south. Do exactly as Kaji said and walk between those two trees near the lake. The screen will flash and a flashing bridge through the water will appear. Follow it down two screens and use OPRIN on the other side. You'll get the Armor of Light. You'll also get a very bizarre clue about a pillar, a white sun, a red moon, and a blue star. (You got a vague hint about a pillar once before when you found the Legend Sword.)


10. Now that you've got the Armor of Light, return to that door in the underground maze that would not let you enter without it. If you can't remember how to get there, first go to the Fire Palace, find the Time Door, and then refer to Steps 5, 6, and 7 to get back to that door in the maze.


11. When you go through that door, you'll be in Sabaron's Palace. From the entrance go two screens north, one east, and three north. If you have at least two keys you can unlock that door to get 50 free Rupias. Otherwise, go one screen west, two north, and one west. This is a Mardul room. If he doesn't attack you, you'll skip it. If he does attack, beat him and continue one screen west. Then go south one, west one, and north one. Coronya will appear and tell you that Sabaron is in the next room. Use a key to go through the door and talk to him. Surprise! You won't actually fight him. Instead, he realizes his mistake in unleashing Goragora and asks you to help fight the demon. In return, he gives you back Princess Scheherazade. She gives you the ISFA rod and tells you to defeat Goragora using BOLTTOR magic.


12. When you leave Sabaron's room, you'll need to go all the way back to the beginning of the palace. First, go two screens south and one west. There's an MP star. Use MARITA to completely refill your HP, then step on the star. Go back one screen east, then go one north, one east, one north, and one east. This is the Mardul room again. If he doesn't attack, you'll skip it. If he does, beat him and go east. Then go south two, east one, south three, west one, south one. You're now one screen north of the exit room. Go west one, north one, west one, north two, west one, and south one. If you'd like, you can go west one screen to find a Shop. Otherwise, go south one, west one, south one, east one, south one, west one. This is a Barzil room. If he attacks you, beat him and go west. If he doesn't, you'll skip the room. From there, go north two and west one. Go north again and you'll be in the Dark World.


13. Go one screen north in the Dark World and you'll be at a repeating screen maze. This time, there is no guide, so trial-and-error would be the only normal way of figuring this out. One way to know you took the right path is if the walls stay red. If they turn back to the yellow color of the first room, it means you took a wrong turn and got warped back to the beginning. From the repeating screen room, go east one screen, north one, west one, and then just keep going north.


14. You'll end up in the Pillar Room. Note that if you are not the Magician class, you'll become stuck in this room. You MUST be the Magician Class to fight the final boss. If you get stuck in this room, use the RING to escape. Return to a Mosque or use the MOSCOM spell (if you still have it) during the eclipse to change into a Magician. If you are the Magician class, Scheherazade appears and repeats the words of the pillar that you read on the column way back when you got the Light Armor. Do exactly as she says: Stand on the red moon, and shoot up at the pillars until you hear a tone. Then stand on the white sun and shoot up until you hear another tone. A star will appear. When it turns blue, shoot up at the pillars until the star disappears. The room literally explodes and all hell is about to break loose...


15. When Goragora appears, immediately start walking to the left. He closes in on you fast, and if he gets too close, he'll inhale you into his large central mouth, causing instant death. Get all the way over to the left side of the screen. He can't inhale you there. Start using BOLTTOR3 on him, but be careful because he can use CARABA magic that shrinks you or turns you into a cake or hamburger. He also unleashes FLAMOL3 spells that you can't guard against, so just make sure you have a good stock of Bread and Mashroob.

When Goragora is hit with BOLTTOR3 enough times, his head explodes and he turns into a couple of spinning balls. This is the only time you can drain his life meter, so shoot them as fast as you can with the ISFA rod. If you take too long, the head will reform and he'll gain back part of his life meter. However, if it doesn't look like you'll be able to get him in one shot, back away into the corner again. Otherwise, the head could reform too close to you, leaving you no chance to get out of its way before you're inhaled. Use BOLTTOR3 again to destroy the head and shoot the balls with the ISFA rod. Keep this up until he's gone down for the count. Congratulations! End of Chapter 5 and end of the game.





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