The Magic of Scheherazade

Note #1: On some of the manual pages, you might be able to see the other side of the page faintly showing through. Unfortunately, sometimes my scanner is a little too good at picking up faint lines and colors. I did what I could to reduce it so that it wouldn't be obtrusive or make the pages unreadable. I did not include the back of the manual since it's just a blank page with Culture Brain's old American address.

Note #2: I have listed the title of each manual page by the page numbers in case you're looking for a particular page on a particular subject of the game. Please do not ask me to put them all into a zip file because my host does not allow them. If you were to try to download a zip or rar file from this site, you'd only get an "Access Forbidden" error.

Note #3: The map that came with the game is so large, I had to scan it twice and stitch the two halves together. It was extremely difficult to get them to line up perfectly. As such, I had to scan the lower right corner a separate time and re-insert it. It's still not quite perfect, and there's a bit of a color inconsistency, but it's the best I could do. Also, I apologize, but apparently I marked up the map a little when I first played this game many years ago.

  • Manual Page 1: Cover
  • Manual Pages 2 & 3: Precautions & Contents
  • Manual Pages 4 & 5: The Story of The Magic of Scheherazade
  • Manual Pages 6 & 7: The Magic of Scheherazade Story Consists of Five Chapters
  • Manual Pages 8 & 9: Let's Start the Game! & Choose Your Class
  • Manual Pages 10 & 11: How to Continue and Use the Password & If the Password is Wrong...
  • Manual Pages 12 & 13: How to Play & Player Level
  • Manual Pages 14 & 15: The Action Screen
  • Manual Pages 16 & 17: Action Mode Controls & The Select Screen - How to Use Items and Magic
  • Manual Pages 18 & 19: Viewing the Subscreen
  • Manual Pages 20 & 21: Controller Operation in Command Mode Battle & An Enemy Regiment Has Appeared!
  • Manual Pages 22 & 23: If You Wish to Fight, You Can Choose Up to Two Allies to Help You
  • Manual Pages 24 & 25: Formations and Combined Magic
  • Manual Pages 26 & 27: Fighting the Demons & Some Demons Can Be Defeated Only With Help From Your Allies
  • Manual Pages 28 & 29: Your Allies
  • Manual Pages 30 & 31: Magic
  • Manual Pages 32 & 33: Defensive Magic & Combined Magic
  • Manual Pages 34 & 35: Great Magic
  • Manual Pages 36 & 37: Items & Items That Are Used Automatically When You Have Them
  • Manual Pages 38 & 39: Items That Are Used By Selecting Them & What's the Alalart Solar Eclipse?
  • Manual Pages 40 & 41: In the Towns...
  • Manual Pages 42 & 43: Outside the Town...
  • Manual Pages 44 & 45: List of Items & List of Magic
  • Manual Pages 46 & 47: The New Era of Games Will Appear on Your TV! & Culture Brain USA, Inc. Limited Warranty

  • The Magic of Scheherazade Travel Map

  • Manual in Text Format

    This is a hand-typed copy of the manual in .txt format that was transcribed by FooM. This file came from




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